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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 44mm (Aluminium/Black) $349 @ JB Hi-Fi


Save $200 from RRP. Only Aluminium/Black model have discount. Aluminium/Pink Gold model is $449.

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    Wow that's a great deal!

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    That's $40 cheaper than the staff price, very tempted.

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      Temptation turned into confirmation pretty quick, I'm not going to lie. Thanks OP!

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    Wish there was a deal on first gen too.

  • I received the active with my phone but sold it. Tempted on the active 2 tho

  • Any feature missing if paired with iOS ?

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      Get an apple watch,

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        I prefer a round watch, shame Apple don’t make it

        • ☝🏻Agreed.

        • I actually have a GW and GWA2 and they are good but I also use a Samsung phone. If I had an iPhone I would get an apple watch , they just work better in their own ecosystem , how exactly no idea but I am sure Google will let you know.

          • @noise36: In saying that, would this work just as well on another manufacturer other than samsung?
            Looking for a new wearable after my tic watch strap broke, I have a one+7.
            Last time I had a Gear watch it was very Samsung linked and didn't run Android wear, hard to even get it synced to my phone at the time

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              @Spiderboy: I have a Samsung watch on a Xiaomi. No loss of function at all, but you have to work hard (change battery settings) to make sure that Xiaomi doesn't try to kill its connection whenever you clear all notifications.

              10/10 happy

    • i am currently have my active2 paired to an iphone 11. missing features - notifications all works, but limited functions, like can't delete gmail emails even i have gmail app installed.

  • Good price ! 5% extra off with gift cards

    • Or 5% pb ow. Plus dont forget gst if flying out will bring down to $301.40 ( near to last yr black friday $298 price) Got one. Tx

  • Is this Tizen or Android?

    • Tizen

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        Tizen has little to no apps.

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          It isn't missing much considering it's a watch.

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            @noise36: Well then I would get a Casio calculator watch

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              @YellowKnight: Which would give you 1% of the functionality of this watch.

            • @YellowKnight: If you can track your health and activities with that, then definitely get one. Please post your review so that others can get an idea on how to do it.

        • That is a great deal. It has everything you would need from a smart watch. The Samsung Galaxy range of watches gets highly rated amongst all smart watches. It's amazing what they have been able to achieve using Tizen, I know people that have made the move from Android Wear OS and not looked back.

        • apart from Assistant and Google related notification, Tizen have better installed app, Samsung Health (Sleep tracker, auto track activity, HR) , Spotify (WearOS can't play music), SmartThings.

  • I got it for $439 with the bonus Galaxy Buds from JB. Can confirm it's a great watch but the screen can scratch fairly easily if you're not careful.

    • What about if you are careful?

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      Plenty of protectors for that. Whole clear ones and coloured ones to match.

  • No Gps?

    • Yes has GPS

  • No Android Wear and can't uninstall Bixby?

    Can I install native Android apps like Strava? Any comments on how it works with something like a pixel phone instead of a galaxy?

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      I gave my S3 frontier to my mum whose using a Pixel 2 XL, had a fair few Samsung Apps that needed to be downloaded, had some other settings that needed to be tweaked to allow notifications by default…. but for the most part seems exactly the same as it was with my various Samsung devices over the years.

      As for apps, Galaxy App store….

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        I have the S3 frontier. Is the active 2 worth the upgrade ?

        • I haven't got this, was actually hoping to get the Galaxy Watch soon (via redemption), but from all my research into the different models, they are very similar….. seen many youtube comparisons basically just stating this.

          To me I don't care for the fitness aspects anyway…. but my wife does as a Gym Instructor in her 2nd job.

        • I have that also - it's worth it for me because the S3 Frontier does not do swimming.

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      Yes it has a Strava app, works with android phones you just need add-on apps which are not required on Samsung phones I believe.

      • Those are often installed already

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      There is work around to have Google assistant working on it using button mapping, requires setting up an app and linking to Google assistant api, so a little time to setup but possible if you want Google assistant.

    • It's good because it doesn't have Android Wear.

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    Good watch for what it is. A lot of the control comes from the "Galaxy Wearables" app. In saying this I have an s10e and the galaxy buds so I don't mind the samsung ecosystem restrictions, may be less desirable for others.

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    I use this watch with air pods and iphone no problem. I got it for its ability to download spotify playlists to the watch so I don't need to take my phone running. (something an apple watch still cannot do)

    • Does this only work with Spotify or are other apps like GPM supported too?

      • Only Spotify pretty sure

      • There is a Spotify app, you can use Google play music via your phone and control using your watch, but no native app. I was reluctant to get my watch because of the lack of a native app for google music
        but went ahead and has not been an issue at all. Love the watch.

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    Still prefer the clicky bezel on the Galaxy Watch…

    • Chunky.

    • I'm with you, more rugged look.

      Depends on the person wearing too.

      • +1

        True, I like gshocks so like a bit of bulk as opposed to a sleek look.

    • Same

    • +1

      i had the bezel in my Gear S2 and it was hard to turn the dial. Won't have to worry about it with the Active.

    • My bezel stopped working 100% after 2 years.

  • this or garmin forerunner?

  • Is this worth upgrading my galaxy watch 46mm?

  • Waiting for a deal on Gen one.

  • Amazon price matched it

    • -1

      Pretty sure thats the 40mm version

  • Argh so tempted

  • Any one can confirm if it has a speaker to take calls? One review says so but cant find it under specifications

    • Yes, gen one didn't but this does.

    • +1

      Sure it does.

    • Yep, works great

  • Very good price. Happy with the watch.

    • What's the battery life?

  • So the only benefit this watch has over the Gear is the fact that its smaller? Not really worth the upgrade

    • EKG, currently faster CPU, different design, more accurate heart monitor.

    • If you mean gear s3, you can do swimming on the active 2

  • Does anyone know if I bought this less than 2 weeks ago from JB… Is there a way for them to price match this new one with a refund?

    • Yes, you can do price match. I think the period is 14 days, but I'm not sure. Just ask store as soon as possible.

      • Thanks, will go in tomorrow.

    • Have a similar issue, we bought it for $399 from OW 3 days ago

  • cheap.

    Kicking myself now for not buying one during the free Buds promotion. Would have then made a price protection claim and got $200 back.

    • Yeah I've just put in my price protection claim. 🙂

      • i believe what held me back was that I wanted 40mm but it didn't come in BT.

        • The watch is not amazing though. I like the watch, but my old Sony Smartwatch 3 was superior in several ways. Android voice assistant is miles better than Bixby which is awful. And the gestures etc were better I think - eg flick wrist to read notification instead of having to touch screen.

  • How long will the offer be on for?

    • Supposedly ends today

  • Wait for the Xiaomi band variant in a few months.. It'll be alot cheaper and better.

    • What's it called?

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      $185 US. So it’ll be about $350 AUD. Seems the same price to me. I’d go samsung

      • damn the aussie dollar is so bad

    • +1

      No one besides Samsung and Apple have a decent watch CPU. The mi watch is still a 28nm chip based on the old snapdragon 400 from 2013, wait for the snapdragon 3300 (which is at least ~2018 technology) coming later this year. Should bring huge efficiency improvements (i.e. a lot more battery life).

    • The watch you mean? It's incredibly thick btw. and also a rectangle design.

  • Anyone know when this ends?

  • Dis anyone buy using egift card??

    • +1


  • Thinking about buying this just because I haven't bought myself anything in ages and I guess it will work nicely with my Note 10. Seems like a good validation for myself?

  • Can anyone comment on the battery life of this watch?

    Coming from a 6 Year Old G-shock, would it be a nice upgrade.

  • +1

    This or the Ticwatch Pro
    Asking cos I'd prefer google pay and can add my myki in it

  • Anyone seen any good deals on the LTE version?

    • This or the LTE version? Which is best?

      • Friend has the LTE version, he rates it. Though you'll need an eSim and AFAIK not all telcos have this (eg Boost don't, Telstra do)

      • I'm hanging out for a deal on the LTE version so I can use it to listen to Spotify and buy a coffee on my run, with the peace of mind of knowing if someone calls me for work I can answer.

  • Ok potentially stupid question.
    How does this compare to Fitbit Versa 2?
    I’m tossed between either two.

  • I wonder if this has dropped in price because something newer is coming ie Galaxy Watch 2?

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      Nah, they are classified as different lines in their watch line up, like the S series and note series. The current galaxy watch would be much cheaper if the active 2 was the direct replacement and if anything the galaxy watch would be the one that should have dropped in price

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        Thanks for your insight :)