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[PC] Epic - Free - Carcassonne + Ticket to Ride + Pandemic (Removed) - Epic Store


The next freebies from the Epic Store are here. This time Epic gives us 2 board game adaptions.

Note: It seems as Epic have now removed the game "Pandemic" from the freebies. Maybe they realised the timing is a little unfortunate.

This time the freebies are:

From the website: Carcassonne:

The official adaptation of the famous board game Carcassonne! A modern classic tile-placement game based on the award wining game in which the players draw and place a tile with a piece of southern French landscape on it. The player can then decide to place one of his followers, …

From the website: Ticket to Ride:

The official adaptation of Days of Wonder's best-selling train board game, Ticket to Ride takes less than one minute to learn but a lifetime to master. Over 70 million games played online and a new game starting every 4 seconds on average! In addition to the exciting cross-platfo…

From the website: Pandemic: - Removed

Humanity is on the brink of extinction. As members of an elite disease control team, you’re the only thing standing in the way of the four deadly diseases spreading across the world. The fate of humanity is in your hands!


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    Current freebie is: Farming Simulator 19


    Don't forget to claim it.

    • Thanks

    • Free "Pandemic" in 7 days…. what a coincidence

  • +20

    Pandemic is such an awesome game. Feel like I'm trained and ready for coronavirus.

    Cannot recommend Pandemic Legacy board game enough. Only negative is you need friends.

    • +8

      You will soon realise that pandemic is actually a single player game. You have one person (pro) in the group making all the decisions and all the noobs just following orders.

      Therefore you can actually play it yourself like a puzzle game.

      • +4

        We have Forbidden Island, a reimplementation of Pandemic. We have realised you can play with more than four players if you just all chat about what move the party should do. Works much better to have five players with a party of three, than to leave people out or try cram another teammate on the "board".

        • Love this game!

      • +1

        That's true. I started playing base pandemic with one friend and it's impossible to include others now because their inexperience means we always give tips and know the best moves to make, which sucks for them. Especially so because newbies don't really realise their 'character' isn't really theirs - everyone should discuss everyone move.

        Game is definitely more fun when you've got someone to talk through moves with though!

      • +2

        Unfortunately most coop games are like this. Those with a hidden traitor or some other hidden information avoid this issue.

      • One of my favourite games to play alone. I think I'll play legacy with a group of experienced players though.

  • +3

    Three of the greats!
    Never played the video game adaptations but the board games are great

    • I got board

    • +1

      In my own personal experience only, I've never found that video game version of a board game to be better than the real thing.

      E.g. I thought Ticket to Ride was a horrible mess with clunky graphics and poorly explained and implemented tutorials.

      • Through the Ages is really good

  • +3

    Windows only.

    • Mac or Linux?

      Pandemic says its for Mac on the Epic store screen (but that doesn't mean much.) It and Ticket to Ride are available for Mac on Steam, so is Farming Simulator 19 but they are all Windows only on Epic. : /

      • I only took a quick glimpse and it look like a windows only.

  • +5

    Oof Pandemic. Timing is a bit off

    • +10

      The big blue "IN 7 DAYS" didn't give it away?

  • How do I make a reminder using ozbargains? Is it possible?

    • +5

      Under Bookmark above.

    • +3

      Besides the bookmark, there will be a deal listed next week for the next free game.

      Usually, the first post on that is a reminder to grab the current offer.

  • I have Pandemic on Android, which I often play on my PC using Bluestacks. Great Game. Can't wait to get this proper PC version.

  • Bless Epic!!!!!!

  • +7

    It looks like they have removed Pandemic from next weeks freebies.

    • Thank you for pointing out.
      Edited title and text accordingly.

    • +2

      That really really sucks…

    • +5

      Dang. That was the one I really wanted.

      • +4

        Maybe you can catch it next time

        • Epic wants to make money out Pandemic by pulling it out.

    • Boo…

    • It looks like they have ..

      .. pandered to a Chinese Government request.

  • Damn :(

  • Damn, Pandemic was the only one I wanted.

    • Likewise. Reminds me of the time the band Shihad changed its name after 7-11 because it sounded like Jihad.

      • +1

        Yeah, diabetes from 7-11 slurpees was the most horrific act of terrorism we’ve seen. No wonder they changed their name!

  • I was actually looking forward to playing pandemic game, hopefully they bring it out later

  • +4

    Next weeks freebies are:

    Kingdom Come Deliverance and Aztez


  • +3

    Pandemic link doesn't work, nor does it show up when searching. The link should be removed from the post.

    In a statement, Epic Games has confirmed that Pandemic will no longer be free during that period. "We've shifted the release of Pandemic as a free game in our store schedule to a later date," the statement reads. "Ticket to Ride and Carcassonne will still be available as the free games of the week from February 6 - February 13."

  • I'm assuming the 'Multiplayer' tag means it's online multiplayer? Because the 'Party' tag would cover couch co-op/multiplayer? Or am I mistaken here?

    • +1

      Yes it's online multiplayer with it's own dedicated software for it.

  • +7

    This feels just like collecting Udemy courses I'm never going to look at.

    • Ive actually played a few of the freebies (Overcooked, Batman etc) without any issues. You can always add these games within Steam so you dont even see the Epic Games launcher.

      • How?

        • Add the .exe as a "Non Steam game". The game will launch directly without needing EGL.

      • Better yet, use the Gog galaxy launcher.

  • One can't just removed pandemic

  • Thanks OP!

  • Finding players

    My username is brisdaz. I've createed a discord for online board games - https://discord.gg/MsRJyeR (no expiry, 100 uses).

    Join up if you wish to play especially if you're ok with voice chatting and/or video chatting.

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