ReAmped Energy reduced the rates further - possibly the cheapest rates now

I received an email from ReAmped Energy saying that they have reduced the energy rates to as below (NSW):

  • Anytime usage charge: $0.2180/kWh
  • Supply charge: $0.8485/day

This is definitely a pleasant surprise. Are you aware if other energy companies are also following the same trend or is it just a gesture from ReAmped Energy?

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  • My supply charge went up by 7c a day.

    • With which provider? How do they compare with above rates?

      • With ReAmped.

        Previous rates:

        Anytime: $0.2213/kWh
        Ctrl Load 2: $0.1419/kWh
        Supply Charge: $0.8933/day

        New rates:

        Anytime: $0.2180/kWh
        Ctrl Load 2: $0.1521/kWh
        Supply Charge: $0.9605/day

        I use very little electricity, so the slightly lower anytime cost is not of any real significance.

  • Weird.. our charge structure also looks different. I don't have Ctrl load at all. Just the supply charge and usage charge. Not sure why your supply charge is so different whilst the usage charge is the same.

    • We live in different places, so our electricity costs are different. Still, I found it amusing that ReAmped began their email with "Great News!" when in reality it's an overall price increase.

      • That's true. Standard email for everyone.. lol. In my case both charges reduced very slightly so it was indeed a decent news but not in case of other people as I see here.

  • +1

    Been with Reamped 2 days, rates went up on controlled load by more than 40% and 7 cents on supply charge, my bill just increased 10%. Utterly unimpressed.

    Previous Rates*
    Anytime: $0.2213/kWh
    Ctrl Load 1: $0.0991/kWh
    Supply Charge: $0.8933/day

    New Rates*
    Anytime: $0.2180/kWh
    Ctrl Load 1: $0.1315/kWh
    Supply Charge: $0.9605/day

    • When you don't have 'Ctrl Load' and there's only one 'Anytime Usage Charge', what does it mean? That's what I see in my bill and in email as well.

      • Control Load is used for controlled power usage - generally on a timer overnight only for hot water services etc. Since we dont have gas in our area we are at the mercy of electricity companies - Reamped had a decent CL rate which is half my electricity costs, so I switched. Regretting that I chose the 12 month offer, wont do that again.

        • Where I live, the 12 month offer isn't actually a lock-in contract:

          Better rates in exchange for a 1 year commitment
          No lock-in contracts or exit fees, we just take you on your word

          • @Jonzay: So I just found out too! Thanks. They have apologised for the mis-wording of the email.

  • 20c/kwh!!? Crazy. In SA it's closer to 37c as the standard. Your bills must be super cheap!

    • 90c daily charge? Crazy, in VIC I've been paying $1.20+ daily ever since

  • Compare AGL Vs Origin Rates?

    I am going to change my energy provider. Any bodies could help me with the best rate and discount in NSW.

    In my mind AGL or Origin are almost same rate after discount but If you have other option, pls share with me.

    • Isn't ReAmped cheaper than AGL and Origin in your case? It was much cheaper in my case.

  • thanks, just joined them

  • +1

    ReAmped are definately the cheapest for us, located in Brisbane

    • Can you post the rates and usage?

  • Can someone please send me a referral code so we both get $50?

  • So I've been on ReAmped Handshake since November.

    Today I realised that my rates are locked in at the rate when I signed up, whereas the current new customer rate has dropped ~20% for T11 (anytime in SE Qld)… but only after I already moved to Nectr (who's rates are 5% less than my "old" rate with ReAmped).

    I could probably email and cancel during the cooling off period, but the ~3c/kWh is easily made up by Nectr's $150 signup bonus anyway…

    • In NSW, I compared Nectr and ReAmped and ReAmped is still much cheaper. I agree, electricity rates are getting changed frequently so it's worth to keep checking. Also, it will be interesting to know if these providers pass on the discount to the existing customers when they drop rates (usage and/or supply). Hope it doesn't mean that they increase the rates of the existing customers when their rates go up though. ;).

  • ReAmped not available in my area (Outer East Melbourne). Definitely better rates than what I have now with Globird.

  • ReAmped only read once per quarter. For the months in between, expect their estimates to be 3 to 4 times your highest ever monthly physical read. I reported the matter to the Ombudsman They said unfortunately there is nothing to stop them using using customers as cheap finance. The suggestion is to request the meter be replaced with the new smart online type where reads occur automatically. They warn however this will likely come with a change in tariffs and a new contract so make sure you understand what your committing to.

    • But then every 3rd bill is washed one, meaning accurate. Let's say if you overpaid a bit in 1st and 2nd bill, then you wouldn't pay anything/ much in your 3rd bill. It's not a big pain I reckon if you're getting better rates than any other provider out there. If you have any better choice, then why not. I think changing to a smart meter is a good idea but not always practical if your're on rent or living in an apartment where strata is involved etc.

      • It all depends on your financial ability to prepay for electricity. It might not be clear in how I described my concern, but it is pointless asking for a refund as by the time it is approved and received in your bank account, their next estimated bill will be overdue - and as its heavily inflated, you will owe them this money again.

        I do agree that there rates are the best. Amazing really.

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