Cleaning Your Council Bin - What's Your Situation

Hi guys,

For those living in a house, it's the tedious chore of taking out the bin on bin day, and cleaning and dragging it back in after work (the cleaning is the bit that really annoys me but I have to do it to keep it clean and I don't use those garbage bin liners as it's not environmentally friendly). This got me thinking and was curious to see how people in the community generally felt about this.

How do you (or the household) feels about this weekly task - Do you clean your bin?

Thanks for sharing!

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  • 14
    Yes - I clean it AND love doing it
  • 19
    Yes - I clean it BUT hate doing it
  • 34
    No - I don't clean it SINCE I use a garbage bin liner
  • 33
    No - I don't clean it BUT would like it cleaned
  • 99
    No - I don't clean it AND don't care if it's dirty


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    Only give it a bit of a rinse with the hose (not a full clean with soap and scrubbing) when it gets too stinky…which wouldn't be more than once a month or couple of months…

    • Slice of bread soaked in vinegar.

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    Didn't think first world problems on this site could ascend any higher… Don't you bag up your rubbish rather than lining the bin itself? So you'd have a bunch of smaller bin bags of rubbish inside. You can get ecofriendlier bags if that's a concern.

    • Don't you bag up your rubbish rather than lining the bin itself?

      Bags leak. Badly.

      Bottom ones burst and leak. Badly.

      Third world weekly rubbish collection has its problems. Daily collection doesn't.

      • buy a better bag liner. the ones from costco are pretty good

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    My council prohibits general waste which isn't in bags so we use bin liners.

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      Wouldn't a lot of bags burst open as soon as they are dumped into the truck though? So what's the point?

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        Dunno, we just follow the rules so we don't get a fine. Interestingly, the council's own bins in parks aren't lined.

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        Rule maker must be a Coles/Woolies shareholder trying to drive up the sale of bin bags to help the profit.

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        It would save rubbish from flying out of the bin as it gets tipped over into truck. I see so much rubbish fall out onto street especially bits of paper, styrofoam, small pieces of packaging

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    First World problem.

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    I take it to the kerb and have the rubbish removed.

    Occasionally it rains and gets some water in it.

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      Pro tip - you know those lead pieces they use to balance a wheel? Plenty available in the refuse of your local tyre shop.

      Stick 30-40g of weights to the lid furthest from the pivot point and they stay shut in all but the strongest gusts of wind. Does not affect emptying.

      • Sorry to butt in…you mention lead weights in refuse at tyre shops? Does that mean free lead weights? At tyre shops like Beaurepairs? Do you just go in and ask? Do you have to buy anything?
        Sorry if I sound ignorant. I don't drive but do need lead weights for the yatch.

        • +1

          It is up to them but the ones they pull of the wheels to rebalance, they "throw away" (probably melt and cast into fishing weights).

          A 30g fishing weight is a dollar so that should give you a rough idea as to what it is worth… practically zilch.

          I've never been to a tyre shop that reuses the weights as it is more trouble cleaning it up to reapply adhesive than it is worth.

          TLDR, I know.

          • @tshow: Thanks I'll wander into one over the weekend and ask. There's a whole strip of different ones on the main road nearby.

      • I prefer my bins to stay open after emptying. Allows them to dry out (except when it rains). Moisture breeds stench.

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    Just looking at the top forum topics on the right hand side of my screen here.

    Topics on:

    How to, and whether to, clean your bin.

    How the deadly corona virus outbreak is affecting my computer parts?

    I ordered something from Tobydeals (apparently a company in HK) 12 days ago, where is my package? I dont want to ask them, please tell me Ozbargain peasants..

    What is up with these people…

    • +3

      Im starting to think WE are the problem for reading them and providing answers :P

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    I have an old broom and half priced Morning Fresh.

    Wheel the bin to the front lawn, spray it and apply Detergent on the lid, handles and inside, use the broom to brush the insides and bottom of the bin.

    Rinse with water once more, pour water onto lawn, very little water is wasted.

    It's a 5 mins job.

    In a Perth Summer the bin absolutely stinks at the end of a Bin Week and I BAG everything.

    Don't know how you can just have yours in a bin unwrapped, it will be crawling with maggots and other unmentionables.

    • Hol up. So do you have those massive black bin liners in your outdoor garbage bin, and then you chuck your bin bags from your inside bin into the garbage bin?

    • Morning Fresh is the good stuff - I guess you either love your bin or want to use the good stuff so that the cleaning process takes minimal time.

    • +1

      That sounds like too much work.

      I just don't put any food or poo in the bin.

      Bones get frozen and only go out on bin collection day.

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    I don't love doing it. (Who loves cleaning bins?)

    Just hose it down and spray with 1:10 whiteking and water. Hose it down again. Done.

    If you bag your waste properly and do not pour liquids in your bags, you should only have to clean it maybe once a year.

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    I've been in my place for coming up on 13 years. Got new bins when I moved in. They haven't been washed since, other than what Mother Nature may have taken care of.

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    I paid someone to wash it once a month.
    Only $9 each.

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      And you call yourself 'Bargain80'?

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    most of the rubbish is bagged so not much leaks or is dirty. recycle is clean because it is all paper and plastic is rinsed

    if any extra smelly rubbish like seafood, and take away food i'll bag it and take it to local council bin on my way to work or next shopping trip. if I have room in the freezer i'll freeze the rubbish and throw it out on the morning rubbish is collected..

    i'll rinse the bin maybe once a month

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    I bag my rubbish and do not clean my bin. Of all the things in life to worry about, cleaning a bin which stays outside and is filled with rubbish is verrrry low on the list.

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    It's a bin. It's not supposed to smell nice and I couldn't care less about how it smells.

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    i've never cleaned a wheelie bin in my life i think

    just leave the lid open during a thunderstorm :)

  • No option for No - I don't clean it, no bin liner and not dirty?

    Compost gets most organics except meat which is bagged and frozen.

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    Throw your rubbish in your neighbour's bin really late at night. That way you don't have to clean or wheel your own bin to the kerb. :)

  • when it really really stinks, i'll turn it upside down and spray the pressure hose in there (during the car wash)

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      That's me (excluding car wash bit)…..and it's usually motivated by wife who's complaining about smell. Me - it's a bin who cares!

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    I use any excuse to fire up the pressure washer.

  • Thanks ozbargin nearly forgot it was bin night! :)

  • I have neighbors that put big bin liners in theirs

  • We moved into our house 9 years ago. I think I have washed the bin twice in that time.

  • +2

    ill wash it once the maggots come, until then she can stink

  • All my general waste is bagged in the house and we don't use a wheelie bin liner. I don't have council bins since moving into an apartment but I used to give them a going over with the pressure washer about once a month or so.

  • Use garbage bags so garbage bin is full of smaller bags
    Use pressure cleaner to wash bin if ever dirty. Simple

  • Drill a few holes (10mm) at the bottom of the bin, helps drainage of any accumulated liquid crap. Also, if you do rinse the bin water drains easily.

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      also helps small roaches, and ants to get easy access to the rubbish

    • There's nothing quite like the smell of accumulated 'bin juice' dripping all over the garage floor.

      • +1

        you keep your bins inside ?

  • Get off your lazy bottom and pickup a cheap hard bristle broom from the supermarket. Spray some water in the bin, squirt some dish detergent in or Dettol if you prefer hospital grade. Walk away go play some games or rest your heavy bottom.

    Come back after 10 mins give it a light brush on the 4 vertical surface and 1 horizontal. Lay it on the ground makes it easier then give the lid a good scrub too. Empty the bubbly party mix then rinse once, put away hose and broom. Return the bin to nearest spot so you don't have to walk too far to deposit rubbish.

    Cleaning the bin is easiest among all household chores don't be lazy.

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    If you have a sprinkler place the upturned bin over the sprinkler and turn the water on for 5 mins. Do this on your lawn to save the water.

    • I like this idea… but not for 5 minutes maybe 1 tops

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    Missing poll option - Yes - I pay someone else to clean it.

    Should I turn in my OzBargain badge?

  • Weekly task? Yearly, not even.

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    This is the reason I had children. They do come in useful for some things.

  • We pay someone to clean it. With 2 little kids in nappies we don’t want to go anywhere near the bins after a couple days.

    The owner of the business is a disabled guy with down syndrome, and he must do pretty well. I’ve seen him driving around during the week in different areas. Our neighbours use the same company so he cleans 4 bins in 1 stop. I think its well worth the money!

  • Our bin doesn't get too dirty but I use a bit of dish soap and the high pressure hose to clean it out when it needs it… maybe once every couple of months??

    Our problem is our neighbours stealing our clean bin and swapping it for their grimy, cat litter encrusted bin that they've never cleaned… Oh, and people walking past after bins are emptied pitting their dirty McDonald's in the bin and it getting grimy from that.

  • I live in. a building where cleaners clean them weekly. Prior to new cleaners taking the job we did it ourselves.

  • I’ve never cleaned a bin, nor have my parents. It’s probably been at least 30years of using the wheelie bins. Don’t see any need to clean them.

    The greenwaste bin smells a bit at first, but soon goes away. I drilled a few 25mm holes up the top to allow it to dry quicker which seems to help.

  • More importantly, what about cleaning your Otto bin?
    Mine stinks from when you put food waste etc out at the start of the week, even when it's got garbage that was bagged internally in the house, and the bags placed in the Otto.

    • I think the OP is referring to the Otto bin.

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