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Free Meal up to $30 (Including Delivery) @ UberEATS


$30 off order including delivery free.
Could be targeted. Good luck to all

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  • +4

    Definitely targeted.

  • It's targeted :(

  • +7

    I wish they would target me

  • No luck

  • No luck lol

  • +11

    What the point of posting these on ozbargins if they are targeted to people by email and phone.

    • +2

      For Ozbargain Karma m8

    • +3

      For ozbargainers who have multiple dummy emails/phone numbers and multiple ubereats accounts. Of course Offers like these are usually for newbies. In saying that I was lucky once in of my old accounts. Got 20$ off

    • -4

      There is no point.

      But there is always a selection of ozbargains who claim that there was no email sent to them, but it also worked for them.\

      But I doubt it.

      • That’s what I meant! Today it didn’t work and the majority of the times it hasn’t worked. But it worked once about a year ago. In saying that, did I bother to get my old phone charged up and check it there -no. I just checked my work phone and personal phone and it didn’t work sadly :(

  • +4

    Does anyone know how to 'opt in' for promo emails? I have never ever received an email from ubereats in the few years I've had an account, use it every now and again as well so not dormant.

    • +7

      I think their marketing to existing customers is appalling.

      They are giving away so much to entice new business and neglecting people who are existing customers and can be habitual users.

      It's no surprise they are not turning a profit.

      • I'm not sure how more discounts for customers who are already buying is a way to improve profit…

        • +2

          You mean like a loyalty program? Sometimes easier to give 10% as loyalty rewards than it is trying to acquire a new customer. But what do I know when Uber is somehow able to lose US hundreds of millions a year.

          • @netjock: That's pretty different to a free $30 meal.

            I use Uber all the time and don't own a car. This week they gave be 20% off and if I used it 3 times, 30% off next week and a free uber eats delivery. So they definitely look after their loyal customers.

        • Not everyone that is a customer buys often. People may try it once and then become ineligible for new customer campaigns.

          Without an incentive, there is no motivation for someone to keep buying beyond the first time and become a regular user.

  • New users only and can been seen as fraud if you have two accounts.

    • I've always wondered how they target new users. New users wouldn't have an account… do they have a stack of email addresses?

      • I would assume its people who have an uber account but don't use uber eats.

    • Fraud

      It is threats to the uninitiated. I doubt they will take you to small claims.

      • what ?

        • new users only and can been seen as fraud if you have two accounts.

    • +2

      been seen as fraud if you have two accounts.

      phew I have 3.

      • And how the heck haven’t you been caught out on fraudulent activity.

        • I dunno. I even use the same address and payment method on all of them.

    • I'm a new user and it doesn't work for me

  • I used to actually get some deals when I ordered a bit, but now I've stopped ordering deals have gone away..
    Strange, because I would've thought the opposite would have applied.

  • +1

    Dinner served! The code worked for -$30 for me. No free delivery but not complaining.

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