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NABTrade $1,000 Free Brokerage for 90 Days (New Users Only)


Open a nabtrade account before 5pm AEST on Thursday 30 April 2020 and receive:

$1,000 free brokerage (valid for 90 days)

Simply use the promo code 1000FREE when completing your application form to receive the offer.

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    • SelfWealth, and then you can transfer your holdings into SelfWealth after using up your free trades, to help your own investment. Haha. Then your future brokerage spent will be contributing to your own SWF holding's revenue.

  • I opened my new nab trade account today.
    While placing a order, it still says- Estimated Brokerage $14.95.
    Am I missing something here, what is free brokerage if they are still charging fees.

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      The system still shows the brokerage fee when placing an order but when you actually get the order confirmation, it will show that brokerage fee is $0. It's weird but that's how it works…

      • Ok thanks

      • Did notice this in the last few days, @greenie, as I could totally imagine NAB removing the offer if it became popular yet 'forget' to remove the code successful confirmation.

  • -1

    Looks like an awesome deal. Look at the stock market though. Massive highs. When will it burst? NAB might be telling us something here.

  • Does anyone know if this is still active? Cached pages suggest promo goes until April, but I don't see it on their site any more..

    • wondering the same

      • +1

        I tested the code and it verifys

  • can you move these out to another brokerage like SW afterwards without any cost?

    • Interested to know of this also? is there a cost to trasfer holdings to another online broker later like SW or Commsec?

    • +1

      From comments I've read, yes you can transfer to another brokers without cost. It would be something like filling out a form and submit to SW.

  • I am confused here. Can someone please clarify.

    I can only invest $1000 in total, after that there will be brokerage fee?
    Or I can make several $1k investments in first 90 days, all without brokerage?

    • You are given $1000 worth of "brokerage credit" for 90 days. You can trade shares in whatever amount you like, $1k, $5k, $20k, etc. Each trade will cost you some brokerage fee (eg. $20, $25, etc), and that gets deducted from the $1000 credit instead of costing you money.

      When that $1000 runs out, or after 90 days, any more trades you make will cost you real brokerage fees.

      • Thanks, that makes sense.

  • When you're about to place an order, under 'order review', Estimated Brokerage supposed to change $0.00 right?

    nvm, solved.

    • +2

      Does it show up at 0 for you? When I place an order, I still see the 14.95 commission even though I made an account with the promo code.

  • Can I confirm, you need to first open an NAB bank account
    Then open the NAB trade account with this code?

    • No, an existing or new nab bank account is not required.
      As part of opening nabtrade account, they will set up a cash account where you will deposit money for buying shares.

  • If I have account on other stockbrocking eg Selfwealth, can I open nabtrade account and trade using the same HIN?
    Would there be any complications down the line?

    Or is it better to open the account using different HIN number?


    • You can not reuse the same HIN. A new one is created on opening nabtrade account.
      However once the free borkerage is used up, you can transfer all holdings to selfwealth.

      • Is that free transfer or incur some fees and/or tax?

        Btw if i remember correctly when I opened SelfWealth, it asked whether i want to use existing HIN or create a new one.
        From what u were saying nabtrade only allows creating new HIN, correct?

  • -1

    Just did a trade, and despite the code indicating it was successful, $19.95 got charged from my balance.

    • +2

      Check if you have free brokerage and what the balance is, on the website, click ADMIN —> Personal details, and on the right hand side half way down the page you'll see a box with free brokerage details.

      • Good to know, and confirms that what I saw upon entering the code - that it was successful. It shows $1000 brokerage awarded, $1000 remaining.

      • The actual buy confirmation they sent me by email states $0 brokerage was charged, but cash balance available = start balance - shares purchased - $19.95 (brokerage for this amount).

        So sounds like typical banking website issues, unless they do some confusing system of charging of the brokerage but then refund it at a later stage. Doesn't give me much confidence in the trading platform though.

      • Emailed them - no response but the $19.95 got credited back to my account balance. Revoking neg on deal as $1000 of free brokerage was still worth the pain.

        • You will get the credit back after the share settlement date. I was told when I spoke with rep over the phone for the exact same issue.
          I had to topup additional amount to cover the temporary fee (otherwise couldnot place the desired investment amount).

          • @No ONE: That appears to be the case with me too - settlement date was T+2, the same as when the brokerage was refunded. All the calls they must get because of poor UX.

            Am finding NABTrade's site not autofilling the login User Id on Chrome too, despite Chrome remembering both User Id and password - a pain to have to enter it every few hours I check the watchlist. Are you finding the same?

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    they have disabled the signup page for now.

    • You can still sign up if you are an existing NAB customer, i.e. have other NAB accounts/internet banking. Just login and apply inside.

      • Thank you for that. I'll try that.

        Edit: even when logged in, it just takes you to the normal sign up page.

        Edit2: need to click on the banner, not the the menu link.

        • Yes the banner on the front page. So you signed up successfully I assume?

          • @truetypezk: Yep, all good.
            entered the coupon fine as well.

            • @thydzik: Actually I just realised all the banner did was redirecting to https://nabtrade.com.au/onboarding
              which anyone can use even if you don't have another nab service.

            • @thydzik: where do you enter the coupon code? I tried signing up from within internet banking and the sign up form doesn't have any field to enter the coupon code.

              • +1

                @ausbuysell12: second page of the sign up form at the bottom, market promotion.

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    Here's the link to sign up with code applied https://nabtrade.com.au/onboarding?prm=promocode%3d1000FREE
    It worked for me.

  • hmm applied code (with confirmation) and created account at about 12pm, now 8:45pm and cannot see the free brokerage info in the Admin - personal details section.

    Does this take a while? or have I missed out :(

    • Edit: as of 12am I see the $1000 credit. I'm a happy man haha

  • I am a NAB customer, I just get the message

    Unfortunately we have not been able to successfully verify you as an Internet Banking customer. Please try again or contact nabtrade on 13 13 80 or visit Support on nabtrade.com.au.

    • Had to sign up as a new customer then call them to link my nab ID. Had to wait 1.5hrs on hold heh


    Given the current market volatility we are prioritising services for our existing customers. As a result we have disabled new account opening.

    We apologise for any inconvenience.

  • spoke to nabtrade again on the phone today, the woman couldn't understand how I signed up yesterday as applications were closed heh.

  • How long does it take to get a HIN number?
    Signed up on Thursday, still don't have one according to the portal.

    • took 4 business days to get a HIN, and it doesn't say there is free brokerage in the portal.
      f(*$)@#$ing nab.

  • Driving me insane using NABTrade's dashboard having to enter my user id to log in every time I visit (session seems to timeout in 30 minutes or so) - with Chrome not autofilling the user id (only the password once the id is entered).

    Others finding the same or is it something local I've got going on?

    • +1

      I use Bitwarden and it fills it
      use this https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/auto-refresh/ifool...
      set it to refresh the tab every 5mins (I set it to 5mins as I have my watchlist on the screen)
      problem solved

      • Nice - that will indeed solve the issue. Thanks - was just about to move to another trading dashboard.

      • Actually it will help a lot, but still doesn't get past the initial session login which Chrome's autofill usually handles nicely. E.g. starting the laptop up again after standby will require the login again.

  • says the code is invalid

    • yeah, expired it seems.

  • +1

    Does anyone know if this is still available?

  • Does this apply to international trade as well?

    • yes

  • Thought I'd give it a shot, rang them to see if they could honour the deal, considered I have a decent amount invested with them…

    … they disconnected me after almost 2 hours on hold.

    C ya later NAB…going to move it all over to ING and use Selfwealth instead, not that they probably care anyway. Typical big bank customer service.

    • Nabtrade was down for a bit today too.. real pain.
      Once I am done with the $1000 I will go elsewhere (but I have used $600 worth already so it's not too bad).

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