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Xiaomi Mi 9T 6GB/128GB (Black/Flame Red) $399 @ JB Hi-Fi


Key Features

6.39" Full Screen Display AMOLED

91.9% screen-to-body ratio

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 730 processor

20MP Pop-up selfie camera

48MP, AI Rear Triple Camera

960 fps slow motion

6GB + 128GB Storage*

4000mAh(typ) battery

Flame Red: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/xiaomi-mi-9t-128gb-flame-...

Same deal came up about a month ago. Great value at this price.

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  • Looks like a pretty solid deal.

    My Optus contract expires at the end of the month, should I jump on this now and move to SIM only, or wait for better deals? Also, this or the Samsung A71/A90? I have access to the Samsung Education store.

    Would be great if anyone could weigh in!

    • Definitely Sim only . Check out gumtree , Facebook market place and eBay to find out which phone sells easier/popular and hold up in value in case you want to change phone every 6-12 mths . BTW , i was happy with A70, S10 Plus , Note 10 plus and did not loose much selling them . Not sure about Chinese phone

      • +5

        How much did you pay for S10 Plus , Note 10 plus? How much would you get them for 2nd hand after s20 out?
        This is $399 new. Strange logic

        • +1

          Eg . S10+ Was $1095 with epp, 5 months later sold for $900 in gumtree within 1 week posting , loosing $195 vs Chinese phones that may not sell in 2nd hand market ( not 100 % sure as never bought one ) .

          • +1

            @tanastra: Yea i bought s10 plus on release and sold on xmas for 970

          • +3

            @tanastra: I bought a Xiaomi Mi A1 in 2018 for ~$200, sold it last week for $150 + postage.

            That is 25% depreciation in 2 years vs ~18% deprecation in 5 months for your example.

            I think if you buy known good models like this one, there is definitely a secondary market providing you look after the handset.

            • +1

              @h4lcyon: That’s great , good to know there are more phone choices to get other than the Koreans . Thx

  • +2

    Solid phone! take that deal to Officeworks and get a further 5% discount!

    • -3

      I know somewhwre you can get a discounted giftcard for jnhifi.

      Is there a discounted giftcard for officework?

      Would be better if officeworks price beat by 5% plus paying for a discounted giftcard

      • I know somewhwre you can get a discounted giftcard for jnhifi.

        but you won't share that with us?

        • Ssshhh… Its a secret.

        • Fairly sure AGL rewards? Point is he might not remember exactly where hence his wording.

      • If you're a Lumo Energy customer or know someone that is (SA only) they have Officeworks gift cards available in their rewards program.

  • +1

    Gah I want to hold out for the SE2, but this sure is a good price.

    • There should be an Apple Conference later on this month. Hope they announce it.

  • +19

    Very good phone, near flagship for $399. Not a lot of noticeable difference in day to day use between this and the SD855 Mi 9T Pro. Even comes with a decent black case.

    Add GCam 7.3.018 by Urnyx05 and superb photography as well.

    • I do like the case that comes with it,
      but when you've got a fancy design (I got the red for my 9T Pro)
      then I would've preferred having a clear one just to show it off

      good job they can be had for about $2 off ebay though

      • The difference between the Mi 9T and Mi 9T Pro comes more in the video recording. The android 10 update for Mi 9T fixed the camera fps drops but the Pro version has laser auto focus which leads to better recording overall, whereas the regular Mi 9T has issues with the focus constantly changing and causing blur, particularly in low light conditions.

        • +1

          Constant changing of focus causing blur seems a major issue if you cant capture clear video/photo

          • @atlinus: Yeah, but it only happens with the default camera app. for 4K video recording, I swapped to the urnyx GCam version that willyroo mentioned. It has better zoom control when recording video and doesnt have the focus issue. the Ultracam variant of GCam is also pretty solid.

            It also only happens in the default camera app when video recording. Photos are fine and come out quite nicely, if a bit oversaturated when AI Cam is active.

      • Don't get the $2 ones from eBay, they normally offer little protection. Especially if you drop your phone hitting the corner. Learned the hard way when my Nexus 6p's (and the $2 case) corner was dented from a 1 meter fall.

        • That's a huge shock

    • is it as simple as sideloading the apk on the 9t? or is it more involved?

    • Does GCam 7.3.018 by Urnyx05 (50MB version?) have a selector for Wide, Tele and Main?

      The only one which works well for me is "GCam_v7.0.009-v4.4.apk"

      • It's 0.6 (wide), 1x (main) and 2x (tele) for still shots.

        Wide and tele DO NOT work for video. I (rarely) use the stock app for 2x video, and it's pretty meh quality.

    • Any link for this GCam? Thanks

  • +10

    Bought one of these in the JB sale last month and it's a great phone for $400. It's got VoLTE, Band 28, 3.5mm headphone jack, an FM radio and no notch.

    • don't these Chinese phones have a limited set of frequencies in 4G ?
      even if it's Global Version?

      i was comparing this to a OnePlus 6T and I can see that the OnePlus have many many more 4G frequencies available.

      • +1

        i was comparing this to a OnePlus 6T and I can see that the OnePlus have many many more 4G frequencies available.

        OnePlus also Chinese phone.

        • check the comparison and see the 4G frequencies for:
          - Xiaomi Mi 9T
          - OnePlus 6T

          —> https://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=9738&idPhone2...

          The OnePlus 6T has many more 4G frequency bands.

          So, that's why I was wondering about the Mi 9T,
          i.e. does the Global Version have more 4G bands
          ( this is better, when using phone in Australia and traveling )

          • @whyisave: More 4G bands won't make it download faster, as soon as the phone have the bands that supported by your provider.

            That is why a lot of people ask for B28, a lot of bands not support in Australia anyway.

            • @superforever: I wasn't talking about downloads.
              I was talking about taking a phone for travels.
              More 4G bands, mean the phone has the ability to find more 4G bands and choose it.

              So, when comparing 2 x phones with similar price-points,
              I was looking at Xiaomi's Mi 9T 4G bands and comparing with OnePlus 6T.
              They both have B28 bands.

  • This or lg v40?

    • +3

      I'll go for LG V40 if it's $399.

    • +2

      Having had both v30 and this phone, go this phone. Know it's not equal but I somehow trust the hardware and software of xiaomi (and wider community more)

    • +26

      Long answer from someone that had an LG previously (not the v40), and now has the Mi 9T:

      Spec comparison: https://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=9300&idPhone2...

      * The CPU/benchmark performance is pretty similar between the two - Antutu score of 275,000 for the LG V40 vs 251,377 for the Mi 9T.
      * Same RAM, bluetooth, NFC, 3.5 mm jack, radio, USB C connector, Gorilla glass, and screen size.
      * Probably the same: both have bloatware & skins. (Definitely true for Mi 9T, and certainly last time I looked at LG a few years ago this was the case, but pls correct me if that's no longer the case).

      Pros of LG V40:
      * It's around 20 grams lighter. That's a noticeable difference.
      * Has more bands, but we don't use any of those extra bands in Australia (i.e. Mi 9T has full coverage here). A bit helpful when travelling overseas, maybe?
      * Has waterproof rating, Mi 9T does not.
      * Has SD card, Mi 9T does not.
      * Better sound? (I'm not an audiophile, but think I've heard stuff about the audio being good on V30 and V40 due to DAC?)

      Pros of Mi 9T:
      * Last time i looked the LG V40 was $499, so $100 more: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/lg-v40 ; That is a substantial price difference.
      * Has Android 10.
      * LG are woeful about Android updates. Last time I checked, they had not released an Android 10 update (which was released 6 months ago) for the V40.
      * Personal opinion from me as an ex-LG user: You cannot trust LG. Once LG have sold you the phone, you're dead to them. With the LG G4, which had a major systemic hardware fault which caused almost every one these phones manufactured in the first 6 months to fail/bootloop, my personal opinon is that LG didn't do right by their customers in 5 different ways: a) they should have done a recall [but did not], b) they could have accepted repairs at their local office instead of insisting all stock had to go back to country of origin [thus making life painful for people like me that had grey imports, not for something I had done to the phone, but all because of their hardware fault], c) they released one android update to 6.0 with major flaky bluetooth issues (and never updated to 6.0.1, which would by most accounts would have gone a long way towards fixing it), d) they said they would update to android 7.0, but never delivered it (even to this day), and e) LG are woeful about security patches, they stopped entirely 15 months after the phone's first release date (and FYI the V40 was released 17 months ago…. so yeah, good luck with that).
      * Xiaomi seem pretty good about updates.
      * You can unlock the bootloader, whereas you cannot unlock the bootloader of the V40. [If you have LG EU stock you can unlock, but not for countries outside that]. This means you can install custom ROMs on the Mi 9T, whereas with the LG V40 you're stuck with whatever updates LG decides to give you (… so yeah, good luck with that). Maybe not an issue at first, but when the phone is >= 18 months old, and there are security flaws / major useful new features in latest Android, it's an issue.
      * No notch, all screen.
      * Lasts much longer (50% more) due to the bigger battery (it's 21% larger capacity) + newer and more power-efficient chipset & OS (which presumably accounts for the other 29% of the extra battery life).

      • Really helpful. Thank you

      • +2

        Agree with all points. Got burnt by LG G4, never again. Also they rev so much on its camera at the time. They did not support a flagship and just left it to die.

        My G4 was repaired however they covered the infra-red sensor so I cannot use for remote. It eventually died again

  • Any feedback regarding your personal experience on the pop up camera? Possible easy to break or possible that eventually will have issue it wont pop up

    • +4

      Honestly, I got it for the pop up camera because I generally don't use front facing cameras. I chose the device for the extra screen real estate. From what I've read, they've tested the device for a lot more pop ups than you'll ever need (hundreds of thousands). It retracts automatically if you drop it as well. My only concern is that the hole for the camera isn't dust tight, so you can get dust down there that may potentially scratch the lens.

      • +8

        100% percent. Screen real estate over selfie cam

      • I thought all lens have a glass to protect it? You mean scratch the glass that protects it?

  • Good for those who missed out on S10e deal…

  • how is the camera compared to other expensive {>$500) phones from Samsung etc?

  • This or realme Pro 5?

    • +2

      this probably, nfc on xiaomi and better screen (i like the no notch so thats my opinion) and better camera.

  • How does this compare to the TCL Plex?

    • +1

      How does this compare to the TCL Plex?

      More expensive XD

      You can't find any TCL Plex anyway and this is amoled screen, a bit faster CPU and already Android 10.

      • +1

        Note that the one you get may not be running Android 10 out of the box like mine. I had to update it first to the September version of MIU10 then afterwards it picked up the MIU11 which also has the Jan security patches included.

        In saying that, its pretty zippy and the in-display fingerprint scanner is quick enough for me to not worry about; also it has face unlock which you trigger bu swiping up from the bottom on the lockscreen and thats pretty good as well.

        • +2

          The TCL Plex also very smooth and a lot better than I expected, no android 10 yet and no in-display fingerprint scanner and a bit smaller battery, older CPU not amoled screen but for $249 I am very happy.

          • +1

            @superforever: TCL plex screen is very good for a LCD type. Comparable to what you get in an Iphone 11 LCD. I still like AMOLED better.

            • +1


              TCL plex screen is very good for a LCD type.

              After upgraded from LG G6 to TCL, I realized that the TCL LCD screen is better even the LG have higher resolution.

      • And software updates…

    • +2

      Mi 9T is all around better:
      Faster SoC
      AMOLED screen
      Widevine L1 certified
      Better stock camera and has good GCam port
      Much better XDA community for ROMs etc.
      It's Xiaomi

      Except for price, it's better in most features.

      • It has the exact same camera. 24mp sony one.

        • +2

          You meant 48MP sensor at the back? TCL camera app processing is worse than Xiaomi, plus there are better GCam port for Mi 9T. There's barely any for TCL Plex. Plus Mi 9T has zoom while TCL has 2MP Slow mo camera.

          When talking about camera, don't assume it will produce same photo quality just because they use same sensor.

  • Good find OP. Missed out last deal. This is one of the best midrangers

  • This is an awesome phone!
    I've had mine for ~6 months, no issues at all. Highly recommended.

  • I just want a TCL plex, but they're sold out everywhere.

    Stupid limited shipping worldwide atm.

    I do like the cameras on the xiaomi though; blues are a bit off, but quality overall is impressivem

    • I returned 1 to jb at rouse hill NSW just the other day

      • I returned 1 to jb at rouse hill NSW just the other day

        Castle Hills ask me to sign a paper than I have collected the correct phone, colour, etc. and I won't return it if I don't like it.

        • You can return if package hasn’t been opened

        • Mine was unopened, still in plastic. No issue what so ever. It was online delivery when I got it though

      • Rats, I'm in QLD and it's not on the website anymore.

        Why didnt you like it?

  • Officeworks still normal price $598 so price match 5% cheaper.

    • i called officeworks, they told me this is only available for online purchase.

      Online purchase doesnt have option for price beat.

      Try calling their customer service for price beat and specify the location for click and collect.

      Unfortunately if you are a team member, they said they cannot apply team member discount over the phone or online.
      It is only applicable in store.

      • How they know it's online only?

      • You can buy in-store. I got one yesterday for $379.05.

    • Doesn't seem any store have stock.

      • its online only

    • +1

      Just price matched for 379.05 at officeworks over the phone. Free delivery too.

      • well done, always best to check in store for stock, sometimes they say they dont on website or phone but they end up having a few back of house.

      • Which store was it mate?

        • +3

          Didn't call a store. Just called 1300633423. Its the customer service number. They will put the order through and price match for you. You can have it delivered or click and collect.

          • +1

            @dan086: Thanks for the number. I just ordered via the same number, got the price beat too.

  • replying this post with a mi 9t right now. have it for 6 mths, stella phone for the price. only minor complaints are 1. still prefer stock-ish Android than miui and 2. battery is ok but i expect more from 4000mha and amoled screen.

    • Have you installed another launcher?

      • I use nova launcher, but the stock-ish experience is more than just the launcher. for example, bloat ware is also another issue. I understand there are ways to debloat but it's still PITA for the hassle.

        non-stella battery life is probably caused by miui as well, since all other custom rom proved to improve the battery life a lot. but custom rom has their own stability issue so I am sticking with miui.

        don't get me wrong tho, this is still a great phone, but it could have done better.

    • +4

      try nova,lawnchair2,poco launcher.

    • Whats your SOT and do you need to top it up during the day?

      • +1

        didn't test sot, maybe 4 hrs? android system normally uses up 18% of battery in battery usage detail, which is on the high side imo.

        i can get thru a day with 1 hr youtube, normal web browsing and other light weight usage. but here's my personal benchmark: it lasts shorter than the moto z play i used before, with 3500mah, 5.8 inches amoled and sd625.

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