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Xiaomi Mi A3 (More than White - Only) $299, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 $588 + Delivery ($0 C&C /In-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


*Limited Stock

Spotted this little gem: Xiaomi A3 128GB White. Normally $399, now $299. Save $100.

Also the Xiaomi MIX 3 5G 128GB Black is down to $588 - I swear this was $699 last night.

Thanks. Enjoy.

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    On AliExpress, the Xiaomi mix 3 5g 128gb is consistently ~290USD, making it $435AUD. Then add GST, bringing it to $478. Just an FYI for those willing to gamble warranty (though I wouldn't plan for as many issues with Xiaomi as I would for lesser quality China phones).

    Only other issue might be stock availability and shipping times due to CV.

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      One problem with AliExpress is you may not even get the right product. I purchased a Xiaomi product and received a lower model. AliExpress judged my dispute invalid without explanation.

      It was a pain but eventually I was able to do a credit card charge back against AliExpress. I've made hundreds of orders with them previously but I won't be shopping on AliExpress again.

      • Same happened with me bought a $5 electronic item through AliExpress, they send me a different product without any instructions.
        & Judjed my dispute invalid. Deleted my account same day. Never again

    • never buy any thing from china specialty phones i did once and when it comes to warranty issues i regretted it to death

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        You need to go in to grey imports with eyes wide open, you can get great spec'd phones at good prices but you might have a problem if you need to use warranty.

        If you're not prepared to take that risk then pony up and buy locally.

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    Same with the A3, consistently $250-$270 on eBay from AUS Sellers. The margain isn't as great so maybe the JB Warranty is worth the extra $

    • Do you mind sharing a link of a reputed eBay seller for Mi A3?

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      Why? It's on Android One, if anything, it's better without the bloatware.

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      owner of an A3 coming from a Mi5, $230 (64GB) from Toby Deals at Christmas time
      Andoid One is great, you can install the Google Camera apk which makes the phone fantastic
      with stock ROM
      7hrs SOT on 4G
      10hrs SOT with wifi

      i do miss a lot of MIUI options though
      but overall worth it

        • +6

          for a slight decrease in screen resolution/PPI, the increased battery life trade off is well worth it :)
          having said that, the screen seems normal to me

          • +15

            @locrocks: Don't worry. People think because they can, they need 1080p on 6 inch screen. It is a total con job. A bit like 4K resolution on 40 inch TV when you are sitting 3 meters away.

      • +1

        good battery life because HD screen (perfectly fine for a 6" phone) and OLED.
        Use a dark theme and no/black wallpaper to save more battery.

  • Does the A3 have Band 28?

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      GSMArena confirms it does. Expand network details if it doesn’t show.

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    Xiaomi A4 is supposedly being released at the end of February so expect this to be the new normal price for the A3.

    • Hopefully they bring back 1080 p display like the A1 and A2 …A3 720p display is the realm of supermarkey phone displays ..

      • +5

        It's actually the same resolution as the Samsung Galaxy A20 which is one of the most popular budget phones on Ozbargain. Best Budget Smartphone (Under $300) in 2019

        But the A20 can be bought for $169. If you want 1080p amoled you can get the A30 for $249.
        Vodafone Samsung Galaxy A20 $169, Optus Galaxy A30 $249 Delivered @ Australia Post

        • Don't worry 720p is an excuse for those who don't like security patches and OS updates.

        • Galaxy A30 gives you Samsung FHD wank factor
          A3 is much more powerful and better camera

        • +3

          Typing this on a20 with 720p screen, I think screen specs are overrated. Coming from the Nokia 8.1 1080p LCD to 720p AMOLED , I haven't noticed much of a difference, and AMOLED looks better with its colour vibrancy. Loving the full band spectrum for the Aussie network as well. My 8.1 was an overseas model and never worked properly indoors.

          • +2

            @Godgodgod: I went to an a20 after my moto g5+ stopped charging, 1080p 5.5in to 720p 6.4in. I can notice the difference, but only when reviewing photos and videos. For a lot of my usage it doesn't make a difference. Brightness or at least colour vividness seems better on the a20 too.

            That being said I picked up the a20 for just under $150 ($142.5 + 5.95 unlock) including unlocking and the A3 is double that at $299 (fair comparison as A20 has warranty). I also paid $229 for the G5+ in Nov2017 with 2 yr warranty (which didn't matter as it died 6 months outside that and had been wet previously).

            Yes 1080p+ doesn't make a big difference for most, though it's also far from unreasonable to be expecting it in the sub $300AUD price bracket.

            • +1

              @Wilburre: I agree with what you say as I also have a Moto G5 Plus and have since bought an A20 too, although you're a harder OzBargainer than me as I paid $159, but was lucky to get free unlock with Voda Live Chat.

              Although I loved the form factor of the G5+, the A20 has a bigger more colourful Amoled screen and like you say for most things except maybe some photos and videos taken by good camera, viewing media is great on the A20, even at 720p/6.4" screen.

              Unless you had the Moto G5S+ ( has 5.5" screen ), the Moto G5+ only has 5.2" FHD screen, so higher ppi.

              • +1

                @ozhunter68: yeah i had the g5+ (no s) so would be 5.2in and higher ppi. the a20 has a lot of benefits over the cheap moto 5 series phones such as face unlock, amoled, larger micro sd card support, dual rear camera and better front and rear cameras, type c, but at the cost of dual sim and 1080p+ and shoddy gps performance. For what I paid and its initial purpose as a stopgap when the G5+ was on the way out and finally died it is great, but the gps performance leaves me wanting and has me looking for another device. The rest I can definitely live with long term, just that damn gps performance.

                I've dropped the A20 in the toilet too (2 days ago, fell out of my top pocket and into the bowl, pulled it out straight away and luckily the toilet had already been flushed) and it is still working fine, despite not advertising water resistance like the moto 5 phones. It actually warned me and refused to charge for a couple hours until it was happy the type c port was dry which is kind of cool. I've also dropped it a lot without case onto carpet, concrete and tile and the screen is still perfect, just the corners of the body are a little scratched. If it dies i'd definitely buy another at $150-170 AUD, but yeah it has its limitations and a large number of users are going to be disappointed, particularly with the gps.

                • @Wilburre: Haha, you me lol about dropping phone in toilet after it fell out of your top pocket ( maybe from leaning down to give bowl a scrub after flushing ), never thought about that as I don't put phone in top pocket but know this happens somehow. Good to know if I get drenched caught out in heavy rain or something. I dropped an older much loved Huawei Y550 years ago onto edge of jetty carrying fish and chips under my arm and watched it bounce into the water sinking fast. Thought about diving in, and went against it as in a slit second I realized it was winter, got it on a OB deal here for like $39 after casback, only had cheap sd card in, and most likely phone as well as sd card would have been zapped and not recoverable lol.

                  Sounds like the plastic back and sides as well as gorilla glass 3 is making the A20 a tough phone. Like you say a great stop gap, first phone for teenagers/young adults etc, and if it was not for the GPS issue ( not such a biggie for me as it's a home backup phone ), could happily use this phone for a year or so till you can move back up to upper mid range again.

      • +3

        Yep I am hoping that too. I have the Mi A1 and it has been a fantastic servant for the last couple of years. Only issue is the battery now so looking to upgrade sometime this year to the A4 assuming it has the 1080 display

        • +3

          I have a Mi A1 too and I have AccuBattery Pro installed since day 1 getting my phone, my battery health is still at 93% (2803 mAh)

        • +1

          I have been MiA1 user too.. the best value for money I got from any phone so far. Fantastic experience - even better than my experience with main brands such as LG, Motorola, Samsung, etc.

        • +1

          Same, A1 has been awesome, almost went for the A3, awaiting A4 now and the next big sale

    • +1

      Supposedly released but it is unlikely considering the current state of the Wuhan virus situation in China. Phones makers like Apple already knew that they are facing a huge problem.

    • +1

      Brand new model will always be much more expensive - always good to go for just the previous version for better value for money.

  • +2

    i would like to know how JB caters for warranty for these devices? are JB the official seller for Xiaomi devices?

  • +5

    No NFC on the A3 - would have got it as a burner otherwise

  • +11

    Just an FYI, i've had this device since launch (Mi A3)

    You'll get past the 720p display pretty quickly, only noticeable when text is on a white background you're up-close

    Battery life is nuts, 2.5 days with 8-10hrs screen on time

    Performance is solid (outside of gaming)

    The highlight of this phone for me is the camera, especially in low light with night mode GCAM - SAMPLES - https://imgur.com/a/cACMdR0

    However there's a few downsides to the phone

    1. Minimum brightness will burn your eyes still
    2. The in-display fingerprint scanner can be slow/inaccurate
    3. It's still on android 9.0 Pie, despite it being on the Android one program
    4. No NFC
    • +3

      I own the phone too and this is an excellent summary.
      Although the display is 720p, which I hardly notice, it is also IPS, so better viewing angles.
      It's also a thin and easy to handle phone.

      Couldn't be happier with the phone. Got mine from overseas for $250 but would definitely get this for $300 for local stock and warrant.

      • +1

        IPS? I'm pretty sure it's OLED.

        • +1

          Oops, sorry mixed up my jargon.
          Its Super AMOLED

    • Mortgagetightass,which gcam version did you install?
      I've tried a couple and am happy with XCAM 6, with a random xml from another xda thread

      but happy to explore what you've tinkered with!

    • Nice breakdown, no NFC and still being on android 9 are tue dealbreakers for me over the display and fingerprint issues (fingerprint is annoying though, it shits me to tears on the A20).

      • The fingerprint reader on my Galaxy A20 works perfectly. Or do you mean the location on the rear shits you?

        • The location wouldn't be my choice but it's more that it's unreliable. Always tells me to make sure I'm completely covering it which I am. Most of the time I end up using passwords or pins as it's quicker to type 10+ characters (both cases, numbers, symbols) than the many attempts for it to recognise my fingerprint. I've got the maximum number of fingers registered to the phone, but it's really only practical to use the index finger with a sensor on the back.

          • +1

            @Wilburre: Maybe you have a faulty fingerprint sensor, or your finger is really hard to read ( less deep pronounced fingerprint grooves lol ).

      • I have a Mi A2 and pretty happy with that. Decent camera and performance, thin 7.3mm body with usb C QC3/4, FHD screen and updated to Android 10 in Jan.

        Downsides are small 3000mAh battery, also no NFC, no headphone jack, but worst of all for me no B28.

    • It's still on android 9.0 Pie, despite it being on the Android one program

      Won't the next Android update imminent though considering it's on Android One?

    • +1

      It's a good phone and agree with what you've written, but there is another downside.

      For some reason Xiaomi screwed something up with the WiFi and you can't connect to WPA2-PSK (AES) networks, so if someone has their WiFi set to only this authentication mode you can't connect. Apparently it's a known issue but nothing has been

  • No NFC ?

    Edit - that's a No.

  • +7

    No NFC is a no for me.

    • Was really tempted to get this phone to replace my OG Pixel, but yeah no NFC is a deal-breaker

  • +1

    It's about $250 from Tobydeals right? I'm still hanging out for a bigger discount (on aa3 or mi 9 lite).

  • +1

    Is the Mi Pro 9T much better than these?

    • +2
      • +2

        A3 is my favourite design-wise.

        No weird pop up camera or sliding selfie camera, plus it has Android One.

        But spec-wise yeah it looks like the 9T is the way to go.

  • mi 10 pro?

  • +3

    I purchased the A3 a few weeks ago and find it excellent for the price. I managed to get Officeworks to pricebeat Tobydeals in order to get local stock at an import price. I don't remember the exact price, but it was in the $250 ballpark (maybe $24x).

    The 720p screen sounds crap on paper but its fine in real life.

    • That's an awesome deal. 64 GB version?

      • +1

        128GB :D

    • +1

      I also did this at OW about 2 months ago and it worked, but when I tried again recently they declined because they found out it's stock from HK, not local.

      I just called JB and they beat OW price match to $280. Worth a try at your local JB!

  • Mi A4 is coming soon!

  • Would the A3 be a decent upgrade from an S8?

    • +1

      Wondering about this too. I use a s9 though with a cracked screen. Wondering if this is a smart decision buy

    • NO

    • +1

      In no way is the A3 a better phone than the S8 except maybe for battery & more software updates moving forward.

  • The Mi Mix 3 5G seems to be missing a lot of 4G bands compared with the non 5G version.

    • +2

      Such as?

      The 4G frequencies used in Australia are B1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 28 & 40. The MM3 5G has all those bands. The standard MM3 may have more bands but they're useless in Australia.

    • +1

      Unless u travel a lot. Otherwise, doesn’t matter much.

  • +3

    Just bought xiaomi 9T $399 last 2 weeks from Jb. and upgraded to andrio 10

    • +1

      Same here fantastic for 399

    • how does it perform?

      • Beautiful phone & generally excellent performance but Android 10 is a bit of dog's breakfast. Notifications with the Xiaomi Band don't work properly; some users are complaining of reduced SoT; the odd random error messages pop up on the screen; the always broken MIUI Always on Display is even more broken now, etc. I found the Android 9 version of MIUI 11 to be perfect with this phone & I'd wish I had stuck with it. Hopefully future Android 10 updates iron out these kinks.

        • I think your right about future updates will iron out some kinks, but sounds like we will have to wait inline now behind Corona V.

  • +1

    Sorry, what's 'more than white'?

    • +2

      White colour with something more than flat white? In this case probably refers to the colour of the back being white with a pearl effect in it.

  • It seems doesn't have NFC.

  • Out of curiosity, anyone know how is the camera on these compared to the redmi note 8? This should still be using an imx sensor, iirc.

    • Sony IMX582 (A3) v Samsung S5KGM1 (RN8) - Sony sensor every day of the week for me.

  • +1

    When did JB and OW start selling Xiaomi phones? I'm OOTL.

  • I've had the MIX 3 5G and it's insane value for money… barely any slowdowns in day to day use (if none at all), the slider feature is fun to play with (if a little annoying at times), obviously great app performance and startup because of the extremely recent processor… also I love the MIUI features like built-in app cloning + second space… it also comes with a case out of the box… only thing is I haven't been able to test the 5G because I'm in a semi-rural area and the battery life is fairly average but it's genuinely an awesome phone I'd recommend any day of the week if just for the value alone

    • My issue with app cloning and second space is that it caused android auto to stop working.

  • How is Xiaomi when it comes to updates? Been using the Mate 10 Pro and guess there will be no further updates so not sure if i still want to keep it. The Android Security patch is from Sep 2019 so really cannot trust this device anymore.

    • Super slow with Android 10 which got released this week and pulled as its buggy.

      Security updates arrive every month though, currently on the Feb 2020 patch on Android Pie as I didn't update to 10 after seeing bug reports.

  • Does anyone have a way to make VOLTE work on this phone? I have it and it works great but drops to 3G for calling. All the Xiaomi hacks that work on other phones do not seem to work.

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