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60L Camping Backpack $12.99 Delivered @ Gshopper Australia


SYD stock, clearance sale. ship in 1 day. Black, Orange, Red, three colours only.
10% discount will be applied at the end of check out.
【NO RISK PURCHASING】— 3 years 100% satisfaction warranty guaranteed

Adjustable and breathable padded shoulders and
straps to meet different requirements for both men and women
High quality, Water-proof, Large Capacity
Movement: Hiking,Camping,Traveling,Skiing etc
Gender: Men and women
Material: High Quality Waterproof Nylon
Color: Black, Red,Orange
Capacity: 60L
Size: (Approx) 60L: 60cm36cm19cm

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  • Purchased… I need a bag like this.. worse case the bag goes back and forth every time it breaks.

  • 60 litres is OK if you're glamping ie not carrying a tent, cooking gear etc. Small sleeping bag, some clothes, some food and essentials. Even then still probably limited to warmer months, unless you have really high end dedicated gear.

    • +2

      I fit my tent, sleeping bag, mat, gas stove, clothes, food and other stuff including rain gear in my 38L pack on the weekend. In 60L you could fit an Aldi 2 man tent, bunnings sleeping bag and all the other stuff I mentioned.

      • Summer camping, definitely. I look like a homeless person when I go winter camping with the amount of shit I've strapped on the back of a 60 L pack.

        • Lol

  • +1

    How come the 3 reviews say:
    Does not match description
    Does not match pictures
    Item doesn't match the advertising

    • +1

      the picture was wrong when we first list the product on the website, It is correct now

      • Please provide:

        • Item Weight
        • Inside photos
        • Close up photos of back
  • Have x2 in the checkout, coming up as $28.98 delivered? Whats up with that

    • you need to place 2 orders, 1 for each

  • +3

    60x38x19cm=41l and given its shape, it might be more like 35l.
    On all my cheap bags like this, the zip catchers fall off and they turn into landfill.

    • Zips look weak.

      • +3

        It's $12.99 delivered, its gonna be basic.

        • +1


  • Good Post. Ordered 1 (Orange) and have noticed some other nice gear on the site.. Thank you.

  • Nothing to indicate how heavy it is. I have a ULA Circuit that can hold 68L and only weighs 1.2kg. Now that is a hiking backpack.

    • +3

      Ok cheers you got a $370 off coupon for ULA?

  • +1

    No back support in this. If you fill it with much heavy or odd shaped things it's going to get uncomfortable pretty quick. That said, it's really cheap.

  • Can I check this into a plane?

    • I think it might be okay, overall dimensions are 115cm?

  • I'm not sure this would be suitable for Splendour or an overseas trip :')

  • Damn this looks cheap but too big for my use case scenario.

    I just need a decent sized bag for work and taking groceries home etc so not too big but not a super tiny laptop bag a bit bigger.

  • $16 now. Still cheap.

  • Ordered this morning, now cancelled as out of stock…

    • Still in stock but at $15.99

    • Sam here ordered yesterday now cancelled because out of stock.

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