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[PC] Fallout 4 GOTY PC $14.95 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ EB Games


EB games currently has Fallout 4 Game of the Year edition for $14.95 for PC. Just picked up a copy myself, and the box contains a disk (unsure what's on it as I have no disk drive) and a steam code for the full game and all DLC. This price is currently as cheap or cheaper than any "grey market" key website.

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EB Games Australia
EB Games Australia

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  • Danged good game!

  • I got this last year for the same price. So worth it. The Modding community is huge.

  • If I've already got a Steam key for the base game and buy this, will I keep my save games? Can I gift the base game and keep GOTY?

  • +1

    @pennypacker There is only one code in the box for the GOTY edition, not seperate codes for FO4 and the DLCs, so yes you can gift the steam code you currently have for FO4. Unless you mean that you already have FO4 tied to your account, in which case no, redeeming the GOTY code will only give you the DLC, not an extra giftable FO4 code.

    The historical lowest price for the season pass from legit vendors is $15.99 as per https://isthereanydeal.com/game/falloutivseasonpass/info/. There's no guarantee it'll dip that low again any time soon, so this is a good deal even for just the DLCs.

    There's no reason I know of why you shouldn't keep your save games if you're just installing the DLC on top, but you can always make a backup ahead of time, just in case.

    • Hmm, alright, I suppose $14.95 is still a good price for all the DLC, regardless of me already owning the base game. Cheers…

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