Is 15 Inch Laptop Too Big for "Lap" Use?

I'm considering buying this laptop

It's on sale right now for a great price and it's got the specs I'm after.

However, it's a little heavy - it weighs in at about 2kg.

I have a 13 inch laptop right now and for me, although it hardly leaves the house, it moves around my house a bit and used in a lot of places - sometimes it'll be sitting on my lap while I watch TV, or I'm using it in bed.

My main fear is that a 15 inch laptop will be too bulky for that and I'll need to find a bench or table or use it.

For those who own a 15 inch laptop, how portable is it and would you use it on your lap?


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    No laptop is too big for lap use, I have used a 17.3 inch Acer gaming laptop in school many years ago :P. Used it on the train ride to school.

    If you're going to be taking the laptop around and be using it in public places and don't want the hassle of finding a table, a 11 ~ 13 inch convertible laptop is your best bet, something like a HP x360, Dell Inspiron 13-Two-in-One or a Surface Pro are the best form factors for on-the-go use.


      No laptop is too big for lap use

      How about this 8.5kg beast?


        Depends on your lap


          Can't skip on lap day ever.


    Not a bad deal but rrp is definitely inflated.

    I use 15" as my daily lappy T with no problems.


    I used to have a 20" HP HDX Dragon that I used on lap perfectly fine. It's all subjective to your size and comfort levels.

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    Typing from this exact laptop right now - finally pulled the plug as it's got the perfect specs.
    Yes, it's a great machine, and yes, it's pretty heavy. Don't have much "lap use" with it.

    Feel free to ask any more questions about the laptop if you'd like :)

    P.S. Don't forget cashback!



      I do have some questions. Did you buy the black edition one?

      What's the battery life like? How many hours you think you get? I'm just concerned cause it's got the 4k screen.
      How's the keyboard and trackpad?
      Does it get hot and does the fan turn on easily?
      Do you regret not getting the 13" version of this instead?

      Any other pros or cons I should be considering?

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        Hey, just saw this now.
        Yes, I've got the Black edition :)

        I personally find Battery life is great. I previously had a refurb Dell, with shocking battery life, so really anything is an improvement. I havent actually timed it as such, but right now I'm sitting on 79% with 6 hours and 1 min left (take that with a grain of salt, or maybe 2 :)
        BTW 4K screen is sick.
        Keyboard and trackpad I've found to be great - no issues.
        Occassionally heats up, but not the extent that I find it an issue, same with the fan.
        I specifically wanted 15 inch - great for films :)

        Only con that I can think of is that the fingerprint scanner is useless. Works to register your finger, but then never works again. But not a big deal for me. Reading online reviews on the website listing, it seems to be a common "issue" with this model.

        P.S. The included stylus is great also.

        Lemme know if any more questions - hope I've been a help! :)


          ah man… I'm so tempted now!

          ive been thinking about waiting for the 13 inch to go on sale. Just cause I'm planning to have a dock at home to hook up to two monitors.

          But yeah, maybe I should just learn to live with the weight. I am a dev so the extra screen real estate would probably be a bonus…

          when you bought it, did you try to use the chat and bargain with them? I hear you can do that.


            @witsa: I bought for $1699 at the time… they wouldn't go cheaper. Guess it can't hurt to try your luck?
            Yes, bigger screen is a huge advantage - I cant bear my old laptop anymore! :)


              @Uncle Roger: alright you've twisted my arm. I went ahead and got it :)

              Also bought the 4 year warranty for $249. So came to about $1885.

              Hopefully get $60 back from cashback too.

              Takes a while to ship though that's about the only problem (15-18 business days apparently)


              @Uncle Roger: hey just wondering how long did it take for your laptop to arrive? Mine says it won't arrive till late March!

              I'm hoping that's the last date and it'll arrive much earlier than that. But who knows!


                @witsa: Sorry for the late reply mate. How's it going?


                  @Uncle Roger: Hey mate, yeah I have the laptop now.

                  Not bad. Pretty much as you described. Except my fingerprint scanner works well so you should get that looked at while under warranty.

                  The trackpad isn't great but honestly probably about right for a Windows laptop.

                  Don't really use the stylus much. I find unless I lay the screen flat it gets too wobbly. However I think touch screen is now a must for me.

                  Overall, I've had to change the way I use the laptop but overall pretty happy with the purchase.


      i ordered 2 days ago and i havent received cashback notification :(


    I use a 15" T580 for outside work and travels - no issues with comfort, stays on my lap most of the time, just the right size - I'm just under 6 foot tall if that helps.


    I received the exact same laptop yesterday. It isnt big for lap use at all


      nice, i just realized mine tonight :)

      what do you think? It's a little bulky as I expected, but so far pretty good!