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[NSW] $2 BBQ Chicken @ Woolworths, Glenorie


I know markdowns are normally frowned upon, but these are very cheap, with about 20 in stock for anyone local.

$2 BBQ Chicken Woolworths Glenorie

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  • Half price is usually the cheapest I've ever seen them.

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      Sorry but that bird wont be going cheap anymore. :(

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    These will be broden'd and minute now and up on gumtree tomorrow for 4 bucks each

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      Highly doubtful, its cooked chicken…

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    Red Rooster willing to deliver it for free

  • Normally they will announce and sold out in a min.

  • Just out of curiosity what time was it made?
    Usually after 4hrs its half price

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      Sticker says 3:15PM.

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      Hot food gets reduced at 3 hours and again at 3.5 hours.

      Has to be dumped after 4 hours. Not allowed to sell.

  • I was told from that It costed only $.50 for Woolies to buy raw chicks in bulk

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      You are dreaming if you think that.

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        I've seen $1 frozen chickens in a lot random Asian stores. So it does sound believable.

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      They've reported before losing money on the roast chickens.

    • I know for a fact that those ice bags they sell they pay only $1ish

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      what's a life worth?

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      Don't blindly believe everything you hear.

      Especially around election time.

  • Anyone with update regarding stock?

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      Broden bought them all and plans to resell at a profit

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        scottySK's already done that one.

      • This is a thing now?

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      Moving quickly from my plate, through my mouth, and into my stomach.

      • And then? 😉

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          Statistically speaking, the intestines.

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    Just drove past a guy eating an entire chook while driving.

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    Would Officeworks price match? Maybe Bunnings could beat it by 10%.

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    Winner, Winner

  • Better weigh it ..it might not have ONE (1) chicken inside….

  • Corned beef is way better, but always out of stock.

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      Not according to your health or the environment

    • The freshly made hot beef and pork is MUCH better but it's quite hard to get it discounted.

      Apparently there is a 3/4 hour window, whereby they HAVE TO discount it after that time. You can go to the store manager and request it.

  • seen the roast pulled beef for $6.50….

  • Any ideas of what to do with the carcasses?
    Any recipes?

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      Make chicken stock then freeze it into ice cubes, and/or make chicken soup.


      Never waste a carcass Marcus!
      By the way that chicken soup is so bloody delicious and really does make you feel like a million bucks.

      • Cool… Thanks dude

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      Whoa, whoa, whoa. There’s still plenty of meat on that bone. Now you take this home, throw it in a pot, add some broth, a potato. Baby, you’ve got a stew going.


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    Expired $2 chickens the title says, no thanks I say.