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Ryzen 5 3600 GTX 1070 Gaming PC [16/240]: $838 + Delivery @ Tech Fast


Continuing the popular GTX 1070 Founders Edition deals from TechFast is this deal paired with R5-3600. Reminder of card's origins from rep Luke: They were installed in systems for a gaming event and then not used since, so have barely been used. Although they are out of manufacturer's warranty, They are offering a full 1 year warranty on them as part of their assembled system warranty.

Limited to 30 systems at this price. Enjoy :)

Ryzen 5 3600 | GTX 1070 Founders Edition Gaming PC

Ryzen 5 3600

GTX 1070 Founders Edition 8GB

16GB 2666MHz RAM

240GB 2.5" SSD

Biostar A320 motherboard

550W PSU

Leaper Mid or Flair RGB Case

For those interested in higher spec, my previous R5-3500X / RTX 2080 Super deal, Luke upped the spec to include 3200MHz RAM and 1TB hard drive at the same price. That 3500X system and the R7-3700X version are both posted here.

Thanks Luke for sharing these great deals

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  • My 7 year old son is getting into gaming. He plays stuff like satisfactory, planet zoo, tracks, minecraft, roblox, feed fish and grow, sim city /cities skyline.

    Would this gaming pc be overkill or about right for what he does? I've installed these games on my surface pro 3 i7 and most of the games are laggy. Think it needs to be upgraded but I've got no idea!

    • +3

      I think this PC would be overkill.
      Maybe this one would be more than enough

      • +2

        Agreed - that's the one I was about to link to.

    • +2

      I'm no expert but I believe this machine would be more than capable of running those games. I'm running a TechFast build from last year with a Ryzen 5 2600 and GTX 1060 and it hasn't struggled with anything I've thrown at it. FYI I game on 1080p @60fps

    • +11

      It might be an overkill right now for those games, but if you can afford it, it's worth the longevity. It can handle those games getting updated, and if your son wants to try different games in the future. Should last him a few years at least.

      • +4

        Yep, I agree. It may be overkill now for those games apart from satisfactory, but once he wants to play something more demanding he'll be pestering you for hardware upgrades. If you can't do them yourself you'll be up for the cost of hardware + paying somebody to install it for you.

    • +1

      Satisfactory might be the only game that needs a powerful rig. Once your factory gets really big I'm not sure how taxing that is.

    • I would get this one.

      Yes it's overkill now, but it will be "future proof" to a certain extent for years to come.

    • I think it's overkill buy one of the cheaper ones with a 1600AF processor and the founders 1070 or cheaper AMD video cards. If need be upgrade ram and video card later, Video cards as good as the 1070 will be cheaper in 4+ years when he outgrows this or again a whole new system if he's getting serious

    • +1

      Do not get an rx 580. They run very hot and chew up a ton of power for antiquated performance. Not at all suitable for a Leaper case with a closed off panel.

      Edit: This looks like the best current budget techfast deal.

    • +1

      it would crush those games and have plenty spare for his future gaming exploits…

  • Is this decent enough for like the random photo/video editing?

  • Hi, my teenager is wantiing to stream Minecraft and Fortnite.

    It's her birthday coming up and she has quite a lot of money saved up (I will chip in a couple of hundred).

    Is this system the right level for this, or should I look at one of the other systems, like the i7 + 2070 deal?

    Many thanks!

    • +2

      Unless you're willing to spend an extra ~$400 on an RTX 2070, then I suggest you don't go for it. Considering Minecraft and Fortnite are relatively light games for modern PCs, you won't need the RTX variant. Ryzen CPUs perform very well nowadays for streaming + gaming, especially with the Ryzen 5 prebuilt within this PC. She'll get a stable 110 FPS on Fortnite and 300 on Minecraft.

      • Thanks for your reply :)

        She has a 1440 monitor, so would that still be 110 and 300 FPS or a bit lower?

    • Minecraft and fortnite are pretty low requirements you would be fine with a 1600AF machine they represent great value for money

      • Shit deal, this is a lot better.

        The money saved on an rx570/580 is lost due to their high power usage, plus they are antiquated and run very hot, which will shorten the lifespan of other components inside a Leaper case, which has ventilation problems.

        • +1

          Isn't the 1070 higher power draw than the 570?
          Antiquated or poor cooling may be valid not sure what brand the founders card is, they're also second hand compared to new. I think the deal you posted is great value for money but that does not make the other one a "shit deal" they are different

          • -1

            @bobsmidie: An rx 570 will reach around 190-200 watts under 100% load, whereas GTX 1070 will be around 160. However, the 1070 will be +65% performance, it could match the rx 570 performance using <100 watts.

            I think the deal you posted is great value for money but that does not make the other one a "shit deal" they are different

            It actually does. When you factor in the power consumption cost of polaris cards, the cost difference is mitigated and the polarius gpus are substantially worse.

    • Get this deal.

      Here are some upgrade tips.

      • Case: For this system you can probably get away with a Leaper case (they have really bad airflow), but for more high-powered components the MSI MAG Forge R100 Case becomes pretty necessary.

      • Storage: 1TB 2.5" SSD is a good price. I would try to make sure it has a DRAM cache, SLC cache and uses TLC before purchasing, otherwise I'd buy my own and put it in the system.

      • Motherboard/ram. For most deals the MSI b450m + 3200 hz is a wise choice for a faster system with much higher quality mobo, but for this particular build it's not really economical. Also, the AM4 platform will not be forward compatible after this year, so future proofing isn't an issue.

      • Power supply: 80+ gold. For this system 750w is complete overkill, but the first rule of computers is never use cheap, untested, unbranded, unreviewed Chinese power supplies.

      • Do not buy a windows key. You can find cheap ones online for $5-10 if necessary.

      • Or just use an old windows 7 pc key which is stuck to the side of your pc/laptop

      • Wait am4 is old and going to be replaced with a new format? I just bought a new system with ryzen 5 am4

        • AM4 will support the next generation of 7nm+, but when AMD moves to 5nm, most likely late next year, it will be on a new chipset.

  • What would i generally need to upgrade if i were to future proof myself? i have no clue please help

    Im a casual gamer that plays fortnite and league and likes to web browse and youtube alot. is this deal better for me or is the Ryzen 1600AF better?

    Would i need any upgrades or is this base stock good enough?

    • The storage, but do that yourself.

  • Would this be good for cyberpunk coming out?

    • +2

      The 1070 does around 80fps at 1080p ultra in the Witcher 3 and struggles at resolutions above (I have to run mixed settings on my ultrawide) cyberpunk's graphics will even be more demanding.

      If you're only targeting 1080P 60FPS you might get away with on high or a mixture of high and medium setting, but given the age of the 1070 I would suggest no less than a 2060 super or 5700XT for Cyberpunk.

      The CPU and ram in this build will be fine, I only saw a 10fps average increase going from my i5 4690 to a 3700X, though the minimums went up quite a bit and got rid of stuttering.

      • dont forget your using a ultrawide..MUCH more pixels over a regular monitor. i could be wrong but its about 4.90 to 5.0 megapixels on ultrawide. on a regular monitor in 1440p in high settings you will have no problem hitting 50 to 60 fps on witcher 3.

        • Haven't forgotten, the 80fps number I put at the start of my post was for 1080p at ultra settings.

  • i wouldnt bother with ultra settings..high is enough..but thats for me everyone is entitled to run thier rig however it pleases them

  • Can someone suggest me a pc build, mainly for dota 2. Looking for a pc, but super confused between i7/ryzen and gtx1070/rtx2070 build.


    • Intel are bad and you don't need anything close to a 2070 super to play dota2.

      Get this with more storage and a better psu. It could probably do with another 8gb of ram, but I would not buy a single stick of 8gb 2666 hz for $79.

      • +2

        So, its 1TB of hdd and 16gbs of ram. Good enough?

        • +1

          I'd get a 240 gb SSD for the OS boot drive and to play games off (greatly reduces loading times) if you're going with the HDD option. The more room the SSD has the longer it lasts, and you can use up 100 gb pretty quickly.

          The PSU is an expensive upgrade so hopefully the unbranded one is decent enough quality. Presuming it is, everything else looks pretty solid.

    • dota is heavily cpu bound and likes single thread performance/high frequency, more cores is better but scaling seems poor

      if you're only playing dota the 9100 is a perfect budget option https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/513332. you'd need to add a gpu, and the requirement is extremely low, i was doing 1080p 144hz low settings and my 750 ti was sufficient - so look for a budget card 970/1050/1060/570 will be more than enough

      if you're super serious then this build or the 9700 will net you more fps, intel will have a few ms of latency advantage too, the gtx 1070 is total overkill you only need about 1/5 of the power to play at low settings.

  • @luketechfast - Are you familiar with the bike cycling program Zwift? Do you have any recommended systems for a 4k gaming system that handles Zwift?

    • Sorry I only know QWOP

    • +1

      The specs are relatively straightforward so a 4K gaming system looks like this.

  • Tempting to get this to get ready for a two week lockdown. Paired with that Doom 2016 deal that should keep me busy for a while

  • this is a pretty good deal, i think can also do well on 1440p with high settings..i jumped on the other 1070/3700x deal myself…hoping to get a few years out of it then jump on a 2070 super

  • Does this deal come with the current AMD gaming promotion 3 months of Xbox live and 2 games?

  • +1

    As per your previous deal : https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/518491

    Any chance you can do this system with the 1600AF with 16GB Ram and the 240GB SSD?

  • Nice! Got one for the GF last night. How long do the techfast systems take to deliver to metro NSW? Cheers

    • I ordered yesterday too. In the email it said 10 to 14 business days to build and then ship. So probably receive it in about a month?

      • +1

        Damn that's so long. TechFast not so fast I guess. Wish they would just ship the parts and we can build in a couple of hours lol.

  • @lukeTechfast

    Order Placed! Thanks Luke!

    One question, will i get some mounting brackets for hdd/ssd inside the case? Incase i want to upgrade my storage in future?


  • Please help!

    Why are these systems so much cheaper than getting each item individually?

    I want RTX 2060 S or standard ($600ish).

    But then I could upgrade my base system (4690 + 8GB) AND go from a 1060 to 1070 founder's for only $200 more than a 2060 variant with my old chipset.

    Is it just because they don't have warranty? And we're used?

    Still way cheaper than anything I've seen on Gumtree!

    Please give me your opinions.

    Also, are there many left?

  • Hello,
    Does anyone recommend buying this PC to run games such as 'Fortnite' and 'CS:GO'? Is it overkill or not enough? or perfect?. I have an ASUS 165hz monitor and would prefer something cheaper to run those 2 games. Thanks for the help

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