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Boost Prepaid $240 (was $300) | 12 Months Expiry | 240GB Data | Unlimited Talk & Text | Overseas* | Telstra 4G | @ Boost Mobile


This popular mobile plan deal is back.

New Customers Only

•Unlimited Calls & Texts in Australia to Standard Numbers.
•Unlimited International Calls & Texts to 30 Countries.
•3600 Standard Minutes & Texts to a further 25 Countries.
•240GB Data with 12 Month's Expiry.
Free Apple Music Data Streaming.
•Utilises Telstra's 4G Network.

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  • +32

    Great deal. I ended up with this last time:
    - Price matched at Officeworks (New price: $228)
    - Paid with coles MYER GC at 20% off from Amex deal.
    - Final annual price around $185 for $20gb/month on Tesltra network

    • Wow, great idea on the Officeworks Price Match

    • -4

      Which GC did you buy? Coles, Myer or Officeworks GCs?

    • +2

      Wow nice! I just ordered this straight off the website I shoulda looked into the comments..!

    • Damn I would honestly pay $200 for that ($15 for the sellers time and usage if their Amex card)

      Ended up getting it for $300 via the app instantly because I wasn't sure if buying from this deal would give me a code to instantly redeem in the app or just a sim card and some serial numbers which I don't know if I can use in the boost mobile app to recharge an $150 80gb plan or not.

      Yeah even a $72 saving would have been nice could have used that extra money on next month's internet bill.

  • +17

    Boost are really creaming the prepaid sector nowadays. Kogan, Lebara, etc must be losing customers at a helluva rate.

    • +2

      Will be leaving kogan and taking up this offer

    • +12

      We still need the other companies for port in and out of Boost.

    • +3

      Not a good thing for existing boost and Telstra customers. More people = worse service if Telstra don’t continually upgrade their capacity.

      • Assuming the MVNO churning market is large enough to have an impact on the large pool of Telstra customers.

    • +8

      They might be, but in some ways I’m regretting the switch. Vodafone within metro areas was a lot more consistent in terms of data speeds.

      Since switching to Boost I’ve been to multiple shopping centres where data was virtually unusable.

      I’ve also had issues with Telstra data on the Sydney Metro for a couple of days.

      Vodafone whilst might not have the best rural coverage, their metro network is very good.

      FYI, I was a Vodafone customer for 4 years before switching to Boost 3 months ago.

      • +1

        I found this too

        • If the TPG / Vodafone merger goes ahead and Vodafone start deploying the resulting additional spectrum in regional areas, I’ll be going back.

      • +1

        same experience here. Boost/Telstra generally have worse reception indoors all over Sydney.

        • That is an issue…. not having reception indoors. I live close to the city ( Sydney) cannot manage without reception at apartment

      • Not in my experience.

        I had Vodafone for a month and the DL speeds were like 12 Mbps compared to 80-980 Mbps. Never again. (profanity) Vodafone.

        • What city are you in? I go all over Sydney, and Vodafone was definitely superior in most places.

          • @bargaineer: City Centre to Strathfield and Beyond to Parramatta.

            There's definitely a drop in the speeds, but even as I approach the city, the speeds are still 50 down, 30 up on my phone according to Speedtest.net - Previously on Vodafone, it'd be 12 Mbps down and down to 2-3 Mbps during peak times or as I approached the city… It was super painful.

    • +1

      Yep. I bought the 80GB when it was on special. Love the network, love the expiry length.

      • Wish they would release a 2 or 3 year prepaid plan maybe even more for the higher data plans because I like to set and forget.

    • +2

      Just left Kogan for Boost

    • Yep, the reason I'm still on the Vodafone network is because they're most compatible with my Redmi Note 4x.

      I'll settle with another year with the long term medium.

      • You finding your 4gb ram Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X slowing down recently?

        I think I must have hit a cap recently or it is struggling with my new 512gb micro sd card but yeah sometimes I can get up to 30 second freezes and it won't even sometimes let me do anything like get back to the home screen.

        Although I push my phone pretty hard with tonnes of browsing tabs sometimes but most importantly a lot of offline YouTube downloads and the never ending apps though I try to purge my files and apps weekly I still have too many apps and files haha lol and yeah my phone is feeling it.

        I predict within 5 years at this pace rate my phone will become unusable but by then 8gb ram might be more common in the budget phone category hopefully for now even 6gb ram does not reach below $320 AUD.

  • +1

    Perfect timing, my catch connect plan runs out in a few weeks. Boost/Telstra Prepaid seems to be the only one with wifi calling as well. This is a must have for me due to bad reception in our area regardless of the carrier.

    • How does that work?

      • If you have a compatible phone (iPhone SE and Galaxy S7 onward), then when available (eg, your phone is connected to your home or work wifi) it will route the call you make or receive over your wifi network. This reduces the risk of call drop outs when you have say 1-2 bars. Voda and Optus only offer it on their post-paid plans.

    • +1

      Funnily enough i've had issues with WiFi calling - calls drop out when connecting to WiFi.

      • Same. I turned Wifi calling off and stopped getting random call drop outs.

  • I’m with Telstra postpaid 24 month plan expires next month.
    How do I get onto this?

    • +3

      Buy this
      End of contract
      2 dollar Optus Sim
      Port your number
      Then port to this

      • +3

        Or buy a $4.90 Catch SIM (40GB), then port out when the first month is up. You can even get Cashrewards for it (in my case I was 5 bucks ahead for having used them for a month).

      • +1

        I couldn't find a way to port into the Optus $2 Sim without paying more last week.

        Have you tried it recently?
        I'm guessing that the new plans from Optus prepaid has closed the cheap $2 port option. (Optus $2 Sims were often free too)

    • +1

      Firstly, buy the boost sim… it'll last a while so you shouldn't need to activate so quickly.

      From memory of older threads the easiest way for you to port over is to first port to a prepaid service then only port over to boost. There have been reported issues in the past porting from Telstra postpaid to boost directly.

      Personally, I'd just port over to any other provider (Optus/voda etc.) prepaid service then port to Boost. Seems like less of a hassle. You can order free sims onlinr.

      • +1

        Definitely port out. Even telstra postpaid to telstra prepaid is a nightmare. I couldn't make calls for 6 weeks over xmas had to get TIO onto them to get it done.

        • +1

          I switched from Telstra postpaid to Boost without issue. The entire process took less than an hour. Same deal with my wife's number porting

          • +1

            @chartparker: @chartparker
            Could you please confirm the steps you took?
            Just insert Boost sim and follow the steps online?

    • thank you both

    • +1

      As others said, don't try to do Telstra Postpaid to Telstra Prepaid, I did and it was horrific.

      Port to prepaid with a non Telstra service, then switch to this.

  • can it be used for intl roaming?

    • +2

      Only by paying extra. No international roaming credit is included. The overseas refers to calls from Australia to overseas countries.

      • How do you even enable/pay for roaming? I looked into it but couldn't see any easy option?

        • I looked as well. It would be great if they had an add-on for international data roaming but I can't find any details either.

    • +1

      I was getting SMS while intl roaming, didn't pay any extra

    • Yes it can. Big advantage over Belong if you travel.

  • no love for existing customers who need recharging …

    • +8

      Port out for a month and port back, it's what I've done.

      • +1

        I know this is the trick, but not everyone loves to jump back and forth every month like this …

        • +4

          To be fair though, this isn't switching every month. I'd certainly get tired of that.

          This deal is a 12 month SIM. Porting out and back in once a year to save a fair percentage is worth it in my book :)

  • It has been over a decade since being on a prepaid plan - how easy is it to add data to these?

    • Very. Boost has a smartphone app that works even when you've run out of data or it's expired. Once data is paid for, service is restored immediately.

  • +5

    If I buy it now, when will be the latest date I activate it? Thanks.

    • Look at expiry on sim card that you buy

      • Thank you for replying. I am using Lebara and still have a few months left. I am thinking about moving to another provider but not sure if I should buy this one now. After all, I won't be using it for the next five months or so. Therefore the question asked - I haven't bought anything yet, just a general question.

      • You also need to check the voucher activation validity date. Previous deal posts quoted what that was for Boost.

    • +4

      I bought some just after Christmas, expiry was April 2021

  • Just grabbed one, ta!

  • What are the data top-up/recharge costs? I can't get to it on their site, just goes to a page asking for my mobile number for existing Boost customers.

  • The office works boost prepaid sim didn’t specify free international calls.

  • Is the money loaded on to the sim already, or is it a blank sim and a voucher? If the latter, what’s stopping you loading the $300 credit onto an existing boost account?

    • +1

      It's money loaded sim card. Just activated mine last night from previous deal.

  • +1

    Is there an activation by date ? i need to buy one but won't be using it for couple of months

    • +5

      You'll be fine, the ones I bought a few weeks ago won't expire until April 2021

  • If you do not require an extensive roaming service like I do, boost by far is your better option. If you need to pick up calls and make calls and data while overseas, save the trouble, go Telstra, Optus or Vodafone.

  • +1

    Just checking if we buy boost prepaid from officeworks it does have the international calls facility as well .

    • +1

      Thanks Sam for the checking International calls in boost at OW

    • Can't see why not. Unless it's some ~ exclusive ~ sim plan, it seems to weird to have a different $300 plan.

  • Can I port out from Telstra prepaid to boost prepaid ?

    • +1

      You'll need to get a blank sim by calling Boost support. Then use that to port in. While you're with them just make sure this sim can be used. There are a few gotchas with using these prepaid sim cards for Telstra customers

    • +1

      Sadly not. I just tried with a blank sim, but they said can't be Telstra or Boost. So have to port out from Telstra Pre-paid to another carrier first. Bit of a pain since they first said port from post-paid Telstra to Pre-paid so they could, but only applies if it was a normal plan and not a special offer plan.

      • +1

        The blank sim needs to be sent out via post from Boost.
        Not just a normal blank sim from the shop.

  • +1

    If I sign up on this and then forget to recharge within 12 months, do they cancel my account and number on the 365th day?

    • +3

      want to know as well

  • Just checked that if I buy this against a regular contract from tesltra for iPhone 11 Max, I save a HUGE amount.
    On a two year term , monthly charges
    Buy direct from apple + apple care + Boost plan = 111
    Same setup with Telstra = 169 ( I need international calls to India and UK)

    (Let me mention that telstra insurance is far superior to Apple care as it provides insurance against Lost/ Stolen also).

    Going in a contract is a big ripoff. I'm just amazed what I was doing all these years :(

    • Contract was historically the best value, when you had no choice but to pay $50-60 plus for a decent monthly plan and buy the phones locally, compared to $80 for a plan, but has become a lot less competitive in the last 5 years or so with the MVNOs offering a genuine alternative at half the price (and phones available online at significant discounts from RRP).

    • Prepaid has only become cost effective in the last couple of years with the release of unlimited call/txt and large data. If you travel frequently then look into an overseas SIM

    • Hey abhayks,

      Are you saying buying the iphone first and then this plan?

      • Yes Mate.
        Buy iPhone from apple store and get this plan.

  • +5

    Hmm is it just me? I've been on Boost for 2 months (ported from Kogan) and the reception/speed was noticeably better on Kogan which was off Vodafone than Telstra. I live in Mount Waverley and I'm on either 0 or 1 bar but can still receive/make calls and have 4g internet.

    The only real positive I've noticed since the port is that reception is better in areas like Lorne or Mt Dandenong which I occasionally visit for day trips. Think I'll probably move onto something else next year when this expires. I have no use for International calls.

    • Hmm is it just me? I've been on Boost for 2 months (ported from Kogan) and the reception/speed was noticeably better on Kogan which was off Vodafone than Telstra. I live in Mount Waverley and I'm on either 0 or 1 bar but can still receive/make calls and have 4g internet.

      Same in my area, Vodafone is fastest followed by Optus then Telstra last.

      It's just a general rule of thumb that Telstra has wider coverage.

      • +4

        Telstra network is overrated.In the major cities its more or less the same as vodafone/optus.

        • +1

          Can't disagree with you there. I was sucked in thinking Telstra was a wider/better network, guess not. Maybe the 4GX on Tesltra plans itself is better? I don't know but I guess it wouldnt be a lot of diff since I'm not needing anything lighting quick anyway.

          Will probably go back to Kogan next year if they still have 10% off for the 365 day 240gig flex deal. At that rate its $228.

          I kept my wife's phone on Kogan and the reception is at least 1-2 bars better (same phone Samsung S8) and way less latency on her phone.

    • +4

      its the same story nationally.
      the coverage maps on the carriers websites r as meaningless.
      only way is to use it around where u work and live and finding which one is the most acceptable.
      mobile coverage in aus is a joke.

    • Case by case, although in general when they both have reception Telstra Network seems to get bogged down (assume # of users or they have QoS prioritising Telstra Customers, or possibly Telstra still can't manage to run a DNS server??
      Regardless of the cause, I agree Kogan feels far more responsive.

      Outside of the metro, Telstra is far better coverage for the places I visit.
      Must say though, Kogan\Virgin coverage still gets noticeably better every week. I can now catch the train without drop outs (same handset), where mid last year (forget it).

    • Thanks for the review Willster. Was going to get this for the folks and they live in Glen Waverley. Do you commute to city much? How's the reception there?

  • -3

    why no 5G?
    Might as well not have band 28 too.

  • Is the data allocated in one big hit or a proportion allocated per month? I am debating to get this or the Kogan offer for kids mobiles.

    • +2

      One big hit.

    • If you are not venturing out of the metro [insert state capital city here] then I'd probably likely go with Kogan.

      There are only 2 comparable plans on the Kogan the Large 243 GIG ($275 a year full price) or $247.50 if you manage to grab a 10% Kogan sale voucher at some point or the 80 gig / year flex at $150 full price of $135 when the gift vouchers are on sale (assuming you're an existing customer).

      I was on Kogan for 2 years and never missed a beat to be honest, at the time better value as well because there were 10% ebay sales, making it 20$ off total. Metro it wins over Telstra and Optus hands down, only drawback for some is the lack of coverage outside Metro areas and International calls if that is important to you. I was struggling to get a signal even at place like Mt Dandenong…as in 0 bars, no service.

  • How often does the 80GB plan go on special? Just realised that my Optus 12mths was up in 2 weeks, only need 80GB, and looks like I just missed a few specials on the 80GB

    • It has been on special heaps since Christmas, and like nearly every week. You still have a chance to purchase 80gb if you like at Coles today. The new catalogue starts at 12am 29/02/2020

  • Price matched over the phone with OW. Didn't even have to mention which package I wanted… "Is this for the 240gb for $240 Boost prepaid card?" "I've been processing orders for this all day


    Cheers OP, I've been waiting specifically for this one and I've had to buy monthly prepaid cards and constantly port the old man every month so this is money well spent for 12 months of peace.

  • When does the voucher expire, if i buy this now? Couldn't find this on the website.

    • April 2021

  • Does Boost still get access to AFL pass/access?

    • +1

      Just checked - the season pass from last season expires in 3 days. Will wait and see what happens after that - but it looks like it's still detecting it as a Telstra mobile customer.

      • Any update on this?
        Did it pass over to the new season?

        • +1

          This post seems to indicate it does work for Boost customers.

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