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LG OLED55C9PTA 55" C9 $1840 (Exp), OLED65C9PTA 65" C9 $3050 + $40 Delivery or Free Pickup @ Appliance Central eBay


First Post here!

Cheapest I've seen these awesome TV's for a while. I got the 55" today so I thought I'd share.

4k Netflix & YouTube here I come!

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  • Do you have the link to the 65" version? I literally just placed an order from Harvey Norman today for the 65" for $3439 something.

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      Average price is around $3k man

      • Damn :( I think too late to price match

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          I chose this over the Samsung QLED q80. Hope I made the right choice.

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            @swifty7: You made the right choice. OLED> QLED all day long!

            • @Big Bear: Phew.. thanks

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              @Big Bear: Depends on use case. If you want the best picture then oled for sure, but need to be a little careful about burn in.

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            @swifty7: If you wont use the TV a lot with static content, or you wont keep it long and have a dark room then the OLED screen is slightly better. Otherwise the Q80R is better for a lot of people.

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              @LowRange: Q80r is only worth it if your watch mostly sports or fta. If you watch Netflix, movies, to shows, game, then c9 is better. Even has less glare than q80r.

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                @onlinepred: Not much in them (https://www.rtings.com/tv/tools/compare/lg-c9-vs-samsung-q80..., both stunning panels and more then enough for 99% of people. The Q80R uses less power, and has no burn is risks so it's by far the better TV for anyone who wants to use the TV a lot, or keep it for a long time.

                • @LowRange: Oh boy.. you guys have been super helpful and totally confused me whether I made the right choice lol

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                  @LowRange: Yep all about picture quality. If you want the best picture accuracy and see lighting issues, them oled. If you don't care then lcd. The only reason I would look at lcd is a TV for the kids. I can manage my TV, and an a stickler for picture quality. There is no competition of you are picky.

                  • @onlinepred: Do you think i'll have a problem with the LG if i watch say an hour or two of TV per day? Sorry if it's a stupid question. I had a Samsung series 9 QSUHD (one of the first quantum dot ones) and it was so bright and picturesque. So i was worried about the switch to LG although i could see the beautiful blacks and detail on it.

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                      @swifty7: Nope. Only if you leave it on say channel 9 for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week for a few months.

                      It's the same tech that's in most phones. LG will blow your old TV away. If you watch a few hours of live TV, then some Netflix and then some gaming, there will be no issues. If you are only doing 2 hours a day, then you got zero worries.

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                      Do you think i'll have a problem with the LG if i watch say an hour or two of TV per day?

                      Going to have to watch more than that to cause burn ins. If at all.

                      • @xoom: Comforting to know, very! Thanks guys.

                  • @onlinepred: All about picture quality until you destroy a panel with burn in like I've done. So no thanks you can keep your OLED, enjoy.

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                      @LowRange: Oh man that sucks! Yea my old man did the same. For me though I can't stand the poor backlighting of LCD, and require a good viewing angle, I'm pretty picky haha, so no chance I could buy another LCD. And don't worry, I'm enjoying it, it's really incredible!

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                      @LowRange: Please tell us a bit more how you destroys the panel.

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          At Harvey Norman, you can claim a partial refund if you find a cheaper price after making your purchase. You just have to request the refund within 7 days of the purchase.

  • Was looking at the 55 B9 last week but they sold out quickly. Good excuse to buy the C9 - I ordered last Friday :)

    btw, shopback is only 1% for this category.

    • How much did you pay?

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        Exactly this deal ($1840) :) I found it via this post https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/515391 after seeing the B9 was sold out.

        They were only showing a handful left of the C9 when I purchased, but appears they've added more stock.

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    Cashback and Coupon Code?

    • Ebay use POPSICLE code at payment screen and join www.cashrewards.com.au

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        Did not think you can use cash back and a coupon.

        • Yea im not sure. I'll see if it tracks the sale in a week!

        • I think both sites state that only coupons found on their site are eligible, but I've had success more often than not. I used ShopBack for this purchase, and it's tracked in my account but the cashback value has been stuck at 'calculating'. No idea if it will be paid.

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          You can only use what the site allows

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    pretty sure this time last year so close to the new models the 8 series had better deals?

    • Nope, at least not that was posted on Ozbargain.

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      Who keeps a TV nowdays for 20+ years lol

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        So much waste mentality these days.

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          Well a twenty year old TV could not take any meaningful inputs for one.

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          What TV are you rocking and how much did it cost when you bought it?

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            @onlinepred: A 13 year old Plasma, cost around $5000 as a shop demo model, still beats all the new 4K TV's in picture quality unless playing 4K Bluray from discs.

            • @dreamscene: Factually it doesn't beat oled at all. I came from a Pana plasma taht barely lasted me 4 years. Yours must have cost a fortune!

            • @dreamscene: mate if you can see the difference between 4k tv and 13 yr old plasma either you looking at wrong content or you need eye checkup?

              • +3

                @klownvandamn: He's not entirely wrong. The last Panasonic 1080p plasma made, beat the LG 4K OLED in the blind shoot-out TV test. This was just before HDR specs came in.

        • Ouch, just saw you on an iPhone 11 pro. Made in China. Such waste mentality.

        • -1

          This is coming from a man who buys lot of junk https://www.ozbargain.com.au/user/14122/nodes

          • +1

            @klownvandamn: Tbh that Asus router is great and I think that's the deal I bought it from 😂

        • As-in… Wasting electricity with an old POS like my 10yo plasma?

          Every so often, replacement is the smarter move.

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    Just pitching in to say this is a stellar television. Amazing visual clarity, beautiful remote interface and features, and near-perfect design.

    Check out some of the reviews and setup tutorials on YouTube, basically everyone has great things to say about this model.

    • Does it run WebOS or Android? And still no VPN app you can use…?

      • WebOS, not sure about VPN apps

  • I'm holding out/hoping the Panasonic's go on clearance

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      Made in Japan. Good quality.

    • +1

      Why? LG os is so much better.

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        Not made in Japan.

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          Panasonic buys it OLED panels from LG a South Korean company!

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              @dreamscene: Your using a iPhone thats made in China. So whats your point?

        • Yet a better TV.

    • Which Panasonic is better than C9?

      • +1

        None is the answer..the GZ2000 gets really close and the only difference eventually is the input lag for gaming being much lower on the C9 and also the LG remote control with the Magic remote being a bit more user friendly compared to the Pana..doesn't matter now thou as Panasonic's struggles in the Australian market have in a way forced it's hand to pull out of the Australian TV market altogether..


    • +3

      There may be a good chance for that seeing that Panasonic have announced that they are withdrawing from the Australian TV market

      • +1

        That’s really sad. I love Panasonic / Sony colours and tones over Samsung and LG. Would be a shame if Panasonic dropped out of Australia.

        • -1

          It's just a matter of selecting the expert mode in LG and then you have the same colours/tones.

  • Does Ebay Plus make this shipping free?

    • No, pretty sure it's not an ebayplus item.

      • Ahh Thanks… ebay plus is only free shipping for ebay plus items… lol that would make sense.

        • +1

          The 75" C9 from the same seller is though! Go on, go big! Only ~$8k :)

  • Is there a possibility that the 55” version will reduce in price further before there isn’t any stock left and before the C10 comes out?

    • +1

      Possibly but at the current price its too tempting. The C10 is not a huge improvement and the 55" will be near $4,000.

      • +1

        Where are you hearing the CX 55" pricing? I'm sure it'll be high, especially given the weakening AUD, but RRP still hasn't been revealed.

        • A source from LG OZ HQ..

          • @Big Bear: Last year's model launched at $3900… what's your point exactly?

            FWIW, I think it will start lower, and 65" will get down close to $2300 through November-January.

      • What difference does the c10 bring? C9 looks perfect, can't see how they can upgrade it much

        • Sooo, they didn’t upgrade it much.

          Most people says “minor changes” at this moment.
          We will see the real difference once people like Vincent review new model.

  • How is it for gaming? Will this be good for next gen consoles?

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      Considering they unlocked 120hz refresh rate and gsync on them. I'd say amazing

  • $240 delivery for 65" to regional NSW, dealbreaker.

    • +2

      Use the pickup option and orgainse your own courier. Im sure the store would be happy to do this.

    • Same here to QLD.

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    Mmmm maybe wait and see what happens with Panasonic clearance. They announced they pulling out of Australia and putting clearance on TV's eh eh eh

    I saw the dual tuner in play and looked sick.

    Imagine Xbox and Netflix playin at the same time

    • +1

      That's pip right? Not dual tuner. C9 has dual tuner.

      • Panasonic OLED TVs have twin HD tuner.

        • So you can watch two free to air channels at once? Plus side, this has better sound from the TV then your cheap Chinese Yamaha soundbar you bought.

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    I helped a mate set up this TV on the tv stand provided. The screen is very thin and fragile, a few nerve racking moments during the install!

    • +1

      Yes! I would have preferred it to be thicker!

    • +3

      I set up my 65" OLED by myself.
      Real nightmare.

      • +3

        Wait, how can you do it one person? I had my mate carry the screen with me and he was freaking out to put it on the stand.

        • +1

          3 easy steps.
          Put the screen down on a bed.
          Install the stand.
          Lift up and place on a TV stand.

      • +3

        I set up a 55” B9 on my own, and that was super sketchy. I’m not a small guy either. The issue wasn’t the size or weight, it was managing the extremely thin and fragile top half of the display. You sir are a mad man.

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