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Oppo Reno Z 8GB/128GB Black $360 (Outright) Delivered @ Optus


Oppo Reno Z 8GB/128GB Black $360 (Outright) Delivered @ OPTUS

have to select outright in options before adding to cart

Don't know if this can be price matched at Officeworks

Key Info:-
Operating System Name and Version ColorOS V6.0 based on Android 9
Display Size (in inches) + Type + (Pixel Density) 6.4" 16M colours, 1080 x 2340 FHD +
Processor Speed (in MHz/GHz) and Core Count OCTA Core 2.2GHz
Internal Memory + Accessible Space 128GB (110GB available for the user)
Expandable Memory (including max capacity) N/A
Main Camera Resolution (in MP) 48MP + 5MP
Front-Facing Camera Resolution (in MP) 32MP
Video Capture (Resolution @ Frame Rate) 1080P @ 60FPS, [email protected]
2G Network Bands (in MHz) GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
3G Network Bands (in MHz) Bands: 1/2/4/5/6/8/19
4G Network Bands (Band & MHz) FDD: 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/18/19/20/26/28
TDD: 38/39/40/41(2496-2690MHz)
Physical Profile
Dimensions (L x W x H) 157.3 x 74.9 x 9.1mm
Weight 186g (with battery)
SIM Type Single SIM: Nano SIM 4FF
Power and Battery
Battery Capacity (in mAh) 4035mAh Li-Po Battery (Typ)
Removable Batery No
3G Standby Time (in hours) Up to 350 hours
3G Talk Time (in hours) Max WCDMA: 28hours
Web Browsing Time (using cellular, in hours) 48 hours
Video Playback (in hours) 20 hours
Audio Playback (in hours) 38 hours
WiFi Bands 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
WiFi Hotspot (Yes/No) Yes
Bluetooth Version BT5.0
NFC (Yes/No) Yes
GPS (Yes/No) Yes
Other sensors E-Compass;
Light & Proximity Sensor;
Accelerator sensor
Fingerprint sensor
3.5mm audio jack (Yes/No) yes
HDMI out (Yes/No) No
FM Radio (Yes/No) Yes
DLNA (Yes/No) Yes
Supported Audio Formats MP3/APE/AMR/WAV/MID/OGG/FLAC
Supported Video Formats MPEG4/ H264/3GPP/AVI/FLV

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      • Yes the dual sim version from Officeworks Wentworthville.

      • I did this today. Dual sim version for $342, but black only. They won't give purple at that price

    • +5

      hah bro never show them ozbargain only show optus site, people in sales freak out and triple check everything when they hear or see ozbargain

      • true most tech staff hate ozbargainers from what I have experienced

      • I didn't but the sales person went inside and did his search and came back saying he checked OzBargain even though I didn't even mention it.

        • haha thanks for sharing / responding friend

  • Is high RAM some sort of gimmick in these androids? they don’t seem to have a great cpu/gpu then have some crazy amount of memory. Is it just to look better on specs and to display “8gb ram” My iPhone has only 3 gb and is perfect

  • trying to decide between this and samsung note 9 in excellent condition for an extra $100.can anyone help


    • How is that $460ish?

      • Oh I was thinking of getting oppo Reno z for $400 from the good guys (as mentioned in above comments)

      • Fair, Black, 128GB + PHIZZ5 = $455.05?

  • How is this phone compared to the popular LG V30+ for $399?

  • I got one for my partner from Optus late last year for the same price, its an awesome phone for the money

  • -2

    9.1mm thickness! didn't realise it was still 2015.

    • Not many other ways to get a big battery in at this price point I'd imagine.

  • Anybody notice that Oppo aren't using super VOOC charging (50W) on their new lineup of phones? They are all using VOOC 3.0 which I think is 20-30w , anyone know why they made the change ?

    • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VOOC


      Something about Super VOCC is not compatible with the smaller sized form factor and battery of the Reno Z, thus they came up with VOCC 3.0 which is 5A/5V.

      … which means finding after-market car and wall chargers appears next to impossible. :(

      • Thank you for the article, it's a pity they couldn't have it inside the Reno's, girlfriends R17 pros charging is so quick makes the op7pro I have look slow. Maybe the next gen find X hopefully has it

  • +2

    Price beat at Officeworks Wollongong - no issues. Paid $342

    • nice one that probably means you got the double sim

  • **What colour did everyone choose? Initially was given the jet black but decided to go with the purple / blue as it was more manly haha.

    Nah because it looked cooler and I figured these days a case or black case covers everything if i need to anyway**

    Probably black better for business / suit matching

  • i am confused i thought the Oppo Reno Z was a better buy but the comparison says LG better

    I got the Reno dual sim but havent opened yet… HMMM

    • I think the points rating on Versus is very subjective. The page opens with why the V30 is better, but if you click on the Oppo, you will see why it may be better. Check the features and whichever work better for you, then that's the one to choose. I got the Reno Z for it's extra RAM, bigger battery, teardrop screen (as opposed to notch), better front camera and front fingerprint reader (never liked rear ones). Your preferences may be different.

      • In screen fingerprint readers are crap. You can't put a tempered glass screen protector over them else they don't work properly.

        • Rubbish! I have one on and it works perfectly. Maybe other phones (notably Samsung) have this issue, but no problem here.

          • @wombat1955: It's quite phone dependant. Screen protectors can slow the fingerprint reader down a little sometimes too.

          • @wombat1955: Ahh ok. Haven't tried with this phone yet.

            I have a note 10+ and it doesn't work properly with the glass screen protector

            • @edrift: Gf has the same phone, screen protector also. It's a little fiddly sometimes, but is usually alright. A dedicated reader elsewhere on phone is definitely better at this point with technology.

      • thanks big boi

  • Anyone been tempted by the Ulefone U3H? Android 10 available also.

  • officeworks Carlton won't price match, they claimed because the phone is network locked.

    officeworks Ramsgate won't do it, because they claimed the phone has Optus software, so not exact same product :(

    • +1

      If it wasn't for those silly comparisons, they'd say it's not dual Sim and wouldn't price beat it anyway.

    • Try JB hi-fi

  • +2

    Went to Officeworks Blacktown NSW this morning to match the price with optus. They told me they cant do the price match as when you turn the phone on OPTUS symbol comes up (BULLSHIT). went home call officeworks 1300 number. Got the price match $442 picked up 2 hours later from the same guy who told me NO earlier..LOL..his face was very angry. plus office works have dual sim optus dont. Very happy with the phone.

    • $342 or $442?

      • he means 342 I believe

        LOL at angry face man. WHy do people take it so personally, it's not even their store / profits

      • $342 Sorry

    • +1

      thank you , i called officeworks and got the deal : D

      • What's the process?
        Whatinformation do you need to provide?
        Is it a specific store you need to nominate to speak to?

        Thanks in advance!

        • +2

          Yup, easy way is ask for rep's email and send them the optus link,. Also register a officeworks account before the call. They will then check the link and put order in your office account, lastly pay over the phone using credit card.

          • @ozjimjam: Thanks! Just ordered and am off to pick it up now. Was pretty painless.

  • Anyone had their order shipped from Optus ?

    • dont buy from optus thats single sim only

    • @nekov - mine hasn't shipped from Optus yet. Have you had any notification?

      • I rang Optus yesterday and they said that it was shipped last Friday.
        Apparently their shipping partner had some problems with their computer system and deliveries are delayed. (not sure if this is true, I thought it was Toll that had problems not Startrack)
        They said to give it till Friday as their agreement is 3-5 business days for delivery.

        • Yeah mine still hasn't arrived an I was told the same thing and that they could not offer an ETA at this time =(

      • i called Optus sales support on Friday 7/2/2020. They said they dont know when my order would be fulfilled and shipped out. Nah i'm not waiting for more than 1 week for order fulfilment. Come on it's 2020. Amazon does it better.

        i cancelled the order and bought the dual-sim version from JB HiFi for $379 (after 5% egiftcard discount from Suncorp). so far i'm happy with the phone

        Gotta ask for Optus sales support team if you are calling Optus hotline.

  • I got officeworks to approve for $342 for black version. But pleae be aware they are very hard on price beating, stating its not unlocked, online ordering is not available as per optus advisor. Making soo many excuses, that i god fed up and hung up phone. Then I proceeded to try again, and it worked in getting price matched.

    • what do you think of black vs purple?

      purple looks bad ass but is it too bad ass?

      • Theres only black available for the $342 price. I do want to buy purple. But office works wont price match it, since no purple in stock from otpus page. I aint shelling out $432 RRP at office works for purple color alone.

  • Thanks OP, got Officeworks price match for black version too!

  • I was looking around and found this about the dual sim versions…


    Kind of contradictory…
    Ahh.. just noticed it's for the reno and not the reno z… maybe it'd be the same.

  • Thanks OP. I priced matched at Office works Virginia last weekend. After using a few days can say this phone is great. No complaints from me. Coming from a samsung user.

  • great phone, wife likes it. Wait for the coloros 7 / Android 10 with dark mode to be released in few weeks :)

  • I am going to refund my oppo Reno Z phone today bought from office works. As call quality is terrible. I get this echo sound from mobile phone audio when making a phone and chatting with other people. Like you can hear it badly like its echoo + screech noise. This happens with speaker on and off, the phone has no case in it aswell, just plain normal phone call. Not sure if its faulty or something else. But my iphone 6 plus phone I am currently using doesn't have that echo screen noise when chatting on phone speaker mode on.

    • sounds faulty but i havent opened mine yet

      • I just saw that other deal on the Xiaomi 9T. And was thinking of returning the phone to Optus. It's on it's way… Anyone know what the change of mind policy works at Optus?

        • Why you pick xiaomi

        • Your phone shipped from Optus ?

        • FOund my order email. Order was not shipped out. So called up and cancelled. No biggie!

  • Does anyone know if any of the Reno Z have expandable memory? Looks like this one doesn't? If not how about the R15 Pro?

  • thanks OP - got one with OW price beat :) $342

  • +1

    I ordered 12 days ago from Optus and didn't receive any communications about dispatch. Called again and again only to find out they have trouble with delivery due to issues with delivery partners. 10 days later, I cancelled my ordered. Now received email that I will receive refund in 5 to 7 working days. Horrible experience with Optus once again.

  • +1

    Still no updates.

    Had to call and was told its in the warehouse waiting for dispatch. Was able to cancel order.

    • Yeah I just cancelled my order also. Toll were the victim of a ransomeware attack seems like things still aren't back on track.

  • Officeworks were happy to price beat, dual SIM , got it for $342

  • Thank you very much. Hesitantly price matched at JB Holmesglen with a further 5% gift card discount :)

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