Is It Likely to Be Profitable if I Rented out My Car in Melbourne?

Greetings Ozbargainers

I have been looking at various car sharing apps and websites like and I am interested in making a few bucks by renting out my car (Toyota Corolla 2013 model). I live in Springvale.

Does anyone want to share their experience in regard to hiring out their cars?

Thanks in advance.


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    Profitable is a strong word.

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    Hire it out by the half hour for prostitutes to use with clients

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    Depends on if your in a popular area for these cars. Also do you want your car damaged and the inconvenience of having it fixed. Spoke to a guy who had the carnextdoor and because it has the sticker on it the car was trashed as he parked it in the street. You just have to weigh up if its worth it. Having said that the guy did say he made some money.


      I tried Car Next Door and had horrible experience. I wouldn't give the car for hire anymore. They put chewing gums, smoke inside the car and have heard even more horrible stories.

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    I really don't think the potential damage risk and wear & tear is worth it.

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    You can see if someone has caused damage to the exterior and interior, but you won't necessarily find out what damage someone has caused mechanically. There's too much that can go wrong mechanically in a car and the cost to fix it can easily eat up all the "profit" you think you've made.

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    Springvale? Knowing that area I'm surprised it hasn't been stolen for spare parts.


    Carnextdoor is probably profitable. If you are owner of the car, you're just giving them a free asset.

    Uber might be destined to fail if the spend billions on self driving cars. Because they will have to spend billions on either buying the cars or leasing it (as they don't make them) while their current model is having people bring their cars and pay them crap rates (not employees).

    It still makes me laugh when I see BMW X5s doing Uber. Rather buy a Corolla if I really am that poor I have to Uber my prestige (as in my pride).


    Don't do it

    it will be a nightmare for you if the people that hire your car end up racking up speeding fines. yes you will get the fines in the mail and then you can simply nominate. but if you miss just even one of those fines and it becomes too late to nominate you will be paying $$$$ and copping the demerit points


    Ew no, the people who hire cars are the type who won't look after it. Too many shitty (profanity) drivers in this country.


    No. You won't make a few bucks. After factoring in the agent fees, service costs, wear and tear, and the extra time you'll spend chasing people up, you'll likely be down a few bucks.