This was posted 2 years 3 months 15 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Buy 2x Barista Bro's 500ml for $5/$5.50 + Bonus Cooler Bag @ BP


Saw this poster at BP in Burnie, Tasmania. Not a bad deal imo, considering these drinks usually go for $3.50-$4.00 alone.
Not sure if the promotion is in other states or when it expires.

Buy 2x Barista Bros (500ml) for $5 + Bonus Barista Bros Cooler Bag

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    Long-life milk :/ Never been a fan of these unless desperate

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      They also taste twice as sweet as other iced coffees…

      • That's because they use condensed milk to sweeten the coffee.

        • Last one I got was a freebie from woolies.

          I had to dilute it by 50% with plain milk so I could drink it.

          • @jv: What a gentleman way to drink it.

            • @squall3031: Thank you.

              I drank it with my pinky up

    • Yes reason why I don't drink this brand aldi brand ice coffee taste the best not sweet like the rest of brands

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        Not a fan of punctuations?

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        I find they have a weird coconut taste.

    • Fun fact: South Australians drink UHT milk a lot more than any other state.

      I can’t make up my mind if on the one hand it is because of the taste of water; on the other hand the taste of Coopers; or the gripping hand price and reliability of electricity.

      On the last one, old people with more restricted incomes are more likely to drink UHT too.

      • got a source?

          • @spaceflight: As I believed it doesn't support the claim

            • @abuch47: Why doesn't it?

              • @spaceflight: Yes that Roy Morgan article certainly supports, you can also just search any consumption stats and it would show similar.
                Maybe they don’t dispute that SA people drink more UHT than people in other states but didn’t take kindly to my little joke about possible reasons why. Maybe they drink Coopers.

                • @entropysbane: from the article: 15% national average per week, SA at 18%

                  probably correlated with the average age of south aussies which is higher than other states

                  • @abuch47: fun fact is close but not quite right.
                    South Australians drink a lot of Iced Coffee cos of Farmers Union Iced Coffee, which is a staple food item here & you are brought up on it. ;) It's the only place in the world where a milk drink out-sells Coke.

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    Love the long life taste, sadly dont go to bp, if anyone in NSW sees it let me know please haha cheers.

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      It’s valid in NSW

    • Bought this from a BP a couple weeks ago. Didn't realise it was such a deal!

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    Last time Barista Bro's had this promotion (back in October) it was 2 for $8. So not a bad deal at all!

    • Yer not to bad for $5.00

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      I think the deal stands at $5 for branded cooler bag and 2 free Barista Bro's lol.

      I've had it before, and even though I was after a caffeine hit on the go, I couldn't bring myself to drink it. It's truly horrible.
      Got maybe a third of the way through before I chucked the rest out.

      • +1

        I'd say their chocolate are decent but the coffee is definitely gross. I'd rather have a Dare and even that's terrible.

        • I've never had their chocolate milk, the fact it's UHT yet just as, or more expensive as the fresh milk counterparts makes me question it's point.
          Haha I'd even rather have a bottle of water than this lol.

  • What about SA?

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      + 10c deposit per bottle

    • Can you buy this in SA or do they only have Farmers Union?

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    Bonus Cooler Bag

    Looks daggy, not cooler.

    • Is it big enough for a sandwich or two?

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      I'm waiting for them to release the coolest bag.

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    Good deal, crap iced coffee.

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    You’d have to pay me to drink this filth.

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    used to be a barista wanted to throw up after trying this

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    Not sure how barista bros is still a thing, absolutely disgusting.

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      Coca-Cola really wants to be able to put iced coffee in vending machines.

      • But long life chocolate milk tastes reasonable in comparison to this, surely they could come up with better.

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      I've heard the iced chocolate one isn't bad but otherwise I agree.

      It's like a giant milk drink with no flavour.

      Dare or Farmers Union are far superior drinks.

      • Dare and Farmers Union are made with fresh milk. Barista Bros is UHT shelf stable long life milk which is why it tastes like ass.

    • Taste is purely subjective.

      • Not really

      • -1

        In this case it's unanimous.

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    Is it that bad? I drink them, seem ok. Maybe because I don't a lot of iced coffees

  • Anyone seen it in Sydney NSW?

    • Yes, I saw a sign for it at BP Croydon

    • Forestville.

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    It is in QLD - outer west brisbane. It was last week anyway - I have said bag.

    It is OK, but I'll probably just chuck it sometime. The price on the milks was good enough on its own.

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    The Iced Chocolate one is really nice.

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    Ive seen the promo at the Melb Airport BP when I fill up the hire car. Been running since mid-Jan 2020.

    I was tempted, but remembered how awful they tasted. Like plastic milk with artificial flavours and sugar.

    Plus I have too many cooler bags already.
    Probably good if you needed a cooler bag.

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    $5.50 in BP Cabramatta.

    • 2x coffee plus cooler bag???

  • I actually don’t mind the taste of these. Maybe cause it’s more sweet than other brands, not that I’ve tried that many varieties.

    The Aldi one though tasted pretty ordinary by comparison IMO, like it had coffee grounds stirred in with the milk. Just a little too gritty tasting.

    I’ll see if my local BP has the promo and grab one.

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    Confirmed in WA - Welshpool BP.

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    As just about everyone has said already, this iced coffee is not good. Although, as I say that, it's still okay and it's not to the point where you rather throw it out than drink it in my opinion.

    Not sure about the chocolate one though since I don't drink it.

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    confirmed WA, Embleton,Morley & Whitfords

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    this clown is asking $20 for the cooler bag on fleabay:

    feel free to make them a "reasonable" offer ;)

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    Ugh - I just had a look out of curiosity - and depending on which BB flavour you choose, there is between 8 and 13 teaspoons of sugar in each 500ml bottle. It's probably similar for other brands too.

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      Yup all flavoured milk are loaded with sugar.

      Go buy cold brew or Boss if you don't want heaps of sugar.

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      One teaspoon of sugar is 4 grams.

      Cows milk has 5 grams of sugar in it per 100ml

      That means a 500ml bottle has 25 grams of sugar or 6 teaspoons before they add any.

      That means some flavours only have 2 teaspoons of added sugar.

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    This has got to be the worst iced coffee going round. I bought one out of curiosity a few months back, straight in the bin.

  • Hopefully you were filling up on fuel to get as far away from Burnie as possible

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      You've never been to Smithton then 😉

      • If I could take back anything it would be visiting Smithton about a thousand times. It never gets any better.

  • doesn't look like its valid in Adelaide, not the few independant BP's i went to anyway.

    • Yup, I have checked 3 BPs in Adelaide yesterday and none of the staff are aware of this.

  • Saw this at BP Five Dock, NSW earlier in the week. It didn't seem like it was a deal because Barista Bro's isn't a deal imo.

  • Would love to know how many people will actually use the bag.

  • It's not available in Vic, $3 95 each

    • That's a win !!!

    • It's available in Vic, I just got it here in Melbourne. I actually got given 4 cooler bags.

      • Not available in BP Burwood [VIC]. They were just $3.95 each.

  • out of stock at Mortdale bp

  • Anyone seen it available near newcastle? I've been to a couple now and they dont have it

  • I got this from Naremburn. But it was $5.50.
    The cooler bag is decent. It’s also wide. Which was a good surprise.

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    Thanks OP. Have a silver popular deal badge (150+ votes) :-)

    The advert at my local BP said promotion ends 12/2/2020.

  • This stuff can’t taste much worse coming out as it does going in.

  • i was able to get this deal tonight. still scans at $5 and they had stock of the cooler bags at BP North Perth. ymmv

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