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Free 10,000 Telstra Plus Bonus Points - Small Business Customers Only


Telstra Plus program has been extended to Small Business Customers.

As part of promotion, Small Business Customers will receive 10,000 Telstra Plus points if they sign up to Telstra Plus program before the 9th April 2020.

Extracted info:
10,000 bonus points when your business joins Telstra Plus

You can now earn points, enjoy benefits and redeem rewards with a Telstra Plus business membership. Get started with 10,000 bonus points.
Eligibility criteria apply. Excludes enterprise. Bonus points offer ends 9 April 2020.

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  • So you need to pay tax on them?

  • +6

    take screenshots of anywhere bonus point offers are made by telstra plus, chances are you'll need them when they don't credit your points months later and pass you round in circles until you contact ombudsman.

    • Agree with this. I got them to email me that I will get my points and 2 months later they will went back on their word..

    • Truth

    • Did the Ombudsman actually help anyone though last time around with the Direct Debit offering after Telstra changed their T&C's 3/4 times then refused to give points to a lot of people. Last I heard the Ombudsman don't help because it's not an actual Telco concern.

      • not related to that specific offer, but i was missing points from an 'upgrade your plan' deal. got nothing out of telstra but excuses, then went to ombudsman and within the same week of doing that i had my points after an obviously higher up person from complaints got assigned to it.

        • Good to know! I was promised points when signing up a new plan the other day, will be fun to see if they come through otherwise will do similar to yourself

    • Private sector fails again.

      • -1

        Oh (profanity) off. If it was the public sector you wouldn't be getting any offers for free points in the first place. Take a look at Synergy for example; no sign up bonus, $30 connection fee, etc.

  • Not sure how this is meant to work. I went to join Telstra Plus and it just keeps signing me out. I even found out what my "Telstra ID" is and tried that :(

  • Something went wrong.
    We weren’t able to set up your Telstra Plus membership, please message us and quote reference SBSU-ERROR-04.

    Another half arsed attempt. Getting used to this. Similar thing happened when I tried to claim my free Google Nest Hub with my Pixel 4 XL.

    Do their web designers EVER test ANYTHING?

    EDIT Tried two different browsers on my PC and my tablet also - same thing.

  • +1

    Same experience here yesterday.

    Went on chat and CSO couldn't log on with my ID.

    Problem escalated to Plus team with promise to email.

    Today with new password <G> still "something went wrong" message.

    Posted on Telstra CrowdSupport but nothing so far……

    • I'm on chat right now. If I get any further I'll post back if you don't here from me I'll still be in the same boat as you :(

    • Appears the bug has finally been fixed after multiple chat.

      Anyone who was stuck as I was please try again - Telstra have FINALLY fixed it.

  • Thnx

  • Just signed up without a hitch. Cheers OP.
    Looking forward to my 10,000 bonus points then getting the hell off Telstra (onto Boost lol).

    • Update: ended up with 20,000 points instead? Twice as nice.

    • How long did it take mate?

      Signed up last week still my points balance just shows —

      Does it take awhile?


      • +1

        Mine says it was credited on the 7th March, yet took at least 7 business days to show up.

        Found this as well that seems to confirm that:

        Your points transactions and points total may take approximately 7 business days to be updated.

        I guess, if it's been 7 business days then give the Telstra live chat a go?

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