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Xiaomi Mi Filter HEPA Version for Mi Smart Air Purifier 2S 3 3H Pro $47.50 Delivered @ Gearbite eBay


Hi there, we have reduced price for this new arrival filter, eBay 5% off to make a great discount on this new xiaomi Air purifier filter HEPA version.

HEPA Class 13 Filter, Eliminate PM2.5, Activate Carbon.

Main Feature
360 degree triple-layer filter, High performance 380m3/h CADR

The 360 degree cylindrical filter is designed for maximum intake. The triple-layer filter used a primary filter, H13-grade True HEPA filter and activated carbon filter to remove dust, odours and other respirable particles

RFID tagging A unique tag on every fitler. Each filter come with its own unique ID.

Made with PET (polyethylene terephthalate), the outer layer has high flexural strength and is resistant to folding, grease, fats, acids, alkalis and most solvents. The sylindrical shape provides 360 degree filtration of dust, hair and other larger folating particles.

Uses an Ultraidense True HEPA filter to trap PM2.5, PM0.3, pollen and other respirable particles, allowing only clean air to pass through.
Filters out formaldehyde, odor, and more.

Filter replacement is a breeze change filters in 10 seconds.

Original Coupon Deal

ABN 60 615 962 500

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  • Cant use it for Xiaomi Air Purifier 2? Size wise arent they all the same?

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      compatible with Xiaomi Air Purifier 2.

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      This is the same filter that comes with the Xiaomi Air Purifier 2H (a slightly cut down version of 2 and 2s meant for Euro markets). The filters are the same size across the entire range (including the new 3 line).

  • do they have the extra layer that the anti formaldehyde blue (or was it green?) ones have?

    • HEPA Class 13. Layers of filtration, 3 layers(Primary, Activated Carbon and True HEPA filter)

  • New? How much for a used one?

    • Why would you use a used one?!

      • Sarcastic

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    Air filter is requesting access to your location and contact list…….

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    So I just vacuum my filter every few months. Is there a recommended replacement time?

    • the xiaomi purifiers tell you how much "%" and days remaining in the app. recommendation is 6 months for pretty much every purifier including the xiaomi's, earlier if the purifier tells you to do so and it has a flow restriction sensor (i.e. heavy usage in filthy air may require earlier replacement).

      • Is the filter gauge dependent on length of time used? Or how dirty the filter is?

        In australia, the air quality is not as Chinas. So if it is dependent on time, then it isn't so smart.

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          Without proof either way I'd say time (operating hours not time since replacement). That being said if you buy a purifier to clean your air and don't replace the filters in a timely manner, any reduced performance is on you. I'm not too fussed personally as I bought mine for the fires and it paid for itself then, now it's just a nice to have. I won't be replacing the filter until it tells me to and I may experiment on how much longer it can go.

          The Xiaomi filters have an RFID tag in them too, who knows what it is for but it could make the purifier refuse to run if the filter "needs to be replaced". I'll just have to wait and see.

      • that is just based on a time period, not on the actual filter state:

        Below states in the filter, which you reset when you change the filter
        - Filter hours used
        - Filter hours remaining

  • Been thinking of buying an air purifier for a while, just wondering who has one and what's your thoughts and recommendations? Do you notice much of a difference in air quality? And do you just leave it on or have it on a timer or something?

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      i bought the new mi purifier 3 just before the worst of the bushfire condition hit in rural nsw. During december, i had it on every single day because walking outside burns your eyes. When i wake up in the morning, i turn the purifier on to see what the reading was, the most sever days i had close to 500µg/m3 (hazadous air quality is 300+ i believe). The app warns me of the toxicity and turns to full blast. It was able to clean my entire first floor of the house in fairly short time, I watched the number go down.

      • how did you get the app connected to the air purifier? It was impossible

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          i have the 3H and the Mi Home android app running on Samsung Galaxy A20 - no issues at all. Installed app from google play, made new Mi Account and logged into app, plugged in and turned on purifier, hit add device in app and selected purifier and it just found and added it. Then in google home app I added Mi Home and that added the purifier to google home and google assistant.

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          i literally just downloaded the app from playstore and followed the instructions, from memory i didnt have any issues. But i guess it varies from device to device and operating syetem.

        • The units are coded to only work on specific servers

          If your purifier was meant for the chinese market then you will need to connect using chinese mainland in the Mi App in order to connect it. I bought mine from Kogan and it would only work using the chinese server.

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      I use them all the time during hazard reduction burns. I have Innovairs, Ionmax and Xiaomi Pro, they all improve air quality, both subjectively and measurably. They have different features that may or may not matter do you e.g. Do you want them to blow to the front or top? Do you want wheels? All in one filters or separate?

    • I regret buying it WITHOUT buying a air quality tester first. The air in my household is completely fine. Though it maybe a good idea for future bushfires

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        this is something to consider yes. personally i bought mine for the fires and it performed admirably (measuring P2.5 using temtop meter and 3H) even though my house is pretty recent (10yr old) and well sealed, on the bad days (and ther e were many) we got a lot of P2.5. The other thing it was great for is being able to run A.C. The house has 2 separate ducted A.C. systems, 1 for each floor each with a single air intake in the common area (large hallway). It was so hot over summer with all windows shut all the time that running the A.C. was needed to keep livable temperatures, especially to sleep. While the A.C. was recycling internal air, effectively it was concentrating all the particulate into the rooms that had the output vents open. My strategy was to run the A.C. at minimum temperature a couple of hours before bed for an hour with the bedroom shut, then turn the A.C. off and run the 3H in the bedroom to clean the cold air. The temps stayed cool enough for me to sleep easily, really only needed A.C. to remove the heat accumulated during a day of full sun with windows closed.

        • I wonder if the ac intake could use a hepa filter

          • @nfr: it could if i could find one that is the exact size, the issue is that it puts a lot more strain on the fan unit motor - you'll cause premature wear by using the wrong filters in it. the filters in them are really only for visible dust, not anying smaller.

    • We bought one in the midst of the bushfire smoke. Ever since that's cleared up, our air quality reading rarely goes above 1 (i.e. as good as it can get). So for the average person in suburbia, it probably won't do much for you.

      • +1

        Same here, my Pro model pretty much always reads 1 unless we get some local smoke or something being cooked causes some smoke. I have mine linked to Home Assistant (software) & have it set to turn on whenever the quality is above 1 & progressively increase the speed until it’s back to 1. Overkill? Hell yes! But I love it! Pretty unnecessary in Australia in general though.

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      I bought a couple of the Xiaomi air purifiers last month after all the bushfire smoke in Melbourne. They work well and will clear smoke from the house fairly quickly (I turn them on when roasting my own coffee beans which is a very smoky job). They are pointless most of the time though, general air quality reading is between 1-10, opening the windows is more effective most of the time, but I'll be keeping them around for next time any bushfire smoke hits.

    • I have 4 of the version 2 and can say it works great, no issues, have replaced with the purple filters

  • How does this compare to the purple anti bacterial version?

    • Please check ebay main picture 5. Class 13 compare with class 12 of purple one.

  • Got xiaomi purifier 2 for more than a year using the original filter, checked filter couple times and it is still clean (20-35 AQI if windows open). Do I need a new filter?

    • Out of curiosity, what do you expect to see when you “check” the filter?
      PM2.5 isn’t going to be visible. Although I have wondered how bad it would be to overuse a filter….

  • Anyone has bought the pro version? Is it better than the version 3 one?

    • For bigger space.

    • I have a pro version, but no comparison. As far as I know it is just more efficient (for larger rooms). Works great, very happy with it.

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    Got excited for a min. Then realized this is just the filter I still need to buy the expensive machine.

  • Thoughts on filter and purifier being the equivalent as printers and ink. Thoughts on getting more mileage from the filters when the sensors telling you to change?

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      You can simply reset the filter counter & continue use if you so wish, I personally bought some cheap disposable electrostatic cotton sheets for the filter to collect the larger particulates so I can use the filter for a bit longer.

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    RFID tagging A unique tag on every fitler. Each filter come with its own unique ID.

    This is a bug, not a feature.

    The unit will only let you run a filter for a certain amount of time, then it will lock it out — no matter how clean the filter is, or whether you've cleaned it, you have to buy another one.

    • is it possible to disable/remove it? and is that based on runtime (like hours) or how long you've had it (days/months)

  • Tried to buy but paypal just keeps spinning won't login through ebay. Works on other sites.

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      That is NOT a Xiaomi product, it's a Kogan rip-off and is hardly comparable. It's not even compatible with the Xiaomi Air Purifiers.

      • Don't know much about these. Why isn't it comparable? Looks like it's cheaper and "HEPA" whatever that means.

  • Does Xioami make a "best of everything" filter? It seems they have 3 different filters which all serve different purposes?

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