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[Pre Order] 2x Amazon Echo Show 8 $199 ($99.50 Each, RRP $229 Each) + $8.99 Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


Greetings everyone, JB currently have the newly released Amazon Echo Show 8 on promotion for 2 for $199 ($99.50 each).

This is $15 cheaper than the pre-order price per item, and $130 cheaper than the RRP :)

Showing as Awaiting Stock on the listing but it seems like there's some stock near Melbourne available for pickup.

Seems like this might be a site glitch marked the same promo as the Echo Show 5, but worth a try.

Introducing Echo Show 8 - HD 8" smart display with Alexa

  • With an 8” HD screen and stereo sound, Alexa can help manage your day at a glance
  • Ask Alexa to show you movie trailers, TV shows, movies, sports streams or the news
  • Call friends and family who have the Alexa app or an Echo device with a screen

As always, enjoy!

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  • Won't let me proceed to payment. I'm in Brisbane though.

    • +3

      I can in Melbourne. But I don't want any of them.

  • yea not letting me either

  • Ordered, just had to get it delivered.

  • Received automated order confirmation for delivery. Let's see if JB honours the deal.

  • Will be pissed if this is not a pricing error, particularly as my Amazon pre-order delivery date has been pushed-back until mid-April.
    If Amazon's own stock is running dry due to COVID19, I doubt that JB could get very much.

  • +1

    I pre-ordered 2 from Amazon at $114.50 each - 8% shopback and free delivery.
    That comes to $105.34. SUPPOSED to come Friday. Fingers crossed

    • My delivery date got pushed back to mid April

    • Mine says arriving today. 🤔

      The deal for 2 sounds good, but I still have 2 of the 5 inch models.

      • +1

        Hi cnut, what is the best thing about the Echo Show in your experience?

        Sitting on the fence as to whether the screen is really that useful compared to just using dots for our use case.

        • +4

          The things I’ve done so far:

          • Checking the weather and seeing an actual forecast shown for the week/day is useful compared to just the high/low she normally says
          • The morning alarm makes the screen slowly turn bright 10m before your alarm goes off. Sometimes I find this wakes me up before the alarm goes off which is nice.
          • I’ve used it to watch YouTube in bed without having to use my phone.
          • I’ve used it to also watch YouTube while I was doing something on the PC. Like a guide for a game I was playing for example.
          • My girlfriend used it for recipes once or twice in the kitchen.
          • With wifi bulbs, you can adjust the brightness with sliders on the screen (you can do it via voice too but sometimes the slider is nicer)

          To me it was a $115 tablet “replacement” that had Alexa built in.

          I’m sure they do more than that, but it’s mainly what I’ve been using mine for.

          • @cnut: How do you watch youtube? via the browser?

            • @0FoxGiven: Yeah. Works well enough. News works well too via the ABC skill for instance with full video.

              • @cnut: There are also skills to watch Seven’s Sunrise program and sports highlights on Fox Sports etc.

                You can also watch shows on Prime Video is you’re a member.

      • Funny, says release date if 26 Feb

    • I pre-ordered and got mine this morning. A day earlier than predicted.

  • Looks like it's just been removed…let's see if they honor it!

    • Interesting

      The Echo 5 now shows as 2 for $199, which implies the Echo 8 deal was a mistake.

      The Echo 8 has now disappeared from the website altogether, even for preorders. I wonder if they are having stock issues - as Amazom themselves seem to be having - so have removed it to save themselves grief.

  • Oops! 404 Page Not Found

  • Yep removed now

  • +1

    I got a confirmation saying ready to pickup in melbourne

  • … the quick. … and the dead!!!!

  • I had one that was to be delivered tomorrow, but I cancelled it. It seems the clock face on the Show 8 is just as tiny as it is on the 10's.

    If you want to see the time from the other side of the room, you're better off with the Show 5 (even the old Echo Spot had a larger clock).

    It's disappointing that the Show 8/10 doesn't have a full display clock like the Show 5 (and Google/Nest Hubs do). Another thing that irks me is that you're almost forced to buy the massively overpriced stands for the Echo devices otherwise the camera (and display) angle is just at the wrong height.

  • Mine arriving tomorrow from amazon

  • +1

    I got mine today from my pre-order. It's definitely big.

  • Looking good. My "2x Amazon Echo Show 8 $199" order status now says Shipped.

    • Same here, got the email. Let's see.

  • I got mine delivered yesterday. Thanks OP

  • JB delivered on the deal. The amount of packaging is insane.

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