Which Minecraft on which platform?


Can anyone please suggest the best and/or most cost efficient way to play split screen Minecraft online, between 2 houses (i.e. 6-8 players at 2 locations), in a private world? The motivation here is to play with kids on a big tv together.

It looks to me like the only way may be to use W10/bedrock edition Minecraft, on Xbox with a single Xbox Live Gold subscription per console (i.e. 2 total). It also looks like I may need a single Minecraft Realms Plus subscription (i.e. 1 total) to allow a private online world.

I looked at PS4 but I read that perhaps an XBox Live subscription is still needed (purely to enable Minecraft split screen online).

Other consoles perhaps but it isn't clear, and there seem to be a few other editions of console specific Minecraft which may be less supported/futureproof than the W10/bedrock edition.

Am I missing something? Is Minecraft W10/bedrock edition on XBox + Gold + Realms (i.e. ongoing subscriptions to two different services) truly the only way to do this effectively?

A factor is also availability of other multiplayer games etc for young kids, but this is a minor factor.

Thanks to any who can offer advice/comments.



    Do you have two PC that can run Minecraft? If so plug them both into the TV and use Picture In Picture Mode on the TV and set them to display each HDMI output side by side. Playing on Phones and Tablet is another option.


    Thanks for the suggestion. PCs probably won't work, as we will have 3-4 players at each of two houses. However, I'll have a look at phones and tablets, as I hadn't considered that and it may be effective.


    Apparently the console versions all talk together. Figure out the screen deal like No Username mentioned above, run a private server (only play on PC/Java edition so no idea if realms is needed) and there you have it.

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