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Doritos, Smith’s or Red Rock Deli Big Bags 290-380g $3.50 (1/2 Price) @ Woolworths


Doritos, Smith’s or Red Rock Deli Big Bags 270-380g $3.50 @ Woolworths

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    That's a BIG bag!

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    Ahh the ever-shrinking crisp bags

    I wonder when these 'Big bag', 'Family Size' sizes will be reduced to the weight of the regular chip bags from 15 years ago.

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      Yeah, but it's OK because "consumers are demanding" to pay the same amount for less because they're becoming more "health conscious". Stuff your face with a 400g bag of chips and you'll be a big, fat slob. Cut that down to 380g, however, and you'll be able to be a Victoria's Secret model.




    now i can feel better about myself by only finishing half, where before i'd smash thru the normal bag in one sitting.

    this can be worth 2 sittings


    Doritos will be the death of me!

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    Shame Red Rock only do the Honey Soy Chicken in this size. Imagine a bag this size of Sweet Chili & Sour Cream! Since eating these, I can't go back to Kettle - they're oily rubbish now.


    Makes no sense that the mission giant bags of corn chips, which are arguably better, are bigger AND cheaper when (rarely) on half price.


    Oh yes, I love the Honey Soy Chicken chips. Now I can eat them in a more cost effective way, by having twice the amount I usually have 😂


    As a T2 diabetic and a person on a Keto diet, i fully approve of this post! :D