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Boost Prepaid | 12 Months Expiry | 120GB Data | Unlimited Talk & Text | Telstra 4G | $142.50 ($135.37 w/ OW PM) @ Enjoy eBuy


Greetings everyone, Enjoy eBuy currently have the the cheapest price on the $150 Boost SIM. Thanks to the user thedavemeister for the link.

I highly recommend to just price match at Officeworks, you can call up their 1300 OFFICE (633 423) number to be able to get a 5% price beat. Bringing it to $135.37 Delivered. Or you can price match in store also if that's a better option.

Thanks to t3chshopper for confirming that the extra 40GB is available for SIM's purchased at other vendors other than Boost for the $150 Starter Kit.

  • 80GB Data (+40GB Bonus Data - If Activated Prior to 30.3.2020)
  • UNLIMITED Calls & Text to standard numbers
  • UNLIMITED INTERNATIONAL standard calls & text to 25 selected destinations +1200 standard mins & text to 30 selected destinations
  • Stream Apple Music Data Free

As always, enjoy :)

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    Any recharge deals going on at the moment?

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    Can you use this to recharge an existing account?

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      Unfortunately no.

      • @fox

        If we want this on existing account do we gotta port out then in again?

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      But isn't just for 1 month though?

      • Yes, port back and forth :D

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    Need more data.

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    Would Officeworks price match them?

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      Yes, as per title and description

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    Can anyone confirm that officeworks will actually match this ? If I go in-store

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      I called 1300 OFFICE and paid over the phone for click and collect in store a moment ago

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      Yes. I went in store the other day. No problems at all price matching with this website.

    • Yes.

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    Is this for recharging as well?

  • Hi guys. Is this eligible for for the 120 GB upgrade?

  • Does this kit work if you're porting from either Optus or Telstra networks?

    • Not for Telstra networks, I believe, since it's already on the Telstra network

      • can someone confirm this?

        I am on Telstra pre-paid and am planning on going on this plan

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          When I was with Telstra and wanted to port to Boost mobile Boost had to send out a special sim card to port the number over

          • @Joshminey: so if I buy the Boost plan/sim from OW, I can't use that sim I would have to contact Boost or OW for a special sim? o_o

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              @unswrepping: OW has nothing to do with that special sim. Just ring up boost and they'll send one for you express posted. After that ring up boost to transfer number over. I got mine in 1 business day. It's technically a blank sim that Telstra will need to transfer your existing number over similarly to getting a replacement sim card.

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                @lgacb08: Just got off the phone and ordered

                Thanks for the help!

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              @unswrepping: Correct. You just purchase one of these $150 sim starter packs and a good week or more before you want to port over/your old credit runs out/expires call Boost and tell them you want to port from Telstra to Boost and they will send out the correct sim for free.

              Then when your ready to port after receiving correct sim, call up/live chat with Boost to activate and wait for port to finalize. In the meantime, chuck out Boost sim that came with pack, and leave your original old sim in phone till your signal is zero, then replace with new active sim.

              Enjoy Boost service with 120gb for 12 months for $11.28/10gb Per Month.

      • yes, you can. I just did that a few days ago. Remember you need to convert to Telstra pre-paid first and then to Boost.

  • Can I buy this now then port from Telstra post paid once my contract ends in a month's time?

    • Yes, see above comments.

      Just remember to get the bonus 40gb data you need to port/activate sim before 30/31 of March next month.

      • yes, you can. I just did that a few days ago. Remember you need to convert to Telstra pre-paid first and then to Boost.

        • what happens if you port without converting to pre-paid?

          • @lostn: You can't port then. As per Boost, you have to convert to pre-paid first. I don't what is the reason behind this, maybe because Boost pre-paid is a subdivision of Telstra pre-paid

  • Can someone who bought this confirm expiry please? (date before which one would have to port to Boost). Also, is this offer for recharge as well or it's only starter pack?

    • Starter Pack Only. Bonus 40Gb deal ends 30/03/2020.

      • Thanks. Do you know expiry date of the starter pack itself (let's say if you can't avail the 40GB bonus data)? I reckon it should be sometime in 2021 based on one pack that I purchased a few months back.

  • Will this work for Telstra locked mobiles?

    edit: google says yes and no

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    Called OW and they won't price beat because they say this site doesn't look legit enough, no ABN listed and phone number and address traces to something random

    • Well do it in store then. I got 2 on Wednesday.

    • same thing happened to me

      • "same thing happened to me"

        Do you mean OW would not PM over phone like "Flintz" said, or you got a PM in store like "thedavemeister" mentioned above?

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      Depends who you get, I called and they were nice and did it

    • Yeah there's no ABN listed, no business address and only a mobile phone number listed as the phone contact number.

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    Thanks OP, called up OW and got a price beat. Picking up on Monday.

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    Is it still available on the site?

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  • Tried price matching over the phone with OW. Spent forever on hold. On my second call I got a message saying they have a 70 minute wait time!
    Missed out on this. But just for next time, how long did you guys have to wait?

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      3min wait prior to deal making it to frontpage

      • +2

        Good to know. Thanks!

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    I just called. Said long wait time. Took about 20 min wait time. Managed to get 2 shipped. Even though it said out of stock. Thanks OP

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      This deal has been around since at least Tuesday when it was first mentioned on the original boost deal post. Didn't take long after this post to get ozbargained.

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      Same experience as Yolo. OW knew exactly which deal I wanted to price match and didn't bother to check if it was in stock with the competitor. Thanks OP!

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    Almost not worth the trouble … but i went after work, had to prove there was free shipping by checking out, and realised it was sold out … but got it matched. Looks hit and miss with phone operator plus long wait. Things we do for a bargain .. :/

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    OW still happy to do price match. Just had to wait for 5 mins in the call. They already knew and so it was very easy

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    Looks like OW are no longer accepting any price matches over the phone either.

    • Yep. Called them and apparently their manager have sent a memo around stating the enjoyebuy does not have an ABN :S

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        not on the website but I think I found them on ASIC? But yes not on the website. Silly.

        enjoyebuy ABN 27 114 164 073
        I think website says pick up from the SA address listed in ASIC.

    • Maybe some others are still able to get it with different operator.

      I thought the party was over 4 1/2 hours ago and was wrong as some determined OzBargainers still got one,…or two.

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    Greetings everyone, Enjoy eBuy currently

    Thanks for stuffing this up for everyone.

    Everyone was using OW price match for this from the previous post, now that it's sold out, they can't

  • So, the starter kits are seemingly great if you are porting from Optus network, or if you don't mind having a new number.

    If you are ALREADY on Telstra then you'll need Boost to send you out a blank Telstra sim. Live chat them and say something like, "port from Telstra" to get some info and a number to call at Boost. if you can manage to get a blank Telstra sim elsewhere I believe it will be fine to use that (Telstra stores will have them).

    1. If you are post-paid you MUST get Telstra to convert you to pre-paid first.
    2. If you are on a business account you seemingly MUST also get Telstra to configure a 'forward migration' which takes up to 22 (TWENTY TWO) business days if you request it via live chat, or apparently no wait if you want to go to a Telstra business center.
  • Its back in stock on enjoyebuy website. Just had officeworks beat it by 5% over the phone.

    No issues when trying to price match.

    • Just bought one from Officeworks Preston, VIC. No problem with 5% price beat.

  • Thank you, this should have more upvotes!
    Took a bit to find but just scored an easy price beat at Officeworks and activated within 10 minutes!

  • Just called OW and they know about "Enjoy eBuy" and all staff have been told not to price match because the site looks dodgy :(

    • Called again today, and spoke to someone else. They managed to price beat for me, so this still works if you get the right person!