iPhone 11 Discounts - 6mths later

Coming up to approx 6 months since launch, are there any historical sales for Apple mid life of the iphones? I'm keen on a plain 11 (not pro) but pricing still everywhere pretty much RRP with ebay even above after coupons.. not much luck but guessing possible sales soon?


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    No. They might add a mid-cycle colour like Product Red, but discounts come in the last month before a refresh.

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    Get the xs for $999 if that is still available.

    Same but hardly different.

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      No wide angle camera and 1 year older CPU. Not really that much of a bargain if you can get the 11 on sale for $1099.

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        I spend more time looking at the screen than taking wide angle photos. The display on the XS is absolutely stunning.

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    Iv been looking for ages and found nothing for the 128gb model.

    • yeah i'm after 128gb iphone 11 in black.
      everywhere same same
      figured would have had a bit more a drop by now, guess not.

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    If you are a Costco member you can, sometimes, get about $30 off on the iPhone 11.

    • thought about it but would be $60 to get $30 off… :/
      prob wouldn't go much since it's ages away from me otherwise…

      • You can buy then cancel your membership and get your money back off the membership.

    • It is about $50 off …

      • Thanks for update.

        • You are welcome. Saw it yesterday… confirm it was $50 off Apple RRP.

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    Bought an iPhone 11 128gb in white by price beating with OW from DIGI Outlet, bringing the price down to almost less than $1200. But I need to convince them that DIGI Outlet is a store, I tried price beating with Teco buy or Toby Deals but they won't do it, also worth a try is iFrog and ask OW to price match it, but they rarely have stock for AU models iPhone 11/Pro/Pro Max, so if they do quickly call OW to price bea, they will charge delivery with it bc iFrog is a store in Queensland if you manage to Price beat it with iFrog, it will be around $1170 with delivery, so be quick if they had stock bc they sold out within a day or so.

    • I bought iPhone 11 Pro 64GB for less than $1400.

      Got tiny discount (2%) in JB-Hifi just by asking which made the price $1,715, then paid using 10% discounted gift cards (saved $170) and finally claimed back $155.91 GST (family pooling / TRS)

      $1715 - $170 - $155.91 = $1,389.09

      • Yeah, I'm gonna claim GST as well for the iPhone 11 128GB which brings the price down to $1090, after a $109 GST discount. Total Savings after OW PBG + GST is $189.

    • yeah I'd perhaps try the officeworks price match but I know even though they had the grey market price match deal a while back it's hard to get them to do it… plus for 128GB ip11 it seems that the same prices for 256gb work out… or at least the 200 difference is like 20..

      i've seen teco buy come up a bit and would be cool if they price matched them without hassle but i suppose depends on the person…

  • Does your credit card have price protection insurance? You can put money on them lowering the price in September, just make sure that's within the allowable dates of your policy.

  • How much discount are you looking for? Even after the next release of a new iPhone, the previous one usually only drop by ~20% at most. The real savings you get when buying an iphone is when you want to sell them in 2 years time as you still can get at least half of what you paid for unlike Android phone which have little to no value by that time.

    Which is why if you are after iPhone, its best to buy it straight away after its release(look for 5% discount which is still easy to find). And if you are after Android phone, its better to wait a couple of months until the price got cut down by 30% or more.

    • How much discount are you looking for?
      This is ozbargain, I'm after all the discounts!
      Just can't bring myself to pay RRP so trying to find anyway to get cheaper.

  • Looking for one myself and can't seem to find any cheap new ones!

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