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LG OLED55C9PTA 55" C9 $1840 (Exp), OLED65C9PTA 65" C9 $3050 + $40 Delivery or Free Pickup @ Appliance Central eBay


First Post here!

Cheapest I've seen these awesome TV's for a while. I got the 55" today so I thought I'd share.

4k Netflix & YouTube here I come!

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        I set up my 65inch B8 myself too. Was not easy!

  • I beleive cashback only works on the mobile app, and using a coupon invalidates it.

  • I have a Bravia 930D. Would I see much difference between my current TV and this C9?
    I checked our rtings and there’s a difference on paper. But I wonder if there’s a real world difference.

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      Only if you care about picture quality to the point you notice all the flaws in your current TV.

    • Yes

      The local dimming feature doesn’t make a huge difference in dark scenes
      Bad viewing angles
      Higher than average input lag

  • Price is great and all but how are this mob in regards to after sales service? They don’t even reply back to ebay messages for a start? Or is that just me?

    Noticed in previous posts that warranty is also a hassle since they don’t reply back

    • They have a retail outlet in Villawood Sydney. If any faults just directly log ticket with LG as long as you have reciept.

      • And LG aren't great to deal with for repairs and getting techs sent out. Easiest way is usually to return the TV to the retailer for a replacement and let them deal with LG.

    • It could be worth heading to HN/TGG/JB to see if they will price match the ebay price. That's what I did at HN against an ebay/VideoPro/coupon sale.

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    The 65"was $300 cheaper 2 months ago, surely price will drop further soon…

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      Yep I paid $2600 for 65".

      • Wow $2600! How?

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          It was $2800 on Good Guys website/ebay. They took it off of the website and ebay. Called them, they honored the price and knocked $50 off of it, I then used 10% off gift vouchers to pay for it.

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          I got the C9 65" for $2295 :)

      • I paid $2660 delivered and installed. Glad the good guys included that promotion. I am so glad I didn’t install it. Very fragile.

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    If you have a bright room with a lot of reflections or watch mainly sports (motion handling is not that great plus burn-in issues) you'll probably be better off looking elsewhere I would say. For a dark room with no reflections and for mainly gaming and movies this is a beaut.

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      It's also with keeping in mind, anyone who has an old TV, this will be brighter.

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      Thanks, this is the comment I was looking for

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      Dins, what do you recommend for a similar spec tv that will be in a fairly bright living room? Also reflection friendly if possible.

      • Panaphonics or Sorny.

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        A bright room alone not much of a problem but reflections off windows during the day and off lights at night definitely is an issue with OLEDs even though some tests might say otherwise. If reflections are unavoidable then QLED would be a better option. However in that case I would probably recommend waiting a bit longer until MicroLEDs are out.

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          Thanks mate.

  • Is there any way to split payments on eBay? Would love to chuck some of this on my credit card and just pay the rest but unfortunately I'm not blessed enough to be paid weekly instead of fortnightly :p

    • Put all your money on your card?

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    I bought the 65" from JBs for $3,100 delivered a few months ago. Absolutely brilliant TV!

    • I paid 2600 for it, not sure if I would pay that much more for it, but it is brilliant.

  • All this talk about Panasonic leaving the Aussie market… Which Panasonic OLED is worth the money over the LG C9?

    • Panasonic Gz1000u and upwards are way better at colour science, upscaling 1080p to 4K and darker area processing. Movies look better especially 4K Dolby Vision / HDR content. There are videos by professional colour calibrators on YouTube that talk about this. If you want variable refresh rate and HDMI 2.1 go LG. The C9 is also brighter. Ultimately if your room is super bright you may not want to go OLED.

      • I'm definitely going to go OLED.
        HDMI 2.1 is a must also - PS5/XBOX reasons.

        Currently on a SONY 4k UHD 49" LCD. Can't go much bigger than a 55", not enough room.
        Also, needs to be a Android as i CBF setting up Plex server - My Synology NAS works great on Android.

        As good as the C9 hardware is, the software limitations are there.

        Decisions, decisions.

        • For your Android problem just buy a $80 Amazon 4K Firestick. You can easily side load any app using Aptoide. I have a Synology NAS as well. I use the DS video app on the firestick and it works fine. I hate the C9 software as well but many people like it. I prefer Android.

          • @karankadam: That's exactly my problem!
            I was contemplating getting a new Nvidia Shield TV.

            Does the Firestick act as a chromecast, too?

            Edit: I should explain why i was looking at the Nvidia Shield TV: HW+ Decoding for detail heavy media. Takes the load off the older NAS unit.

            • @Deviant88: Don’t think casting is possible though it does support Miracast. Anyways most modern TVs should support casting of some form. The main reason I went for the Firestick 4K is because it has the Apple TV app which is not available on most TVs and my online media is tied to iTunes. Also it’s cheap for what it does. It chews through 4K no problem. Shield will never support Apple TV and it’s pricey. I checked out a few reviews and a lot of them mentioned the Firestick does HDR and processing better than most streamers. Do note that it’s not available in Australia officially and you’ll have to tinker a bit before you set it up to your needs.

              • @karankadam: Thank you kindly for the feedback and guidance.

                I've no need for anything Apple as everything is either Android or Microsoft in my household.
                I had a chat with a colleague of mine yesterday regarding the purchase of an Nvidia Shield TV - His recommendation was to wait for Prime Day.

                I'm sold on the Shield TV unit. The support for HDMI-CEC makes it an even better purchase.

                Does the C9 remember which input/channel you last used?
                If i plug it into a power-saver multi-point power adaptor and it cuts the power to the TV, will it load back up to the HDMI Input channel?

                I've seen the 55" C9 as low as $1750 with the 20% off deals so i'm awaiting for that deal again before i pull the trigger.

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                @karankadam: You'd be glad to know that LG has announced that Apple TV is coming to some LG TV's…


                "LG has confirmed that any of its 2019 OLED TVs or high-end NanoCell smart LCD TV’s will be getting a firmware update which will see the Apple TV added now, with “select” other LCDs (UM7X and UM6X series) getting access later this month."

        • Running the Plex app on a LG C9 55" with the server hosted on Synology without issues.
          The only complaint with the LG software is the Prime video controls , however prime video is interface is generally crap ( or is Netflix superior?).

          The LG C9 has ONE BIG caveat though - you cannot use any LG Dolby Atmos soundbars ( the SLXXYG range) or Sony Dolby Atmos bars (Q90R) if you are using the TV with its supplied stand. You can't place the soundbar in the cabinet below or behind the TV either as it negates the Atmos effect of the top firing speakers.

          The CFO was very pleased that I returned home empty handed while shopping for a soundbar with the 1500$ budget :(

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            @de9299: I've heard nothing but good things about Plex… However, I've set-up DS video and would like to continue with it as i'm used to it.

            The software issue is negated via an Nvidia Shield TV. Android TV is getting better with every release and the Nvidia Shield TV is future proofed for a few years. Hopefully, it goes on sale soon.

            The TV will be wall mounted (not enough space to fit it on a TV unit) and the soundbar connected via Optical Cable. The soundbar isn't the best, but it does the job.

            I helped a mate install their C9 and the stand is very low. The soundbar (in front of the TV) intrudes on the screen by about 10mm.

            1500 in your pocket, better than theirs. lol.

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              @Deviant88: I hear you. I do use DS video for watching content that can't be picked up on Plex ( I know there are ways but cbf trying to figure it out).

              I have to look at an Nvidia Shield TV. I have a 2 year old Mi Box 2 that does a decent job for non LG native apps.

  • Sorry to post randomly about something not quite relevant, but hoping someone may know? I'm getting my TV replaced through the product care at harvey norman. my old TV which no longer recognizes USB inputs and sometimes may or may not turn on will be taken away i imagine when they bring my replacement. Is there a way to buy or keep the old TV? like offer to pay them some amount for it? So i could use it as a screen for example? I noticed they instruct harvey norman to collect the TV otherwise they will incur a 15% charge of the TV. Any advice would be great!

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    Fantastic TV - bought the C9 65 inch and worth every penny. If you are deciding between the 65 or 55 - go the 65, you will not regret it. I had to convince the wifey, but now she knows we made the right decision

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    $3090 for the best tv available atm, seems alot but also seems fair, but i just cant afford it atm
    brb in a year

    • I feel ya, I got the wifey seal of approval to upgrade but also we might be moving overseas in a year, in which case the TV will be sitting in storage for a while.

    • +1

      To be honest, even after paying $2600 for it I still think it's too expensive for a TV. It's worth the price if it's what you are after, but yea it's a lot of money to spend on a TV.

  • Man i have a 65" C8 and its incredible, really really dont want to see these great prices for the C9 haha.

  • I'm waiting for the 65 CX but feel O won't be seeing a bargain on it for a long while sadly

    • Probably have to wait until at least October for the CX to hit the same low prices.

  • +1

    If they get the 77" down to around 5k, i'll be all over that lmao

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    Thanks. Missed out on the B9 pricing last week so was going to use that as an excuse to wait for a further price drop or the new models with a view to invest in the new 48". But I guess I haven't!

  • 65" is still too high. I easily paid 2.8K for the C9 65 at JB.

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    Thanks OP!!
    Went to my local TGG, got the 55C9 price matched and paid using 5% off instant GCs, couldn't be happier

    • +1

      I tried two local TGGs and they wouldn't have a bar of it so bought through Appliances Central.

      Shipping was quick! Ordered late Friday night, estimated delivery was Friday this week - Monday next week, and received an attempted delivery notice today.

    • Can you please pm me how you get the 5% off gift cards?

  • +5

    I just phoned TGG and got put through my local one. Told them I saw the deal early Dec for $2700ish for the C9 65 inch and I was put on hold for a couple of minutes and when she came back, they said they’ll give it to me for $2669 plus $55 delivery!

    • +1

      After looking at your post, I started calling TGG stores and got it for $2936 plus $55 delivery.

      • I wanted to buy from ApplicanceCentral - I’ve been waiting for the C9 to go on sale for a while now but being in Vic I had more confidence with a local store - just easier if anything happens just a preference. So considering $2936 is not bad if it’s from your local TGG store. Still under the appliancecentral price. Wish you could get the same price I got! I got the deal from TGG Narre Warren fyi. I’m getting it delivered tomorrow as well so less waiting time than if I purchased from appliancecentral.

        • +1

          I am in WA, so it's $120 delivery from if I buy via appliance central. I tried my best to get closer your price but any of the stores won't go below $3200ish + delivery. Luckily the closest stores manager gave me $2936. Getting delivered on Friday. They were happy to deliver it as soon as Thursday.

        • That's awesome work!

          Do you remember the name of the sales rep? I rang Narre Warren and they said best they can do is $3100 :(

          • +1

            @Potex: Her name is Brooke. I even asked her if it’s something they do regularly as in give old sale prices and if i could tell my friends and she said YES to both. I fid say I was looking at the TV early Dec at $2700. So maybe try and try. I got mine and I want to weep everytime I watch 4k content on netflix and disney plus. It’s worth the effort if you are after excellent picture quality. Good luck!!!

            • @kusakababe: Awesome thankyou Kusakababe, much appreciated! She works at Good Guys Narre Warren, Victoria?


              • +1

                @Potex: Yes. TGG NARRE WARREN VIC AKA Fountain Gate Branch :)

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    I wanted one 65", then I wanted two 55", then I wanted one of each.

    I had all the chances in the world, but now that the 55" is out of stock it's a missed opportunity, or maybe I never wanted one to begin with.


  • I am at 2.5 metres from the TV. So confused whether to get the C9 55" or C9 65". I have a crap 40" soniq right now. I feel I will get the 55" and then regret not getting the 65".

    • +7

      Get the 65" you know you want to.

    • 100% get the 65"

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    I called tgt and negotiated $2796 delivered

    • I imagine there is no real trick to it but for the unsure and/or anxious among us, can you tell us how the conversation went please?

    • @enricosanchez could you please share which store that was?


  • +1

    Looks like the 55 inch may be back up as a new listing?


    • Yes back up

  • Has anyone been successful in price-matching the 55inch with TGG/HN/JB (NSW)?

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    TGG Moore Park did 65 inch for $2995 delivered. They said the old sale price of $2700 was below cost.

    • TGG Moore Park is nearby me. Do you think you can share your receipt if possible? Thank you.

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