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[Open Box, As New] Apple iPhone 11 64GB $1,005.80 Delivered @ Mobileciti eBay


[Open Box - As New] Apple iPhone 11 64GB $999 + Delivery @ Mobileciti eBay

Fairly straightforward :)

Original Coupon Deal

Mod Note: 'EarPods with Lightning Connector' may not be included

UPDATE: I emailed MobileCiti on eBay and got the following responses:

  1. Is the warranty for two years or a bit less? The warranty is 12 months for open box iPhone
  2. Will it come with a TRS eligible tax invoice? Yes
  3. Has the product been activated before? Yes, they had been activated and used as demo display.

Hope it helps. I am probably going to cancel my order as it has been used as a demo unit.

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  • +1

    Why was the box opened??

    • +4

      Probably returned or change of mind.

  • Code 'PICK100' brings it down to $999

  • $200 off RRP. Not bad.

  • anyone bought "open box" from mobileciti before? are the phones used or not activated before?

    their website is not much help on the specific condition labeling of their "pre owned" offering

  • Does this mean that it comes with less than the year warranty remaining? If so, how much/can we check?

    • guess it would depend on whether the phone been activated before or not

      • +1

        On the website it states "never used" so I think it is not activated yet, but I might be wrong.

        • +5

          I bought a 6p a few years back from these guys. It was supposedly new. It started with the battery issues after around 2 year mark. When I contacted Huawei and entered the serial # in their website the phone warranty period had started 4 months before I got the phone. So be careful.

  • +1

    Are these eligible for TRS?

    • +1

      according to others, they do issue australian tax invoices so I believe TRS works

  • Yeah need more info on the open box bit before I get excited
    I don’t want to be missing out on up to 6mths warranty

  • +8

    Should just be called used IMO.
    Nothing on the page to indicate why the box was opened or how long the phone has been used.

    • +1

      eBay listing says 'Condition: Opened – never used'

  • +1

    Above qty on the eBay page, it says 'Condition: Opened – never used'.

    If the phone has been activated, I understand it is used.

    eBay may or may not agree.

    • +1

      Also, under 'Whats in the Box', the 'EarPods with Lightning Connector' that comes with a brand new, un-opened box is not included.

      • +2

        What doesn’t make sense is why are there so many “open never used” available, is there really that many returns or is this a way to discount without pissing off apple, or are they purchased from apple like this & and as mentioned why doesn't it come with the earpods.. maybe a store rep should come & clarify

        • I doubt they'll clarify it's to discount without pissing off Apple. Anyway discount what? Aren't re-seller margins smaller than an NRL players' IQ?

          • @Lps: I got nfi, can’t be retail returns to many available all without EarPods

  • +1

    I have also e-mailed them.

    "Please note, this item is a shop demo model as this has been opened for display purposes only, however, the iPhone has not been activated or used."

    • +5

      They told me that it's been activated and warranty is just for one year. Not two years.

      • +2

        yeah nah, not worth it if they can't get their story straight

    • +2

      So never turned on? Aren’t demo units usually turned on so they can demonstrate them otherwise they would’ve just used the dummy phones.

    • +1

      doesn't add up, how can they have (64gb) more then 10 available shop demos & another 9 128gb demos, they only have 1 store if im correct, they are opening demos every day lol

  • Is this seller legit?

  • I received the following response -

    "The phone was been used/activated as display on the shelf. But not been used by any user.

    The phone is Australian stock. The phone comes with handsfree."

    12 months warranty is stated in Item Description, under Product Specification.

    • +1

      used/activated but not used by any user? very confusion

    • +8

      That’s a bit dodgy. I’d much rather pay a couple of dollars more and get a new sealed box with two year Apple warranty.

  • +14

    I ordered one and it’s a used phone - had a small chip on the edge of the screen and had been activated in November last year according to Apple website

    Definitely not ‘as new’ or ‘open box - never used’ as the listing claims. They’ve agreed to accept a not as described return though

    • +2

      Thanks for the update

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