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Free Optus Sport Subscription for Ladbrokes Members


You can get complimentary access to Optus Sport from today, through until 30 April, 2020.Activate before 31st March.

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    Optus never blocked my access to the app even though I left them over a year ago.

    Worth checking if you were with them too.


      The app is free and has plenty of free content. The subscription is normally $15 a month (unless you have it included as part of an existing Optus Mobile plan) and offers the premium content such as live access to the EPL games. I doubt you can still access this.

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        Thats what I'm saying, I can still access all the EPL games. They never switched off access after leaving them.

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    Just as a heads up, it should actually be called Optus Soccer, as that's all they have.


      They had some cricket replays at ones stage. There is some talk that they may get the rugby. But right now? Soccer.


    I just joined Ladbrokes to try and access this deal. Were you presented with the deal when accessing via the app?

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    Promoting gambling should be banned.

    Funny how people react to youfoodz being posted compared to Optus supporting gambling which actually destroys lives.

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    To be clear, these betting companies are not in the business of gambling, but rather customer profiling. They analyse their clients and drastically restrict or outright ban anyone who displays traces of restraint or intelligence, and then milk the remaining hopeless punters for all they can.

    This arguably gives them less profits overall but has far less risk and volatility of income compared to just accepting bets from everyone.

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      On the money. This business model actually incentivises people with actual addiction problems to gamble.

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    They might as well make the rest of the EPL season free, not much interest left for the title race.

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    Ladbrokes sends Lads broke.

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