This was posted 1 year 7 months 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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DJI Mavic Air Arctic White $698 (In-Store Only) @ Officeworks


Noticed this DJI Mavic Air at Officeworks in Penrith, NSW.

Unsure if it's nationwide but there were plenty of DJI accessories and other branded drones reduced to clear so it may be worth checking out if you're after one.

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    Can I pricematch at another OW for further discount?

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      Good idea, then take the reciept to another OW and take further discount. Go all the way for free drones

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      Nope.Saw many price beat questions everyday but you are first who ask sth like this.How do you come up with this idea?

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        He’s a half machine, half human hybrid from the future.

    • Let us know which OW you end up at.

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        According to my calculations, it would take bortsampson more than 200 OW to reach a price of 0.01 , or if you can find 84 stores, you can get it for less than $10.

        • Not going to attemot to double check your work, we'll take your word on those calculations. Good job

    • AFAIK, Price beat is not applicable to clearance product as each store will have their own pricing regarding to the stock level/KPI. Though some store managers might give some exception

  • Can anyone post a receipt

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    Just called Officeworks and only Geelong has 1 in stock in the whole state of Victoria

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      Coronavirus panic buying.

      • get out of this virus joke, people are suffering!

        • In Australia? Yes, please save their wallets. Because they can't get enough money to fill their stomachs.

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          My parents got coronavirus and I personally prefer jokes. Better than the hysteria that is on social media.

        • You could apply that to a lot of jokes. Lighten up.

    • And that's faulty. So none in Geelong either.

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    Did you ask if they have stock?

    As mentioned here:

    Having those stock cards on display apparently is only indicative.

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    Rang 3 local OW here in Perth and they tell me none in stock anywhere in WA and they were amazed at that price. Said managers can have a special price from time to time to sell returned/damaged/shop display stock but discount is only minimal. Have seen these offers pop up onOZB but have never gone close to getting one. Sighhhhh

    • Sounds like the usual; flaunting their ignorance and making things up as they go

  • Good price if you can find one.

  • While this price would be nation wide, based on the ticket it doesn't look like they have it at that store. The only reason it would be out is probs no one has noticed that is out of stock. For all dummy boxes and take me to the counter cards they almost always don't match the stock levels.

  • Were there many at the Penrith store?

  • Called the Geelong store and there is only one in Geelong and it was damaged.

  • My local Officeworks (port Macquarie) checked to see if they could get it in. He said it was in the database at $598 but there was no stock anywhere.

    Maybe somebody scored a bargain somewhere - but this not really a deal.

  • Mavic Air 2 due very soon I'd imagine. Rumour has it was suppose to be released in Jan but likely delayed to to the virus outbreak.

  • I picked up one of these at this price in QLD a couple of months ago.

    I have the tello, spark and the air. The air is leagues apart. For this price it's a killer drone.

  • if I buy one of these, will it make me a youtube star? (so i can quit my job and become an influencer?)

    • No. You need to be entertaining.

  • Officeworks bondi has but they said they won't price match

  • So no one price matched at Gerry’s or Bunnings

  • ooo any luck with the mini ?

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    Picked up the last mavic air fly more combo for $898 from local OW. Don't think if JB or HN will price match but here is the receipt