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Fresh Roasted Coffees 4x470g $59.95 Delivered (Express) @ Manna Beans


$59.95 deal includes the following:

1 x 470g Ethiopia Aricha Pink
1 x 470g Colombia Inza Microlot
1 x 470g Magical Unicorn (MU)
1 x 470g Lucky Dip

$35.00 deal includes the following:

1 x 470g Magical Unicorn
1 x 470g Lucky Dip

Price inclusive of shipping anywhere in Australia. Whole Beans Only.

The Magical Unicorn

A beautiful smooth blend with a well-balanced acidity, especially suited for milk coffees. Intense aroma with full body & flavours of sweet chocolate & caramel. Fragrance with nutty base & long pleasant finish.

Ethiopia Aricha Pink

Cupping Score: 88
Varietal: Heirloom
Altitude: 1,950 - 2,300 masl
Processing: Natural

With pink flower aromatics, this coffee presents flavours of rose water, candy, bubblegum, strawberry & pineapple. It has a silky mouthfeel & a long sweet aftertaste.

Colombia Inza Microlot

Altitude: 1,750 - 1,850
Varietal: Caturra - Castillo
Processing: Washed

Sweet chocolate & caramel with a hint of floral notes. Smooth & well balanced body & acidity.

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  • Any chance of requesting decaf domination as the lucky dip?

    • +1

      Hi Nigel,

      Can't promise but if you want to leave notes in Paypal to that effect then I will try my best to
      include decaf for you :) Thanks Simon

      • Ho you leave a note in paypal now? I can't see any section anymore. Just goes straight to payment…

  • Do you guys ever have any special deals on just single origin? Preferably 1kg as it takes me about 2 months to go through and I like my beans relatively fresh.

    I've bought the 4x deal a few times in the past and they're great beans!

    • Happy to do 1kg of a single origin for you for $35 delivered for you if that helps!?
      Please send funds through Paypal to [email protected] and leave notes in Paypal :)

  • +1

    Rep just out interest, why are your bags, 470 grams and not just 500 grams.

    • +5

      So that when they include the bag and packaging 2x470g is under the 1kg AusPost limit before charging the next kg threshold.

    • Big coffee trying to scam us out of 30 grams

      • +1

        We are a small business and have kept our prices the same for the last 8 years even when our green coffee and freight prices have continued to increase around us.

        We advertise 30g less so that we can ensure that the deals are still viable. If the weight exceeds 2kg even by 1 gram from packaging or receipt etc then Australia Post charges around $20 shipping making these deals unviable.

        • lol guys it was a joke. referencing "big pharma" comments tinfoil people tend to make

  • +4

    Just to let people know how great these people are.
    Bought this deal last time around. Bags didn't arrive after 10 days so got in touch with them (this was little bit of a hassle).
    They sent out a fresh batch by express post which I received.
    The first batch which was 'lost in the mail' arrived a day later. I offered to pay but they told us we could keep it.
    Thats great service and a real reason to support small local business.
    We will definitely be buying again.

    • Thanks very much for the kind feedback and glad top hear that you have some caffeine ;-)

  • +1

    The magical unicorn blend was/is magnificent!

    /Chef kiss

    • 💙💚💛💜💗

  • Great coffee! Picked the 2 bags. Don't get through 4 bags quick enough on my consumption rates.

    • +2

      Store in the freezer. They will be as fresh when you take them out as when you put them in. No defreezing necessary

      • +1

        Really? can someone vouch for this?

        • +1

          Yes, can vouch. Just pull them out the day before you need it to let it defrost, and they're basically as fresh as the day they arrived.

        • I asked a similar question not too long ago in one of their other deals. I tried it out not too long after my order arrived (after giving the beans a couple of days on the shelf).

          Worked a treat. Just pull the beans out of the fridge a day before you intend to use them so they can thaw. The beans extracted well and tasted great.

  • So many good coffee deals right now. Shame I'm fully stocked.

  • Beans or grounded?

    Edit; sorry saw it, beans only

    • Love the name 🐦

  • +2

    I ordered before this deal and got the yirgacheffe beans. SOOOO good

    • Agree. They're one of the best!

  • Just ordered. Thanks OP.

    • Thanks

  • OP, my coffee is lost with AusPost, I sent you an email.

    Can you please take a look at it?

    It was meant to delivered by Tuesday and I still haven't got it.

  • just an observation @mannabeans,

    Australia Post, express post now takes about one day longer to deliver (Melbourne). I'm guessing this due to Coronavirus shifting people to online shopping?
    Or, it could be that Australia Post trucks are full of toilet paper, there's no room for your coffee :)

  • RE:

    $59.95 deal includes the following:
    1 x 470g Ethiopia Aricha Pink
    1 x 470g Colombia Inza Microlot
    1 x 470g Magical Unicorn (MU)
    1 x 470g Lucky Dip

    Any chance of replacing
    1 x 470g Colombia Inza Microlot

    With any other coffee bean of the same size (except decaf ;))?

    This is GREAT as filtered coffee, but only OK through a coffee machine in my opinion.

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