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25% off - All Travel SIM Cards - Europe, USA, NZ, Japan, Asia & More from $21.75 + Free Shipping @ SimsDirect Sydney

Hi Ozbargain!

I’m Aidan from SimsDirect and you’re invited to our 2nd birthday party! 🎈

Our team is celebrating our official 2-year milestone! We’ve managed to connect over 60,000 Aussies since our launch and recently become Australia’s highest-rated travel SIM store with 6500+ 5 star reviews and counting (cheers, guys!!).

It’s been so great watching our community grow throughout 2019 and helping Aussie travellers stay connected around the world. 🤝

If you’re one of our OG supporters, big love to you & thanks so much! We know we wouldn’t be where we are today without every person on OZB who’s given us a go! Leave a comment in the post and say hello. 💛

I’d also like to introduce you to our customer service guru, Vanesa. She joined our small team in August last year and will be the one replying to your questions over the sale :)

So, let’s get this party started with a 25% storewide sale!

If you or someone you know is travelling in 2020, this is a perfect time to grab a discounted travel SIM for your next adventure.

  • It’s a fuss-free way of connecting when you land 🛬
  • It’s great value for money - especially with that cheeky 25% off! 😉
  • 100% money-back guarantee with Aussie live support & service ✅

The Deal

25% off storewide!

Ends Thursday 27th Feb 11:59 PM (AEDT)

Discount automatically applied at checkout.

Limited stock is available.

Our Best Sellers
SIM Card Data Calls & Text Discounted Price (AUD)
Europe & UK 30 Day Travel SIM Card (71 Countries) 12GB (4G/3G) Unlimited calls & texts (Europe Only) $33.00
USA 30 Day Travel SIM Card 5GB (4G LTE) Unlimited calls & text (Oz Included) $33.75
New USA Unlimited 30 Day Travel SIM Card UNLIMITED (4G LTE) Unlimited calls & text (Oz Included) $66.75
New NZ Unlimited 30 Day Travel SIM Card UNLIMITED (4G LTE) Unlimited calls & text (Oz included) $63.75
New Zealand 30 Day Travel SIM Card (Big) 10GB (4G LTE) 200 mins calls & text (Oz included) $36.75
New Zealand 30 Day Travel SIM Card (Small) 2.5GB (4G LTE) 200 mins calls & text (Oz included) $21.75
Japan 15 Day Travel SIM 6GB (4G LTE) Data-Only $33.75
USA & Canada 30 Day Travel SIM 3GB (4G) Data-Only $33.75
China 30 Day Travel SIM 6GB (4G LTE) Data-Only $30.00
China 15 Day Travel SIM Card 5GB (4G LTE) Data-Only $26.25
Asia 15 Day Travel SIM Card (78 Countries) 6GB (4G LTE) Data-Only $41.25
Explorer 365 Day Travel SIM Card (71 Countries) 12GB (4G/3G) Data-Only $63.75
South East Asia 12 Day Travel SIM (13 countries incl Bali, Thailand) 4GB (4G LTE) Data-Only $26.25

Free shipping included with all orders
Express & International delivery available

Benefits of prepaid travel SIMs
  • ✅Plug-n-Play with no ID registration required, simply insert and off you go!
  • ✅One-off payment, no extra costs, no roaming fees, get exactly what you pay for.
  • ✅ Great data speeds and coverage on local networks.
What's included with your order
  • SIM Tray Opener Tool
  • Free Standard Shipping
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee (read below)
  • Aussie Live Support via Facebook and Email
  • Online guides and support docs

Phone compatibility

All SIMs require an unlocked device to work.
For USA SIMs, please check compatibility here.


All SIMs are easy to activate.

  1. Land overseas and insert the SIM into your phone
  2. Turn on 'Data Roaming' in your network settings
  3. Restart your phone
  4. Happy travels!

Some SIMs will require you to dial or text a number to complete activation, all activation information can be found in our Customer Help Articles and SIM Guides.


All orders will be shipped from Sydney via Australia Post.

We ship orders Monday to Friday and offer same day dispatch before 3 PM AEST.

  • Free Registered Standard Shipping 4-7 Business days
  • $7.99 for Express Tracked Shipping 1-2 Business days (Free on orders over $100)

Learn more about our shipping here.


You can check out securely with:
PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and ZipPay

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee with all products. If you have a technical issue we can’t resolve; we will refund you in full. ✅


If you have any questions, please leave a comment here on OzBargain or live chat with us on Facebook.


Again, a big thank you to everyone! <3


Aidan & the team

P.S If you see value in this deal then please leave an upvote!

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  • +2

    I used 2x 5GB SIMs last year in Japan and HK and they worked really well. Looks like I'll grab a couple of 6GBs for this year thanks!

    • Cheers for the support Clear :)

  • +1

    Got a couple last year for a trip to Europe, great service and easy to use! Could you tell me when the European SIMs expire? Need another two for September 2020.

    • +1

      Hey Schomohawk,

      The Europe SIM does not have an expiry date!

      Just hold onto the SIM until you land, pop it in and off you go :)


      • +1

        Cheers Vanessa, just picked a couple up :)

        • Amazing!! Thanks for the support <3

  • I'm also travelling to Europe in august, September and return early October.. I would need 2 simes yeah? Also, are there any sim card options that allow you to call back to Australia?

    • Hey kimba888,

      Yep! The SIMs have an expiry of 30 days so I'd recommend getting two and swapping it out as you go :)

      We don't any for Europe that allows for calls back to Australia but you can still use social media apps to makes calls/texts instead!

      You can learn more from our blog article here :)


      • Thanks heaps Vanessa!

        • No worries! 😊

  • +1

    Will the Japan sim work with an apple watch?

    • Hey Eachschoolshols,

      It won't connect via cellular data but you can still use Bluetooth :)


  • +1

    Hi Vanesa, with the Euro sim card, I understand roaming will not work in the UAE. However, do you know if I will still be able to receive text messages?

    • Hi revotop!

      Good question!

      From what I understand, you won't be able to receive a text message since the SIM won't connect to a network.

      But things might've changed so give it a go - if you have network in the UAE, then you're good to go :)


      • Thanks for the prompt response Vanesa!

        • All good :)

  • Hey rep, how long do I have to activate the Nz unlimited calls/text & data sim before it expires?
    Thanks in advance

    • +1

      Hey CC,

      The NZ SIMs do not have a shelf life, so you can hold onto the SIM for as long as you need.

      Once you land, activate it and you will be good to go!

      Let us know if you have any further questions 👍


      • Thank you for the information and prompt reply!

        • No worries!

  • How does 2degrees mobile compare to Vodafone for coverage in NZ? Doing a 14-day road trip through the South Island next month and from what I've read Vodafone has the better coverage outside of city areas?

    • Hey tryonthis!

      You can check on 2degree's coverage map here :)

      When it doesn't have a tower in the area, it switches over to a roaming partner (which is Vodafone).

      I don't have any personal experience with the coverage so the map is your best bet!

      Let me know if you have any more questions!


  • -1

    Hi Vanessa,

    Hope you had a good weekend.

    I only just bought two Europe sims at full price a few days ago, would you be able to refund me the difference? My trip isn’t until July.

    Thanks in advance!

    • +9

      Hey Sharyingh!

      Of course :)

      Just shoot a message to the support team over on Facebook or email us at [email protected] with your order number, we'll refund you the difference!


  • +1

    These guys are great - apart from the cust service, the product itself has been easy to use/good coverage (at least in NZ it was). Recommend.
    Going to grab a few for our trip to EU this time. :)

    • Thanks for the recommendation Sola! We're always happy to help :)


      • Hi Vanesa - can you clarify if the EU & UK SIM's coverage includes Italy, France and Switzerland? The "Where it Works" section describes it as covering US, Vietnam, etc… which appears to be the same as the Explorer SIM. Thanks!

        • +1

          Yep! It covers Italy, France and Switzerland :)

          The Explorer SIM and the EU & UK SIM both run off Three UK, which is why they support the same places!

          You can find the full list of supported countries here

          Reach out if you have any further questions!


  • +1

    Good deal. Another option can be Optus Prepaid Plans: $20 for 10GB (14 Day) of Roaming Data. Destinations include Mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, UK and USA.

  • +1

    Been using SimsDirect since they launched two years ago. Have always been impressed by service - both with inquiries before a sale, and after-sales support. Whenever I have an issue (and usually due to my own impatience), Vanesa or Aidan, or someone on the team, is always prompt at responding to my queries and helping me get to the bottom of the problem. SimsDirect delivers on exactly what they offer - a sim that you just put in your phone, and it works.
    I’ve traveled a lot … and I can say that this often is not the best value sim in certain countries - but you benefit from having data from the moment you land - and in this day and age, I love the security of having internet and data asap - to help with determining how I’m going to get out of an airport, (public transport / Uber / etc.), if the airport wifi sucks or doesn’t exist)… happens a lot. Furthermore, the SIM cards that are sold in airports are generally overpriced and much worse value than from SimsDirect.
    Like I said - if you want the best bargain and value for money - this isn’t always your best option. But it just makes life super easy - and as a bonus, you get to support a wonderful small business with fantastic employees.

    • +1

      Aww thanks for such a kind and comprehensive write-up ts13 <3

      We're always happy to help you out!


  • Im away for approx 6 weeks over Sept / Oct.

    America for 3 weeks then a cruise from Hawaii to Brisbane coming thru french polynesia. Anything I can get for the cruise? Or should I just get USA

    • Hey 31mop,

      I'd just recommend getting the USA SIM :)

      With the cruise, we're not too sure how reliable the coverage will be since cell towers are on land!


      • Thanks!

        • +1

          Data sims for cruises don't really exist.

          For calls/texts you can get a couple of sims which provide reasonable value:

          A prepaid Optus sim offers calls (billed both to make and receive) for $4 per minute with text messages billed at $1 per message.

          The 2 degrees NZ sim above is also a good deal as the 2 degrees rates are a bit cheaper. You can't use any of the existing NZ calls/data so you'd be effectively be paying $20 for the sim (but if you or someone you know is visiting NZ then they can pick you up just the sim card for $2). Making calls is $4.39 per minute, receiving calls is $1 per minute and it's $0.79 per text. It's one of the cheapest receiving rates of all providers making it good if family/friends back home have calls to NZ included in their AU plan.

          Obviously ship wifi is often much cheaper so unless calls are really needed (and can't be made over the internet) then the above options are really a last resort.

          • @henrus: Great info! I mainly wanted it for port days that when we go mainland I can send a text or update socials etc

    • I also need two.

      • Oops, My bad I didn't address that 31mop! You will need 2, correct.

        Just swap the SIMs over when the first one runs out :)

        • Sorry, I wasnt clear! Need one for the wife and I in case we loae each other. The multi sim discount Im assuming doesnt work in combination with this deal?

          • @31mop: Ah - you'd be right! The discounts don't stack, unfortunately :(

  • I was wondering which SIM would be appropriate for Kazahkstan. We're climbing peak Lenin in October.

    Am also wondering when we purchase the NZ sim, is there a timeframe or date that it needs to be activated? Am travelling in April.

    • I'd recommend to purchase a KZ SIM on arrival. Should not be a problem.

    • Hey Moostyle!

      That sounds amazing!! Unfortunately, we don't have a SIM for Kazahkstan at the moment so I'd recommend getting one locally!

      Hope you have a great trip. Safe travels :)


  • I am planning to head to Korea & Taiwan, what sort of speeds can I expect from this sim?

    • Hi allan37825,

      Internet speeds are 4G in Korea and Taiwan and is quite fast!

      Once the 4GB is used up, the SIM will still work but at 128kbps - I basically tell people that once the 4GB is up the SIM will stop working because 128kbps will get you nowhere.


      • What sort of speeds is 'fast'?

        • It's 20-50mbs depending on where you're located but it's generally LTE speeds :)

  • +1

    Great stuff folks. Our NZ ones were awesome…..not one hitch in January and I bought the Europe one for later this year. Now I'm about to buy another one at this price, so we've both got one! Keep up the great work and good luck to you all with your great company.

    • +1

      Hey Bundyoz,

      Kind messages like this are always appreciated by the team.

      Thanks for the positive feedback! ❤️

  • Hi, going to the States in August 2020 for 9 days. What SIM card would you recommend?

    • Hi d86,

      I'd recommend grabbing our USA SIM here

      It'll give you 5GB of data and unlimited calls/texts to USA and Australian numbers!

      Reach out if you have any questions :)


      • Thanks, but that is dearer than the 30d/8GB SIM from TravelKon.

  • "Will I be able to access adult content?
    This SIM is from ThreeUK in the UK where the government is working to improve internet safety for under 18's. Hence, these SIMs have an adult content filter by default.

    This will block sites with pornographic material and dating apps like Tinder or Grindr when you're using data (not wifi)."

    great stuff especially when u r travelling solo….

    • I'm over 18 and planning to access adult content, what can I do?

      You will have to directly contact ThreeUK on their live chat here: https://three.co.uk/support/Contact-Us#something-else

      Click the Live Chat button and fill out your details. You will need your Three number and a UK postcode - you can use CB3 9DS

      They may ask for the last 6 digits of your SIM number which can be found on the back of your SIM packaging. They will also need a UK address for verification and you can use 5 West Rd, Cambridge, CB3 9DS.

  • Going to Japan for 18 days in September / October. Can I top up the 15 day Sim when I am over there to get more days?

    • Hey kegsy78,

      The Japan SIM is non-rechargeable unfortunately! Your best bet would be to grab another SIM and swap it out as you go, or just wing it for the 3 extra days :)


    • +1

      Grab an extra one. Otherwise you'll be in BIC Camera trying to say "sim kado" and instead getting a microSD card!

  • Bought a few sim cards and they've all been great. Next trip is to Mexico so will look at getting one for that too.

    • Thanks for the support JazRulz63!

      Glad we could help out :)


  • Hi, With the world sim (71 countries), can I buy now and use it in March next year?

    • Hi daquatroi,

      For sure! They don't have an expiry date so you can hold onto it until you're ready to go in March :)


  • +1

    Bought 2x USA sims a few days ago. Came next day. Can't complain about that. Top quality service. Hopefully they work without any problems next week.

    Have emailed incase I can get a partial refund :p

    • Great to hear that the SIMs arrived so quickly coolseagles!

      Have a great time! We'll definitely get onto the partial refund as soon as we can 😉


  • Do these come with QR codes so they can be added as e-sims?

    • Hey codyy!

      We don't support esim yet but it's definitely something we're looking to get into :)

      Keep an eye out!


  • Do the sim cards expire?

    • +1

      Hey dimple! (cute username 😂)

      Most of our SIMs have an expiry of 31/12/2020 or later - others like our Europe and NZ SIMs don't have an expiry at all :)

      Reach out if you need help with anything else!


  • how much for a Japan sim with calls and texts?

    • Hey lostn!

      We don't have calls/texts for Japan SIMs unfortunately!

      Best to stick with social media apps like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Facetime or Skype to make calls/texts instead :)


      • i'll just roam then. I can't keep track of who is using what social media app. And if I have to make calls to someone not on my list, e.g. a hotel or airline, I can't do that through messenger.

        • +1

          Fair enough! Hope you have an amazing time - Japan is definitely my favourite country :)


  • Hi, do you have a SIM that works in the Azores and the Faroe Islands?

    And one that works in Greenland?

    • Hi datsuzei,

      We don't have any SIM cards for Faroe Islands or Greenland unfortunately! Your best bet would be to grab one locally :)

      Our Europe SIM will work in Azores! Check it out here

      Let me know if you have any further questions 👍


  • Hey OP thanks for the bargain. Sorry if this is an ignorant question, but can anyone confirm that, while these are perfect for our data and Europe->Europe & UK->UK calls, they are not the cheapest/best option for us to call home from abroad?

    Anybody share their tips/tricks/hacks for calling back to Oz numbers while travelling?

    • +1

      Hey Matty D!

      We recommend using social media apps to make calls back to friends and family!

      If you need to call an Oz number, then you can always load up some credits onto Skype and call through the app :)


      • Thanks Vanesa, and for all your prompt replies on this post: first class service!

        I just bought two Europe&UK sims for our September trip. One thing: I was sure I saw at some stage a promise of express shipping if purchased within the next 15hrs, but when I got to the cart express was $8 extra. Is that a glitch or did I miss something along the way?

        • Hey Matty! Sorry for the confusion haha - I'm not too sure where you saw it since we're not doing free express at the moment!

  • Any recommendations for the Balkans?

    • Hey 89tnp,

      We don't have any SIM cards for the Balkans unfortunately!

      Your best bet would be to grab one locally when you land at the airport :)


  • Planning to travel to Japan in November. Is there an expiry date on the SIMs? Cheers

    • +1

      The pages have them. 31/12/20 for the Japan cards.

    • Hey mvbc85,

      Clear's right :)

      You'll be fine for your trip in November since the SIMs expire at the end of the year!


  • Going to Japan in October. Can I grab it now and use them later?

    • Hey notewar,

      For sure! The Japan SIMs expire at the end of the year :)


      • If I arrive in Japan on 28th December 2020 and activate Japan 15 day travel sim, will the sim still be working in January 2021?

  • +2

    Hey guys! Thanks for all the overwhelming support so far and for welcoming me into the OzBargain community <3

    You all have been fantastic!

    I'm going to hop off to bed since the team and I have a huge day tomorrow!

    Leave any comments/questions here and I will reply to everything in the morning 😊


  • Happy birthday Rep, just wondering which service provider do you guys use for USA?

    • T-mobile

    • Thanks HD9990!

      We use Ultra SIMs which runs off T-Mobile's line :)


  • Are there sim cards readily available at the airport generally e.g. Will be travelling in Europe.. Flying into London first and need a sim card to work all over Europe. Main concern was these sim cards don't call back to Australia. Was wanting something that could.

    • +1

      You could use this and an app like Skype or Whatsapp to call home. Look at Giffgaff.com - a month by month plan that send their sim to you so it's ready to activate upon landing (not sure how quick it is).

      Great roundup of options on this site

      I had 2 Simsdirect Three sims for UK & Europe last year. While they sound like they work for most, for me it wasn't all plain sailing. One took quite a few hours to activate and cut out for best part of a day a few times for no reason (not lack of coverage) or wouldn't let me make calls as it said I had no credit. Also has the weakest coverage of all networks in the UK and some EU countries. Probably ok in major centres though.

      Still, if it works, it's ok value and they have done the hard work as the UK phone sim market is very confusing (particularly regarding roaming in the EU).

      • Thanks so much for your reply! Great link you have attached there! Now I'm second guessing whether I buy sim cards with this sale or not. I know whtasapp/Skype is easy to use to call back to Australia.. But it's not so easy for my over 60 year old relatives. My dad in particular finds it hard enough to work the phone for its normal function without the extra use of external apps, etc.

        • +1

          The Simsdirect ones are cheap and IF they give you no trouble do make things easy. The drawbacks for me are 12Gb is not a lot (though you can buy multiples to make up for this) and Threes coverage is the worst of the UK networks. I would suggest at least buy one so you can get online there and look for alternatives.

          GiffGaff (uses the O2 network) may be better for a longer trip, but you need to remember to cancel it. I haven't used it.

          https://smarty.co.uk Also good prices, but on the Three network. Capped at 19gb in the EU (this seems standard for all UK plans). Haven't used this either.

          Maybe practise while the relatives are here to get them used to one of the apps?

          • @wfdTamar: With that smarty link.. Does that cover the rest of Europe or just UK? I couldn't find anything saying it. We would be in Europe travelling on tour to different countries for between 4-6 weeks.. So want to make sure we have something that will last or come close to laying the whole time

            • +1

              @kimba88: Honestly I reckon for that short a trip just get a couple of the Simsdirect. GiffGaff and any other plan is just extra hassle.

              Down the page:

              'Can I use my plan when I travel?
              You can now use your SMARTY plan abroad. In the EU it works like normal up to 20GB. Outside the EU, or to call internationally, you need to add a cash add-on.'

              Another important issue is tethering (turn on the phone's hotspot and connect your laptop or iPad).
              'Can I tether while roaming?
              No. You can tether and hot-spot all of your data with no speed caps but you must be in the UK.' (so no tethering in the EU).

              With Smarty how are you going to get the SIM? They post it to a UK address. There's no mention of them posting outside the UK (unlike GiffGaff).

              GiffGaff and Smarty are both plans. They are by the month, no contract, but I'm not sure what sort of notice or how you cancel it. Presumably you set up a direct debit from a credit card when you activate it.

              Problem with GiffGaff is this:
              Halfway down this page it says it's for UK residents. Yet they will send it to us in Australia - wierd. I've just asked them about that.


              • @wfdTamar: Ahh I must have missed it. Thanks for your extensive reply.

                It would be nice if there were other sim cards available on better networks.. But beggers can't be choosers right. I'll look into them a bit more I think.. But yeah, it could be a hassle signing up. If giffgaff get back to you, please post here :-)

  • We Are heading to USA in December 2020 till mid January 2021.

    Do they have an expiry date at all? Or are they just activated once they're put in your phone the first time?

    • Hey zekedot!

      The USA SIMs expire at the end of 2022 so you're all set for your upcoming trip :)

      You can activate your SIM by texting GOGO to 6700 once you're in the US!

      Let me know if you have further questions!