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Samsung 10% Cashback with Rakuten


Hi all!

Just a heads up, Rakuten is offering 10% on the Samsung store.

I had a s20 ultra 128gb preordered at $1549 ($50 sign up & education discount) and received $154 Cashback plus $10 welcome bonus.

I cancelled my existing preorder before the Cashback, reordered with the Cashback and got it no worries, can also reuse the $50 bonus from the initial order.


Edit: Just to confirm, I have the $164 in my Rakuten account but it can't be pulled out for a couple months like most Cashbacks.

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  • You're telling me I'm about to get another 10pc off my $1750 ultra I was about to order in a few days? Works with the edu store? Am I in heaven?

  • Do not log in with Google or Microsoft to Rakuten, they request permissions for reading your emails which is definitely will be used against you

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    How do I get to work with the edu store or EPP?

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      I'll up tick if this ends up working at all… I didn't even realise rakuten even worked for outside USA..

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    Has anyone gotten this to work on the Samsung AU site? It takes me straight to the US site

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    I had the Rakuten extension on Google chrome then logged into the Samsung education store which I purchased from originally, it then let me enable Rakuten.

    I didn't believe it would work either until they gave me the cash back this morning. Not complaining!

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      They can still cancel the cashback as it's still pending… I don't know if this deal is obtainable, but it doesn't hurt trying I guess

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        Yeah mate, I have the $164 in my Rakuten account, not in my bank account yet. Just putting it out there if it does go through with no issues :)

        • Thanks for posting, how long does it typically take for the cashback to track and then clear?

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            @aussie222: Mine says it's available to be withdrawn early May.
            From what I've read it usually takes 7 days to show up in the account but I emailed Rakuten to see if I did the transaction correctly and they put the money in my account.

            • @Wattles: Did you opt to receive by PayPal or cheque?

        • Hi, how long did it take for the pending cash back amount to appear on your Rakuten account after finalising the Samsung transaction? Thx

    • This could be big… Sadly can't try until Monday for TRS reasons.

      • you can actually try now, your trs only depends on your final receipt.

        the 60 days matter when you pick up your phone and pay the full amount, not the pre-order small amount.

        this is what i did, I pre-ordered for $300 and picked it up and paid full price on 1st of april as i was travelling in June 1st. (this was for the s10)

        • Really? I thought the 60 days is based on the date written on the tax invoice?

          And the tax invoice would be when I made the transaction?

        • Actually, I think it worked for you because you paid at the time of pick up it sounds like?

          I just looked at an order of an S20 I made for someone else and the invoice is dated at date of transaction.

          • @csider: yeah you might be right, my pre-order was small amount. I paid the remainder at pickup and received a complete updated invoice

  • Would if this would work with a 50% off code i wonder.

    • just curious where you getting 50% off code from?

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        Telstra, Optus, GG, JB Hi Fi. All staff !

        • How do you get the 50% off at JB ? My friend works there and he doesnt know.

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            @tenoclockfindu: The employees will need to complete some sort of survey to retrieve the 50% off code

  • Come on shopback I need 12% off Amazon

  • I am getting "www.rakuten.com redirected you too many times." and cannot load the page…

    • EDIT: Solved the issue and re-odered. Hope we can get the cashback eventually!
      I screen recorded the entire purchase.

  • Seems like my "shopping trip" was tracked ( have the trip number ). But there is nothing in the cash back amount section. Not sure how long it takes to show up

    • I hope they dont end up uneligible….

      • So is your cashback amount showing up? i can only see my trip to the Samsung store - No Cashback amount yet

        • I have the same. Only showing shopping trips but no amount. Maybe it needs time to track the amount?

          • @seanzyc: I suppose so, not sure what was the case with OP here and how long it took for it to show up in their account

            • @PreOAbs: is it showing up now?

              • @Halvar: Not yet. But they say it might take a few days. So will check again in a couple of days. I am not holding my breath though.

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    I can confirm this is legit. Sign up with Rakuten, enable the Chrome extension, then browse to the Samsung Australia education portal, activate the 10% cashback, pretty straight forward.

  • Yesterday (27/2) I signed up with Rakuten, enabled the Chrome extension, browsed the Samsung Australia education portal,activated the 10% cashback, then purchased Samsung S20. It shows shopping trips but yet to show cashback balance. How long does it take to show up?

  • The same as above. Purchased yesterday but still not showing cashback balance.

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    I had contacted Rakuten to understand why it was not automatically showing in my cashback balance. They had manually adjusted it, however had stated the below:

    "In reviewing your Samsung order confirmation, I see this was a pre-order purchase.

    Please keep in mind for any future pre-order purchases that It may take up to 7 days from the date of shipment for your order to be accurately and completely posted to your account. The dollar amount may be affected by returns, exchanges, cancellations, discounts or delays in shipment.

    Additionally, please note that for future Cash Back inquiries, we may need to submit them to the store for review, which can take a little while to resolve."

    PS. Note that cashback amount is 10% cashback of product amount excluding GST

    • did you just fill out the "Missing Cash Back" form on the Rakuten website, or did you contact them via some other means?

      • Contacted them through the "Missing Cash Back" form

    • Guess I'm waiting 4+ weeks with my 512gb ultra…

  • ’We are only able to add Cash Back to your account when stores let us know about your order. We will contact the store to verify your order. It usually takes about 10 business days for us to hear back, but it may take up to 45 days. We realize this can be an inconvenience, and we appreciate your patience.’

    • This is the response I got too.

  • It didn't track for me either, but i did get this response from them.
    "It may take up to 7 days from the date of shipment for your order to be accurately and completely posted to your account. The dollar amount may be affected by returns, exchanges, cancellations, discounts or delays in shipment."

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    I sent Rakuten another message today and they have now processed my cashback.

    It's over $180AUD off at the moment, but the next payment date is in May :/

    • Hey, was your phone on back order? Should I bother messaging Rakuten before my phone is sent out? My S20U 512GB isn't being sent out until March 26th.

      What did you say in your message?

    • Submitted a "missing cashback" query. They're asking for details of my order. What info did you give them? Or did you just send them the PDF receipt from Samsung?

      • I initially sent a copy of my invoice (after a chat with a 'bot') on the 4th and then today I chatted to a 'person' who processed it.

        • Mine was a pre-order S20 Ultra 128gb, it shipped on the 3rd and was delivered the next day
        • Thanks, Panda! I'm going to email them my invoice tonight! 👍

  • Does anyone know if this is still available?

    • Yes. But it is 6% now, not 10%

      • Ok thanks, that's what I found too but the link takes me to the U.S store instead of the Australian one.

  • You need to install the toolbar/button. Then head over to samsung.com/au, and activate it (Remember to disable any ad/ cookie blockers).

    If the click works, you'll see it on your account

  • It's only 1% now

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      Still shows 6% for me.

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    Mine just got approved manually too. They converted mine from USD to AUD and applied the 10% but I'll take it. Cash out in May like everyone else.

    • Nice! Still waiting for mine. When did you purchase, jas?

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        04/03/20. Messaged them a few times, but previous results was that it takes 7 days after shipment will need to wait until then.

        • Did you use a referral link? If so did you get the $10 credited too?

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            @xers: Yeah I did, and was credited the $10.

            Buds should arrive tomorrow too (according to AusPost tracking).

            • @JR63: Thanks for the response. I waited 7 days after shipment to follow up as well and now they told me they would need to contact the store to verify my order which could take anywhere from 10 to 45 days.

              • @xers: I got a similar response when I replied to an earlier email (that I sent before the 7 days), so I submitted again and got someone that manually applied it (said next time they may need to verify it with the store).

  • They wouldn't give me my 10% reason as below.

    Unfortunately, we are not able to add Cash Back to your account for this order. The Cash Back offer is through Saumsung.com, not Samsung.com/au

    However, we truly appreciate your business and love having you as a member, so we are giving you a $100 Valued Member Bonus offer.

    Your bonus offer appears in your account under "Special Bonus Offer Just for You" at www.rakuten.com/my-account.htm.

    To qualify for this bonus, place any order through Rakuten in the next 365 days and the bonus will be added to your account.

    • Yep, I just got the exact same email as well.

      Looks like the ones who got it are lucky, although I wouldn't be 100% sure unless the money is in your bank account as they could revoke it anytime before final approval.

    • I got a similar reply, although they claimed it doesn't track at all. Also I didn't get offered the $100 bonus!

      Unfortunately, Cash Back isn't available on Samsung orders made through samsung.com/au. When an order is made through Samsung's Australia website, the order doesn't track to Rakuten.com. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

      • Send them a reply back saying but whyyyy blah blah. See if they give the gift atleast….

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          PSA I had the exact same response as Mikenazz from Rakuten. I bugged them saying that this wasn't specified prior and the chrome extension still popped up on the AU site etc. and they have now honoured it saying that it will be added to my account.
          Don't give up hope :)

          • @cutiepie: Yeah I complained too and it paid off!
            Would have been pretty bummed if they didn't honour it, since the cashback was what made it worth getting an S20+ instead of the S10e.

            • @Yarkin: Did you keep pushing after they gave you $100 credit? I too was given $100 but i need to figure out how/what to buy using Rakuten given it's all US stores :/

              • @csider: I didn't get $100 credit, just the $90 or so cashback that I was owed.

  • Didn't get cashback, but they said they'll give me $100 if i make a purchase with Rakuten. What did u guys buy?

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      Go magazines.com buy an ebook for 2 dollars(1dollar with cashback) after 2 hours i now have 101 dollars ready.

      • Thanks for the tip.

        Have you withdrawn your cashback? I couldn't find an option to withdraw immediately like Shopback or Cashrewards but seeing a message saying "Your next Big Fat Check for $101.00 will be sent by 05/15/20 via PayPal".

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          Pretty sure payout will be then. I have the same