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Samsung BAR Plus 128GB USB 3.1 Flash Drive $29 @ Bing Lee or [eBay Plus] Free Delivery @ eBay Bing Lee


Great Price. Enjoy :)

Try your luck to Pricematch with other stores JB, HN etc

eBay Bing Lee & Free delivery for eBay Plus Members Thanks to RobinWyt & RogueWolf

Price Compare :

$49 @ TGG
$45.96 @ Amazon
$49 @ JB Hi-Fi

Up to 300MB/s read Speed
Speed in style
Rapid mode
USB 3.1 Flash Drive

Product Type: USB 3.1 Flash Drive
Family Line: BAR Plus
Application: PC, Notebook
Capacity: 128GB (1GB=1,000,000,000 bytes) * Actual usable capacity may be less (due to formatting, operating system, applications or otherwise)
Interface: USB 3.1 Gen 1 (backward compatible with USB 3.0/2.0)
Connector: Standard A

Speed: Up to 300MB/s read speed for USB 3.0, write speed is lower than read speed. *Actual speed may vary by host device and actual usage conditions.

Non-Operating Temperature: -10~70°C
Operating Temperature: 0~60°C
Magnetic: 15,000 G (Gauss)
X-ray: 80KV, 50uA, 4W, 500 sec Radiation time.
Water: 1m depth 3% NaCl salt water, 72hrs
Shock: Acceleration :1,500 g (gravity), Duration time : 0.5ms, Direction : x,y,z 3 times


16/3: Back in stock online and eBay (new link updated).

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    Also available on their ebay store with free postage for plus member

    • +2

      Thanks.. Will add it in OP:)

    • +1

      Ebay :-This listing was ended by the seller because there was an error in the listing !!!

      I wonder if they will honor the deal ?

      • +2

        likely just sold out about 100 sold on eBay since it listed

        • +1

          Thanks I hope so.

  • +4

    Speed: Up to 300MB/s read speed for USB 3.0, write speed is lower than read speed.

    can write speed reach up to 300MB/s then?

    is this a new way of misleading people without consequence?

    • +4

      Here's a quick review for it https://www.minitool.com/news/samsung-usb-3-1-bar-plus.html

      As to the sequential speeds, the Samsung BAR plus read and write speeds are 283.48MB/s and 61.84MB/s. So from the looks of it write speed is only a fraction of the read speed and now that you mention it, I have noticed a trend of USB flash drives being very vague on write speeds.

      • i wouldn't be surprise of your finding when they put "write speed is lower than read speed." lol

        i don't mind the usual $10 a stick you get from OW not telling you the write speed, but this one is like RRP$100 a stick? I do expect they tell you what the Write speed is.

        its still a good price for that speed if you can get it, but don't expect the write speed is anywhere near 300MB/s as they imply in their description.

      • 60MB/s is pretty good write speed i have seen some USB3 flash with respectable read speed and very poor 30MB/s write.

        • +1

          30MB/s is not that bad. I saw worse. Some USB3 flash can only deliver ~10MB/s write, which is much worse than my 10 year old USB 2.0 ones.

    • +4

      No, this is a very old way of misleading people without consequence. Almost all SD cards and USB sticks do this shit.

      • +1

        What's a "good" write speed on a USB stick these days?

        • i use this one, good speed, you get what you pay for.


          If you are not writing 100GB of data on a regular basis, write speed is not that relevant to you, i'm talking about if you only use it for excel files, some photos etc, a more expensive/faster stick may save you only few mins.

        • +1

          Buy a portable USB 3 SSD if you want better speeds.

          • @Diji1: Maybe even a portable USB C 3.1 NVME SSD.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, bargain. Got 2.

  • +14

    Bought one of these a few weeks back off Amazon & was the best usb flash drive I had ever owned. Very strong solid feel & on my USB 3.0 port I was getting consistent 100 MB/s writes & 250+MB/s reads. Manage to lose it last week so I have just ordered 4 of these. Highly recommended drive IMHO. Thanks for the post Being & the ebay link RogueWolf

  • Thanks "Being Askhole" Got 1 from Ebay listing

  • +1

    Ooh I want it, I wonder if Amazon will match

  • +1

    Thank you OP :)

  • +1

    Got 3 thanks OP

  • +1

    Got one thanks

  • +2

    Just missed out on the ebay listing.

  • +3

    Pricing error, eBay is down already

    • +3

      Price error may be an assumption. Actual message says 'This listing was ended by the seller because there was an error in the listing.'

      Still available on BL website for $29 including free click & collect.

      • $6 shipping for me from Bing Lee

      • Thanks, bought it through their website.

  • +2

    managed to snag 3 before they pulled the listing, hopefully theyll honour it.

  • Not listed at their ebay store anymore.

  • +1

    Thanks. Ordered from the Bing Lee web site.

  • I wonder if this will be included in Monday's 20% off eBay deal

  • +1

    "Contact for Stock Availability" on Bing Lee website

  • -1

    I wouldnt buy from bing lee ebay again, check out their ebay feedback. I had wait nearly two months when i ordered something, they provided me with a fake tracking number and made so many excuses.

    • +3

      I bought a few things from them and they were great.

      • +1

        Me too, I bought 2 faulty power bricks and they replaced them really quick and let me change brands since they assumed the batch was faulty.

  • +4

    Got it price matched at JB Hi-fi in Westfield Sydney! Thanks OP.

  • +3

    Hello! Welcome to Bing Lee Online and thank you for visiting our site.

    Unfortunately, we have sold out of that model across all stores and do not have it available to purchase at the moment.

    Currently, we are trying to place orders for more, but have no guarantee we will be able to acquire more stock.

    • oh crap.

  • +2

    Said to check stock availability in store. Called them up about 20 mins ago. None in ACT. Ordered two from Sydney and paid a deposit. Sorry Sydneys

  • +2

    What is considered the best usb drive these days? I have a supersonic rage 2 but need to get another usb stick that looks different

    • Stick to rage.

  • Managed to get HN to price match the last 2 that they had.

    • woow..
      They actually do price match.
      Thats something for a change isnt it

      • I was surprised too! It did say out of stock on the Binglee website and usually they would say no!

        • +2

          I had tried millions of times to price match and they come with excuse too lower than market price or cost price whatsoever.

          Lucky you

    • I tried to price match at the local HN (Sunshine Coast), they said the best they could do was $36.

  • Boooo missed out

  • Looks terrible, should be a can opener usb, or a phone stand usb.

  • I've had these bar type usb's for a few years, they are so robust and reliable, definately would buy again, they are my go to USB.

  • tried price matching in Shepparton (regional VIC) the guy did not honour price match, he basically said to get it from Bing Lee (Albury)

    • Pricematch @ which store???

  • I have the 16gb and 32gb. At least one of them gets very hot, and slows to a crawl.

  • Has anyone got theirs delivered/collected from Bing Lee?

    I haven't received anything since ordered.

  • No luck online like others, so, on Friday I called my local BL in Sydney, they had none, told me Liverpool store had some, not to far to travel & can combine the trip with something else, called them & bought 2 over the phone with a visa deposit.

    Picked up Saturday, still one on the shelf with the $29 price tag, so grabbed that one as well. Having used these for a few years I know how good & handy they really are.

  • +1

    Also noticed that eBay BingLee sold about 100 in 30 minutes on Friday. This post went viral quickly :)

  • Received tracking information for order from BingLee today.

  • +8

    at $29
    at Bing Lee website,
    free click N collect at many Sydney stores

  • +1

    Got one. Thanks OP!

  • Good price. Too bad fully invested into appreciating asset called Toilet Paper :P

    • -2

      Try hand sanitisers as appreciating asset. Ego brand 1 litre hand sanitiser is selling for $300-$500 on eBay, which I bought for less than $15 in Chemist Warehouse :)

      • +1

        Meanwhile, I have none and can't buy even one bottle, so if I catch anything i'll infect all of the people that hoarded it.
        Super smart right?!

  • +1

    Thanks OP, ebay plus free shipping game is still on

  • +1

    got one ! thanks op

  • Ebay just ran out of stock, damn

  • +2
    • +1

      Thanks bought 2 w/6.00 shipping made each one 32.00 great price!

  • +5

    New ebay listing: https://ebay.us/IPXdsi

    • Great Thanks !

      • Received mine today.

  • +3

    Yep, back in stock on eBay, Bing Lee website and in-store.

    Ordered on eBay with free delivery (eBay plus)

    Thanks OP +1

  • Thanks Ordered =]

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Grabbed 2. Ebay gave me a random $5 off code, so good thing i checked there!

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