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Xiaomi Smartmi DC Conversion Pedestal Fan 2 $89 (Expired) / 2S $139.99 Delivered @ Kogan


The Xiaomi Smartmi DC Conversion Pedestal Fan 2 simulates truly natural wind while being energy efficient. Less than 1kWh of power can provide 500 hours of operation so you can stay cool without hiking up the power bill!
7-blade design uniformly cuts through the air
Airfoil-shaped fan blades reduce air resistance
Diversion-style fan cover increases linear airflow
Continuously stable even at low speeds
Quiet, noiseless operation
Lightweight and portable
Controlled wirelessly via the Xiaomi Mi Home app for your phone or tablet

Xiaomi Smartmi DC Conversion Pedestal Fan 2S

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  • +1

    What's the difference between the two models?

    • I think 2S come with built-in battery

      • +1

        Oh ok thanks. I presumed the 2 was battery operated too since the description on the Kogan site said 'portable'.

    • +5

      The Fan 2S uses 33.6Wh batteries and thus frees you from the need for a power cord, with up to 20 hours of operational time. The fan’s lightweight body design makes it easy to carry with one hand.

      • +1

        what do you use to charge it

        • +79


        • +41

          thoughts and prayers

          • +5

            @patinadiary: Hopes and dreams works just as well i hear.

        • +3

          600 hrs of hand cranking

        • +2

          switch the fan to regen mode, place outside during a windy day, 3 months of wind will fully recharge

    • +1

      Any noise/motor differences between the two?

      Quietest fan (any brand) will win it for me.

      • +2

        I bought a 75cm DC fan from Bunnings the other day. On speed 1 you can't hear it, even in a quiet room but you can sure feel the breeze. I guess you could say I'm a big fan of..big fans.

        • The Iron Horse one? When you turn it back on, does it resume on the same setting you left it on?

          • +1

            @umexcuseme: Yes, unless you interrupt mains power to the unit at the socket or if there's a power-cut elsewhere. If you do interrupt mains power then the unit will default to speed 11 (wind tunnel) when you next turn the unit on.

            And yes, the Iron Horse one. Get one if you can, they're a terrific buy.

  • How does this compare to the target DC Pedestal fan posted earlier?

    • In what respect?

      • noise vs airflow

    • +55

      I'm not a fan

      • +9

        but your joke sure blows

        • +2

          At least it doesn't suck

          • +2

            @bdl: thats the xiaomi vaccum

      • +1

        I used to be a fan but now I’m an air conditioner

  • +16

    I have ordered one.

    The price is great and I have been researching for a couple of weeks.

    Pro's and Con's

    Pro - Xiaomi is usually pretty spot on for value. I have a bunch of stuff of theirs, and I haven't had major drama. It isn't dyson, but it also isn't $400+ dollars.

    They will use higher end components, such as ball bearing and a decent motor. This means it should last a long time, and also be quiet. I have spent hundreds of dollars on fans over the years, including DC fans, and they all get worse after 1-2 years of use.

    Also, having a battery does give you some freedom. Going camping? Take a fan! I live in a small unit and use fans to draw air into the unit and to circulate, so for me to be able to move the fan around is a god send.

    Cons - 1 year warranty for an expensive fan is a risk. Sure you can extend with Kogan, but not sure how reliable that is. Also, the Xiaomi app isn't great (though you don't need to use it).

    I will hopefully get it in the next few days, and I can give people an update on my experiences if you would like.

    • btw does the fan has buttons or do you always have to use the app ? I cannot see any buttons in the images

      • Looks like it has buttons on the top.

      • +3

        There is a button on top to turn on and step through 4 speed levels (long press for off), and a button on the back for oscillation, though you can't change the oscillation degrees, it will only use what was last set in the app.

        • though you can't change the oscillation degrees,

          Also have to use the app to set timer and natural and normal wind mode.

      • -2

        You can also use google

    • You need the app for the steplessness, and also to switch from natural and normal wind mode.

      Or at least that's what I understand from the few days I've owned my 2S.

      One added benefit is that my Bluetooth Xiaomi thermometer is now accessible when I'm out as it is somehow connecting to the Wi-Fi through my fan.

      • Which Thermometer are you using and what region server are you setup on?

        • "Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth Digital Thermometer"

          Or something like that.

          Pretty sure I selected Australia?

          I've had the thermometer for years but only could see and log the temperatures when I was within range of it.

          Now I see temperatures even while at work (e.g. now).

          • @Yanoflies: Interesting.
            I've been keeping an eye out for a thermometer from Xiaomi - I wonder how your scenario is working and if the fan is acting as some sort of hub for your thermometer.

            I have aircon that's wifi, but I haven't added any temperature sensors to it so I can't tell the ambient temperatures of any of my rooms.

            I was hoping to incorporate some sort of routine (maybe via IFTTT) to turn on the aircon if the temperature of a room gets to a certain heat etc.

      • so if a guest is in my house and I'm away they cannot control the fan speed n stuff?

      • +13

        thermometer is now accessible when I'm out as it is somehow connecting to the Wi-Fi through my fan

        What a time to be alive.

      • +1

        that sounds both interesting and a bit creepy too!

      • +2

        Xiaomi thermometer is now accessible when I'm out as it is somehow connecting to the Wi-Fi through my fan.

        Xiaomi begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, August 29th. In a panic, they try to pull the plug.

        Xiaomi fights back.

        • What other rates of learning are there? I mean mathematically, can't every ratio be expressed geometrically?

    • -4

      Another con - a fan can be had for $10 at Kmart or bigw

  • +1

    what is the fan diameter 40cm, 50cm

    • what is the fan diameter 40cm, 50cm

      Even the Xiaomi have smaller diameter but doesn't mean not enough, a lot better than those $10 one.

  • +4

    The 2S is fantastic, has saved me this summer. I had it going all night on the lowest setting and couldn't even hear it!

    The only downside I have found is I can't find a way to see how much charge the battery has.

    • +3

      Yeh wish it had that info also. I don't think the fan knows the difference whether it's running on battery or AC as there is only 2 wires from the base.

  • +1

    is the height adjustable on these?

    • No, very short, but you can adjust head.

      • +14

        Still talking about the fan?

  • big fan of the 2S fan, it is quite short but you can tilt the fan up/down and it does make it more compact and portable.

    having the built-in battery is great and being DC it's very quiet

  • Really nice. Wish I got this instead of the crummy Arlec bunnings one (for nearly the same price as the 2S) :(

    • I found the Arlec DC fan has a slight whizzing sound from the motor when it's on the lowest setting. Returned it straight away

  • where does it say this is battery powered?

  • -2

    this ain't free

  • I’ve the 2S and it’s great. Awesome build quality, super quiet, and the portability with the built in battery is really handy.

    Would highly recommend

  • -1

    How much is it normally

  • Watched couple of reviews on YouTube and 2S looks amazing. Will definitely consider buying one!

  • +2

    Thanks, bought a 2S based on the reviews here.

    • me too!
      (and I even needed a fan!)

  • FYI this fan only has two physical buttons:

    One is on/off and switches between four speed settings. The other button controls oscillation.
    Other functions such as individual speeds (there are about 100?) And normal/natural wind flow must be controlled through the app.

  • Is there a way to buy this without being absolutely bombarded with Kogan emails for the rest of my life?

    • +4

      Yeah, buy it then unsubscribe from the mailing list.

      • +7

        Feel like I have to unsubscribe 4 or 5 times after every Kogan purchase before they actually stop hah!

  • isn't 31.5dBAdB(A) relatively loud? my kambrook is 19 decibels

  • +2

    Can someone verify my sums before I present to the household CFO.

    let say I use this instead of my 7kW reverse cycle AC. at 35c/kwh it should only take around 60hrs use before its paid for itself?

    • +5

      But that's like saying compare the cost of riding a pushbike versus a car. They are two different things.

      A fan does not cool the room, just moves air around. A fan also does not remove humidity from the room.

      So of course a fan will use a lot less energy.

      But, maybe use both - ie fan on low speed to help circulate A/C air, and maybe provide a little more breeze so you don't need to set the A/C quite as low?

      • +2

        sure, the simple payback scenario however assumes having this fan on makes me comfortable enough to not need the AC. That'll only be sometimes of course.

        I don't want to over complicate it. I just need a rough figure so when I cop grief for spending money I can give some justification.

    • +4

      7kW is the output, not input. Let's assume the input might be around 2.5kW so it will take ~150 hours to pay for itself.

      • +3

        ah..I'll just keep that to myself. 60hrs sound better.

        • 150hrs ain't that bad. I sometimes have the fan on all night while sleeping plus through out the day. So in like 10 days it'll pay for itself.

          I'm tempted too, but need like 5 of em to replace all the fans on the house.

    • Yes but what is the cost of running your AC for the same amount of time?

      • Time is the question. The cost is known. $139.90

  • any idea on delivery times? I mean will it get here before end of summer??

    • +1

      I bought it the day this was posted and received it today. Live in Brisbane.

      • hey did the same. this is a great device and so quiet!!

        • +1

          Definitely. The only thing is that it's height is short and cannot be adjusted. Other than that, works great with my google home. :)

  • +1

    Bought a 2S based on the comments

  • I want one, but it doesn't come with a remote? So if I'm laying in bed and want to turn it on and off or change the speed, I have to unlock my phone, open an app, then change it? I also don't usually keep my phone in the bedroom, so not very convenient

    • From comments on previous deals, you can link it to a google mini and ask to turn it off

    • +1

      You can buy a remote separately but looks like will run you about $17-$18.

      I have a Google Mini in the room so use that, but can only turn on/off and set the 4 preset speed levels (though always seem to have trouble with that part). Still need to use app for oscillation/natural mode etc.

      • Hmm yeah a few options but still a bit convoluted, remote is best option but a bit pricey

  • This or a kogan portable air con? I live in Brisbane and can't regular my body temp very well so I'm roasting haha

    • +2

      Please do not buy a portable AC unit, they all suck.

      • After April we should hopefully start seeing dual hose portables sold in Australia again, which don't suck so much.

        • +1

          That sounds interesting…

  • BTW, I haven't seen mention of this anywhere but the 100 step levels seems to be a lie. I've only got 13 different speeds, the numbers in between don't change the speed.

    Have the 2S integrated into Home Assistant which gives me a raw speed value (RPM?) and only see a change on 13 steps (apart from being able to hear the difference in speed anyway)

    I'm on firmware v2.0.5.0011, don't recall if I noticed it before I updated but interested to know if other users are seeing the same thing or not, especially if still on previous firmware.

    Actual speed steps are at 1, 10, 19, 28, 35, 45, 55, 64, 72, 81, 86, 91 and 96.

    • The best part seems to be adjustable angle for oscillation. I really needed this feature!

      • Yeh it's not like I actually need 100 levels, but usually Xiaomi doesn't exaggerate specs quite as badly as some others so found it strange it's not doing what it should.

        The adjustable angle is great though. It was really just 30 degrees I wanted, perfect for sleeping for me.

    • It may seem like it's not working but it's actually marketing buzz generating hot air elsewhere

    • Can you please share the plugin that you use for hassio?

  • Does Kogan deliver to parcel locker?

    • +1

      Just had one "delivered" (bought it also at $139.99) to the parcel locker. Unfortunately the box was too big so it went straight back into the post office :(

      • Thanks. oh well…

        How long did it take to deliver? Are they from overseas?

  • +3

    The fan 2 jumped up to $95 when I went to buy.

  • +1

    Yeap deal expired or Kogan just did a bait and switch.

  • I have the 2S model and after turning off the fan via the Mi Home app for about 2 hours or so, when I want to turn it back on via the app, the network cant detect/connect to the fan.

    Have to get up and physically press the fan's 'on' button, and then it can connect to the network again and can be control via app again. Very annoying. Anyone having similar problem?

    • Received the fan yesterday. Same issue here.

      It seems the device goes to sleep itself. This may make sense if it's on battery to save battery. However, same issue even while plugged in.

  • The 2 is showing as $95 for me. Am I missing something?

  • Looks like the price has been jacked up to $95

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