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$1 Regular Chips @ KFC (via App)


$1 regular chips showing in the app in the Colonel's Offers. No idea on start/end dates and app only/instore info though.

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    Regular Chips

    How much for their exceptional chips?

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      Also $1. You just never know whether you're going to get them or not.

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        So they're Unpredictable chips.

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          Schrödinger's Chips

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            @Jack D Price: Upon ordering, the chips may be deemed as simultaneously regular and exceptional until they are received.

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          KFC chips are the most unpredictable of them all. Sometimes they're mouthwateringly perfect, sometimes they go straight in the bin.

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            @melbourne guy: Same goes for the 9 piece deal, based on how many times its been terrible, I have a feeling they might use b-grade chicken for the deal.

            • @t_c: You’ll sometimes get sub-par quality original recipe on the 9 for $9.95 days. The cooks are under extra pressure due to increased demand and they will not follow procedure when it comes to breeding chicken and also letting the pressure out of the cooker much quicker than should happen at the end of the cook cycle.

      • are these the size of a small box

        • It depends what type of box you are used to, but yes.

          • @Daabido: great for a snack but prefer the $2 large chips

  • My local kfc literally has the least range of product of any kfc I've ever been to.

    There are a total of 4 items in Colonel's Offers and I'm honestly surprised to see this deal is available


    There is no potato and gravy to select from when choosing any sides (small or large) and they also do not offer sunkist as a drink on the app.

    Worst of all, the app does not have the meal deal "cheap as chips".

    I've already written to them and got the generic "we've received your feedback" with incident number but that was nearly a week ago.

    Does anyone have any experience with something like this?

    Edit: even "build your own bucket" is missing from the app but only for this store :(

    • Lol instead of telling us, have you told head office?

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        Everyone knows the quickest way to head office is through OzB. Sounds like a pretty rubbish store.

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          Everyone thinks the biggest secret is the herbs and spices but it's the fact the colonel browses ozbargain kfc and has alerts setup

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            @kingmoron: Sadly, on December 16th 1980, Sanders died of leukemia at the age of 90, never having the opportunity to experience the world wide web as we know it.

            His family have nothing to do with the company anymore so it's probably just your regular KFC employee doing his job.

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        I've already written to them and got the generic "we've received your feedback" with incident number but that was nearly a week ago.

      • If you have a complaint about a particular KFC, the best option is to find out who the franchise belongs to, and contact them directly. Contacting KFC general complaints is mostly useless.

    • dat average daily intake total

    • Are u referring to the KFC in Carlton?

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        Ahaha is there another kfc with barely any range? The one I'm talking about is Canberra city.

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      You’ve come across what we call a ‘Small Box’ restaurant. As the name suggest, these are smaller restaurants that cannot fit too many equipment and unfortunately the P&G mixer is one of them.


  • Regular chips deleted. Thanks OP.

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    Woo now I can just pay a whole $1 for terrible undercooked, unsalted (when asked for extra salt) chips.

    • No one's forcing you to buy them… If you keep going there, it means you enjoy playing the lottery

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        I've got the option of two local stores that are on/off with doing it. I'll personally hold off on buying from them after a bad order but I'm not the only one that buys it for the household.

        They just ruin the KSP with their mishandling of the chips.

  • regular KFC chips is the small size of Maccas

  • Has this expired? I can't find it in the app anymore!

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