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Repco Fuel Can 5L $1, Was $11.99 @ Repco


Great value if you can source some cans.

Good to throw in the back for long road trips.

Don't smoke near an open filled can or you may get bang for your buck.


Mod Note: Repco 2 Stroke Fuel Can 5Ltr - RFC52S also available for the same price.

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  • +4

    Forgot to mention 2 stroke cans are $1 too.
    Same item, just a different picture on the can.

    • +10

      which one is better?

      • Both the same metal cans with a different image on them.

        Pull out spout inside the can.

      • 2 strokes are faster

        • Some peeps could prob fill the can after two strokes!

        • 2 strokes is faster, but who would choose that over 20 minutes?

      • Different strokes for different folks.

    • +4

      Sounds like a great deal, but folks should check them to be happy… I bought some super fuel cans on special ones that had the plastic filler nozzles stuck in the can, couldn't use them to pour. So really they were seconds on discount. Not saying these are, but eh checkem

      • Do you mean Scepter fuel can? And why wouldn't it pour?

        • +4

          Na, I mean a similar can sold by a Super organisation. Because the plastic spout inside the can (of the type I bought) was misplaced in manufacture, it didn't have a retaining ring press fitted in the opening. Because the spout was just faffing around inside the can when you filled it with fuel, not only couldn't you use the spout to pour the fuel in a targeted direction, but the spout interfered with the less accurate pouring from the opeing without a spout fitted.
          TLDR… when you poured fuel out, you could safely pour it into a bucket without spilling, but you could not pour it into a funnel in the mouth of the car fuel tank without spillages… mainly down your trousers (unless of course you are a genuine scotsman, then we would be talking kilts or hairy legs) ahem

          • +1

            @rooster7777: Makes sense now. Thought you were referring to the scepter cans from last week that were $6 each.

      • Bought two during clearance sale, very good quality cans, especially for the price.

    • +2

      Forgot to mention 2 stroke cans are $1 too

      Different strokes for different folks?

    • +24

      Empty champ

      • +30

        but if your name is Karen you can ask to speak to the manager and demand fuel in it because it says FUEL CAN, not CAN CAN.

        • Is it empty or is there a second can inside the can?

          • @cpho: it comes filled with… air

            • @nsuinteger: So I guess it should really be labelled as a can of air

        • Yep, that's Karen for ya. Exactly like the Karen I know, anyway.

  • +1

    Out of stock at most stores near me.

  • +4

    Was $0.70 online when they had 30% off clearance

  • +1

    but will the product fit my vehicle?

    • +4

      I don't know. Will it?

    • +13

      The opening of the can has a small diameter, so your car might not be able to fit inside it. fingers crossed

    • +3

      It will not fit your vehicle

  • +1

    No stock near me

    • Store Name Distance Availability Change Store
      Shepparton 179 km In Stock Select Store


  • +1

    In-Store No stock at selected store. Change Store
    Item not in stock at nearby stores.

  • +4

    Plenty in WA STORES.
    THANKS Guys

    • +1

      Send some down to SA!

  • +3

    Upvote for the pun

  • +14

    They better not take 6L at the pump though or there's something fishy going on!

  • No stock near me in Melbourne either

  • How safe are these to chuck a full one in the boot of my car for emergency?

    • +2

      How often do you run out of fuel?
      Throw it in empty and walk to the servo if you ever run out

    • +2

      There is already an emergency fuel supply in every car. When the fuel light comes on, it's time to haul ass to the nearest servo.

    • +3

      Better you don’t tbh. The cans can leak and then the fumes can get into your boot and spread into the cabin.

  • +2

    Don't waste money on these unless you have a siphone or funnel to pour petrol in your car, without these you'll almost certainly waste half of the petrol. I once saw a guy walking a fair distance to the servo, paying probably $15 for this and the petrol in there and ended up wasting most of it, couldn't fill the car up to the level required to start it (granted he only bought the smaller 2l one)

    • +36

      How did you see this entire event take place? Drone? Tell the truth…it was you right?

      • brilliant

      • They ran out of fuel 5 meters from the servo.

      • +1

        Reporting behalf of Friend?

      • was at the school waiting for kids, the couple just parked oposite and saw the whole things, admittedly didn't see the bit he got to servo but it was about 15mins walk and you can figure out where he got the can from and whether it's new or used.

    • Though, perfectly fine for motorbikes, chainsaws, etc. etc.

    • "Don't waste money on these", then proceeds to tell a hard luck story about a different product…

    • What kind of car uses up 1L of fuel just to start?

      • +1

        maybe more than half got leaked out then, when he was filling it I could tell whatever went in wouldn't be enough and it weren't

  • +2

    Stocked up on recent deals for fuel, toilet rolls, spam, Pepsi and… Plastic chairs.

    Ready for zombies

    • +2

      5L wont get you too farther before the zombies (running kind) catch up.

    • You forgot traps, bow and arrow or crossbow for silent kills as you know, zombies react to sound and the louder they are, the worse you are in unless you dont mind being swarmed on all sides within a couple minutes….

      Also, dont forget rule #1 if things go side ways……

  • +1

    Not available in any of the stores i search around me in Melbourne CBD and surrondings

    • +1

      the 2-stroke can is available in Clayton.
      …but I'm in the west :(

      • Too bad my car doesn’t use 2-stroke. Dammit.

  • +4

    Great deal, but I gave it a vote purely for the “bang for buck” pun.
    You must have Legend status in Dad jokes

  • Is it a deal if there is no stock in 95% of stores?
    I don't think so…

  • +4

    My sister whacked my older brother on the head with one of these (empty)cans.
    The sound that it makes is hilarious!!

    • +3

      Do not give ozbargain new ideas how to use this one

    • -1

      Now I must try!

  • +3

    I’m getting some of these for me and the boys for next ‘bring your own container’ day for slurpees

  • +2

    How bad do these stink in the boot of a sedan if you haven't spilt any on the sides, pretty airtight?

  • +3

    If anyone is stuck for cash, you can own this $1 can for repayments of $10 a week through zip!

  • +2

    Great for doomsday prep I guess 😂

  • how do these go vs the pressure from the vapour?

    also, how long does petrol last inone of these cans?

    i have the red plastic containers and they all tend to bulge out due to the gaseous vapour.

  • Damn I actually need one of these but none near me

  • perfect for leaving in the shed

  • Item not in stock at nearby stores.

  • At least it told me the closest store to me in stock, only 179.7 km away in Dalby

  • +1

    Find a store that has plenty in stock (such as Dalby) 14 last time I checked.

    Add all to cart. Pay the shipping (still works out to be under $2 per can), and make a giant Repco wind chime!

  • Had lots of these in the new Richmond (Adelaide) Repco store today, however unable to buy for $1 since they've changed the part number - and only the part number on the label - and it's now back to $11.99.

  • Toilet Rolls NOT included with this offer.
    It is just for panic buying fuel and fuel only.

  • Does anyone know if these cans are rust-proof?

  • When I went in to collect mine at the Osborne Park, WA store the very attractive blond girl behind the counter asked "What's going on with these? We've been run off our feet all day making up orders. We've got 50 of them stacked up in the back room. We've looked on our website to see if they are highlighted but they aren't there."

    I said they were on OzBargain. "Ozbargain?" she said.

    I explained what it was and suggested she have a look at the website for great bargains.

    • what was her reaction?

      i tell people about ozbargain sometimes and they just stare at me like i'm a freak for wanting to save money, or getting excited about freebies. do you get that, too?

    • …1st rule of ozbargain….you do not talk about ozbargain

    • you were using the old 'i saw it on OzBargain' pickup line

  • Link to both $1 cans 404s now :(

  • Damn, wish I saw that sooner. I need to buy a few to replace my leaking one.

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