Need Solar Tracker for My Solar Panels

Greetings to members of the forum.
Help advice, which solar tracker to put on a two-axis mechanism with 325 W panels, we plan to put 40 panels, maybe someone already has experience, what do you recommend?



    Some inverters have this ability to check on app. It's like IP tracker can check anywhere by using internet. If you familiar with ipcamera technology it's works similar way. Ask solar panel installer do they have those advance inverter or not. Also normaly it could be different price Chinese vs European or Japanese inverter.


    You can also use an Engage Efergy if your inverter doesn’t support a data logging feature.

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    Why are you considering an active tracker?
    Panels are so cheap these days you would be better off with fixed panels and buying more of them.


    In that case, you may have to install all of them as ground-mounted. Do you have enough land to support this?
    The problem with dual-axis trackers is mostly related to its high cost. This makes the tracker company hesitate to produce them in large scale. To be honest, it would be very hard to source them and not a lot of companies know how to install them. The companies which know how to install them will not care about a 40-panel job. Another thing is, the dual-axis tracker's extra generation will not justify its high cost.

    Most of the commercial-scale jobs would still utilise single-axis tracker as they are most cost-effective. You may find Nextracker or Trina tracker to be the industry leader. They are easier to install and easy to source. You may consult some solar company that has ground mount solar experience to see if they can have it ordered and installed for you.


      Agreed. The only ones that use trackers are the solar reflective plants that heat up the tower in the middle.