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[VIC] Unleaded 98+ $1.329/L @ 7-Eleven Fairfield


Good price. Time to go for a drive/fly/teleport to fill up.

Address: 7-Eleven Alphington, 785 Heidelberg Rd & Cnr, Yarralea St, Alphington VIC 3078

Coordinates: -37.780136,145.030473

Credit to projectzerothree and its founder.

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      An option is to jailbreak your iPhone. Lastest is checkra1n look at reddit jailbreak for help.

      • Preference is not to

  • Anyone else get a tingle, then realise another Fairfield in Vic?

  • Damn just filled a full tank 2 days ago argh!!

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      May as well lock it in for now, it will stay locked in for 7 days :)

      • Thanks for the tip

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    How many litres of fuel do you folks lock in? Do you roughly estimate how much based on your fuel gauge and capacity of fuel tank, then decide from there? What happens if you lock in more/less? First time exploring this way of re-fueling ;)

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      As much as my 7-11 fuel app credit permits me to.
      I try to fill up based on the fuel prices, not went my tank is close to empty.
      More: the extra L are forfeited, Less: I refuel the entire tank for tracking my mileage

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      I'm also an 7-Eleven app refueling newbie… but from my understanding, you lock-in a certain number of litres, but only get charged for what you actually fill up. However, you have to fund your 7-Eleven app with sufficient funds to cover the cost of the number of litres that you've locked-in (so if you lock-in more, you will have excess funds in your 7-Eleven app).

      Note sure what happens if you need more fuel than what you have locked-in (someone else who has actually used the app should be able to explain the process better than me)!

      • You pay the pump price for any additional fuel above your locked amount

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      You need to load money into your 7-eleven wallet which can be done by card or I think you can buy giftcards instore. When loading money into your account it can only be done in $10 increments. So if you have $50 on your account you can only lock in up to $50 worth of fuel. You can then pay for the fuel using your account balance or like you would normally when going into the store by cash or card. If you have 30L locked in and buy 35L worth of fuel you'll get the first 30L at the discount rate and the next 5L at the rate going at that service station. If you get 25L with a voucher for up to 30L nothing will happen differently from getting 30L exactly.

    • Excellent answers. Thank you guys :)

    • I lock in 150 litres and fuel up my car and fill 3 x jerry cans

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      Head down to your local cop shop, smash a window or 2 and they'll do it for you;)

  • Is this price just via the app or is it also the drive up price… is there actually a difference? Yes, I realise the obvious benefit of the app is that you can lock-in the price for the next seven days.

    Also, having never used the app for fuel before, I'm a little confused. I locked in the $132.9 price but the displayed voucher instructions then read: "Redeem your Fuel Price Lock at any 7-Eleven Fuel Store"! Does that mean you can actually lock-in the price at Fairfield but then go and fill up at any 7-Eleven (which will then honour the locked-in price)?

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      Once you lock in the price it can be used at any 7-Eleven

      • So just to confirm… you can only lock one fuel price at any given time (basically only able to get one discount voucher)? So not like you can lock-in petrol for one car and diesel for the other?

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          So just to confirm… you can only lock one fuel price at any given time (basically only able to get one discount voucher)? So not like you can lock-in petrol for one car and diesel for the other?

          Correct, one ACTIVE fuel lock per one 7/11 account.

          If you need to do 1 car and 1 diesel, you may want to consider having two active 7/11 accounts with credit topped up on both.
          Though for Diesel apparently the price doesn't fluctuate like Petrol does, so not sure if the second account is warranted.

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      It is the drive up price also and yes, you can pump at any 7-Eleven station at the locked in price

      • OK, that's good to know! I had always assumed you had to go to the 7-Eleven where you locked in the price! :)

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          I travel a lot, and I've locked prices at various parts of the country but eventually end up filling at the servo near my home.

  • For a second I thought it was Fairfield, NSW. I was so excited until I saw VIC.

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      Get excited……. Doesn't matter where it is!!!!!!!

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        Be. Quiet.

      • You're not the first that's told me this. I search for the store, comes up, I see prices then press lock at the bottom. When I press lock it reverts to "find my best local price". Am I missing something here?

    • Use your drone!!

  • Is petrol cheaper in Qld or something? I drove past at least 5-6 servos in Brisbane yesterday with this price, and none of them seemed particularly busy.

    • Oh whoops - I was comparing to 91 RON apparently. Never bothered looking at anything else.

  • I probably saw a dozen garages in a 20 minute commute in SA with better prices.

    We got it good lately with alot of competition.

    Oh wait, 98.. That's good :)
    Have a positive

  • Thanks OP. Lol I could actually get to this one without using the Ozbargain Chopper.

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      Haha imagine if you went through all the effort of gps spoofing etc to lock it in then realise it's just up the road lol

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    Around the corner, thanks!

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    How do you lock in the amount from another store. i can just see my store prices which are high. Someone please help. Also i put the address in as stated above and can see the store and prices but cant lock that price in ?

    • You have to be within a few kilometres of the store or fake your location so the app thinks you’re within a few kilometres of the store. Heaps of info in this thread.

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    I would not fill up at 7/11 unless really have to. Fuel quality is average.

    • Tastes good to me

    • Never had any problems with their U98 in my 350z, can't comment on any of their cheaper fuel but I imagine they source it at the same suppliers as the others.

  • I downloaded a second app on my work phone but was stupid enough to link the same credit card that I have used on my personal phone, and now it won’t let me top up even with a new credit card!
    I haven’t tried the physical gift card yet but am not sure that works.

    • Gift card works.

      Load the gift card at the store…….transfer money across.

      • Yup lesson learned. I contacted 7 eleven and they said that the same credit card linked to multiple fuel accounts count towards the 2x daily limit.

        • If you have an android, use freighters newly released modded app that updates your Android ID.

  • Back to 150.9

    • Yep. Missed it

  • Does anyone know what the oldest version of android is that will run the 7/11 and gps apps?

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