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Samsung Series 5 2.1 Channel Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer $175 C&C /+ Delivery (Was $377, RRP $549) @ Harvey Norman


Price dropped, cheapest at the moment

Barcode (GTIN) 8801643708733
Wireless Networking Bluetooth
Number of Channels 2.1
Total Output Power (RMS) 320W
Frequency Response (Hz) 42 - 20000
Product Width (cm) 90.4
Product Depth (cm) 8.0
Product Height (cm) 5.5
Subwoofer Dimensions (cm) 20.06 W x 35.30 H x 29.00 D
Manufacturers Express Warranty (months) 12

What's In The Box?
1x Soundbar Main Unit
1x Subwoofer
1x One Remote Control
2x AA Batteries for One Remote Control
1x Power Cord for Main Unit
1x Power Cord for Subwoofer
1x HDMI Cable
1x Optical Cable
1x Wall-Mount Bracket

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • +1

    549RRP. Thats a good deal.

  • Purchased. That is very cheap!

  • Can negotiate a better price instore as the $175 is advertised price but yes extreamly cheap

  • anyone got one? thinking of getting one to replace my kogan tv speakers

    • +8

      This would be a humongous improvement on a kogan tv speaker

      • sounds good to me. ill get one today then

    • +2

      It's a no-brainer upgrade

    • Generally speaking any standalone speakers are going to beat out TV speakers. There are exceptions to this rule, but not many.

    • I tried, store rep only brought it down to $175, no further discount

      • +5

        30 day price guarantee. Buy it @ GG for $499 go straight back to them with the HN price and get 120% off the difference back.


        Diff is $64.80
        Soundbar to be had for $110.80

        This is the ozbargain way.

        • +1

          You'll need to pay $75 for the Concierge to get this benefit

          • +3

            @jkiller295: Can confirm you dont need Concierge to have this.
            I had the same issue before, lodged the 30 Price match guarantee.
            Was given a store credit within couple of days

        • +4

          Pointing out the diff is returned as a store credit. Still good if you're planning to buy a few items.

  • Got one , thanks OP 👍

  • +1

    I have this sound bar. Firstly it worked pretty well with my old Samsung Plasma after setup (tv's fault), and great plug and play with my TCL p8mr. I have the rear speakers which I actual purchased first when there were $50 from JB once. It's a great package together, it doesn't have all the bells as whistles but it's a fraction of the price so I don't expect it to. It's a sound bar and it does that well 90% of the time.

    I used ARC to turn the volume up/down, which would have issues on occasion and not go all the way down (thinking that 4 vol was the min). I couldn't turn it down from the remote, the volume button just muted it…. so I just walked up if that ever happened. (spoiler) It took me almost 12 months to realise the Samsung remote volume button was a rocker…

    • Samsung plasma 51"?

  • +1 thanks op

  • Thinking of getting this for my PC to replace my Logitech Z623 2.1CH PC Speaker System. Would this be an improvement over the Logitech speakers?

    • This one has higher total output 320W > 200W and a remote control with different sound modes, I'd say hell yes, lol

      • No way the soundbar is can push anywhere near 320W. If it did they would happily list which THD they tested at.

    • +2

      I don't think a soundbar is the right solution for a PC, unless you're running it through a TV and sitting really far back.

      Soundbars are optimised for typical TV seating positions, and the drivers won't be pointing at you if you're sitting too close. Plus, soundbars in general don't give great sound quality. They're a huge improvement over built-in TV speakers, but they can't compete with proper Hi-Fi or home theatre setups; the individual drivers are just too small.

      I'd look at a decent set of 2.0 bookshelf speakers, either with a built-in amp (like what Edifier makes) or some entry level passive speakers and a cheap amp.

  • Only problem is it will break in no time. I've been burnt too many times by them!!

    • how so? can you please elaborate more?

      • +1

        Samsung=hi tech, not good quality.

        It's been like that ever since their "world best" CRTs would die after 12 months, and we're far inferior to Sony's trinitron at the time

  • good price

  • shows $495 when added to cart?

  • Back to $495 for me !

  • +1

    Bit of a soundbar novice, so excuse the potentially obvious question - Does this have HDMI ARC ? And to make sure I'm asking about the right thing - I want to control the volume of the soundbar with my remote for my Sony TV (It has HDMI ARC capabilities)

  • Expired - back to $495 - that was quick!

  • Guessing it was a pricing error

    • pretty sure not.
      This has been that low before as well

  • Now showing as $495

  • +1

    Anyone recommend a good soundbar with HDMI ARC under $200 ?

  • Damn missed it!

  • Bugger exactly what I wanted for a second unit

  • Still avaliable in store I got 2

  • Damn!!!!
    9min too slow

    • same here

      • Iv just rung 4 stores in Melb still $175 instore only now be quick

        • i went to hoppers crossing store, prcie back to normal

    • +1

      No pricing error iv just rang

      • Just finished chatting with a store rep online and he said it was pricing error and they have all rights to revert it anytime

        • So he is an online rep not a store rep

          • @Jackson: Called store rep, he said all stores just received a notice and immediately brought back to $495

    • +1

      I got confirmation for pick up at $175.

  • Will they honor this considering its a price error?

  • +1

    I'd want at least 3.1 so there's a dedicated center channel for speech. Nothing more annoying than turning volume up and down in action movies to hear what the actors are saying.

    • I had this issue to some extent with my creative gigaworks t3 2.1. They sound awesome but vocals was always a bit of a struggle. I noticed the other day that the ps3 has a feature to increase the volume of voices when playing media but not sure if that works very well

  • Got one, hoping they honor it but not counting on hardly normal

    • +1

      Update, Just received confirmation order is ready for pick-up

      • Can you take a photo of your receipt, I tried talking to many reps and they all said the same thing, pricing error

  • Argh - missed it.

    • In store still $175

      • Can you take a photo of the in store price?

  • Didn't need it.. but got it anyway. Thanks OP!

    • How did you get one? is this still available at this price

      • Well, it says it's paid and ready to collect. So… guess we'll find out in a few hours!

        • No issues, picked it up.

  • +1

    Hoping the WA stores still honor $175. Will see soon!

    • +3

      We always miss out… Price errors always fixed before shop even open here haha

    • Please update if you could get one in WA

      • +1

        Your best bet would probably be to go in as they open (9am) and try and secure one before they read their emails about the price error.

        • They changed it to $375 already

    • is it worth going to store and picking online order?

      they have change address to HOMEBUSH WEST, New South Wales,

      • If you paid for it prior to correction then yes. Or else they won't honour it

    • Went there at 9am, ticket was $375, computer said $375
      Staff who arrived after i did (seemingly the CSO for the hifi area) had no idea about the $175 price.

      Computer says no, staff says no :(

  • Got one from Store - In-store its still 175

    • Can you take a photo of in store price?

      • Sorry forgot to take picture, just came back from store, I dont think so its price error because in store they have a lot CLEARANCE banners for this soundbar

        • +1

          What about a photo of receipt? All online reps are saying the same thing, adv error, pricing error.

  • +3

    In store is still $175. Receipt snip here https://m.imgur.com/a/0jILU4F

  • Just chatted to their support. It was apparently a pricing error and i would need to contact store to confirm if they can offer it for 175.
    Updated. Call local store (rothwell qld), reserved one for $175.

    • Reservation means nothing if you didn't pay for it at that price. Happened to me. They wouldn't honour it.

  • Anyone tried the kogan soundbars?

    • Don't bother, it's not worth

  • All you professionals taking poor Gerry for a ride for shame lol

    • Lest we forget

  • Just grabbed one from Harvey N in Darwin @ $175.00 - 2 left in stock.

  • Instore only. Called to try and get it over the phone

    Guy said it's ticketed for 375

    I said I got 175 Infront of me

    He said omg why is this so cheap and confirmed

    I tried to pay over the phone or hold but he said I had to come in to get that price


  • anyone have a full receipt to try and pricematch

  • Tried some stores in NSW with no luck :(

  • Correction notices have been issued in store , I managed to complain and get one at 175. Better be quick

  • Rang HN Frankston to check the price and stock and the bloke said 175 over the phone. I went in store to purchase it around 10:45 and he just said that they had a pricing error and they just received an email telling them that it is 495.

    So yeah it sucks.

    • Confirmed price on website, rang and confirmed price, walked into store, $175 on ticket, Changed it while I was waiting to pay, would not honor the price as they were just notified it was a pricing error. Dont matter about my wasted trip etc… There's a surprise!!!

  • Damn. Why did I hestitate on this..

    I thought the price was legit too, they have had similar prices in the past.

  • Rang a store in Melbourne, said it was a pricing error and they have received a correction notice. Anyone that got in prior to the notice would have got it for $175

  • Don't feel too bad. If I was going to get a permanent solution I would buy a proper 5.1, if you just want a soundbar that's better than your TV speakers pick up any old thing. The Yamaha 5.1 was only 200 recently, it would be far better IMH(humble)O

  • +1

    It's the Series 4 that's selling at $195, I think they made a mistake.

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