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Katoomba Roti Paratha 30 Pack - $7.69 @ Costco (Membership Required)


$2 off from the marked price. I guess its a good stuff to store during this period.

Membership required.

Other offers : https://www.costco.com.au/medias/sys_master/h79/h94/27995530...

Thanks AG1304x for the update

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    Store? You'll have time to make fresh!

    • -2

      Well I'm not an expert to make it

      • +1

        Great time to learn!

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    • +2

      Thanks AG1304X. I WILL UPDATE THE POST

    • +3

      Hope you enjoy eating TP… Meanwhile, I will enjoy eating roti parantha.

  • +3

    Nice! Love a good freshly pan fried prata to go with my big pot of curry

    • +27

      You need to cook it before you eat it.

      • +19

        And remove the plastic layers before cooking

        • -12

          You're his incompetent side kick are you?

      • -9

        Thanks genius.

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    Roti Paratha 30 Pack - $7.69 at Epping Costco

    Looks like it's been OzBargained, thanks for posting…

    • +3

      You posted link of news.com.au from 8th March. Are you okay?

      • +1

        yah JV is just entering 2020 as we speak

  • so how many toilet paper rolls did you buy while you were at costco?

  • +4

    These are best prepared in a flat sandwich press and no oil needed. They turn out nice a flaky, I used to make these in a frypan :)

    • Great idea! I'll try it

  • +2

    None at costco epping. Don't bother coming. Also. No flour, rice, sugar, salt,muesli, bread of any kind including dinner rolls and bagels

    • I'm thinking of going into docklands store tomorrow morning. Hope i dont regret it.

    • Hmmm I was thinking of going tomorrow. Was there any meat? :/

  • -3

    This is what people need their 144 rolls of toilet paper for…

  • I've never seen a Costco catalogue before.. Wow.

  • +1

    Saw a guy leaving Casula with a literal trolley full of this on Thurs - none left in the store. Dunno if it's been restocked since

  • These are great in a sandwich toaster! They have been on special for the first two weeks of March already. I chose not to buy one then because one roti is about 200 calories and I already filled my freezer with other stuff…

  • These are a great alternative to TP . (Not sure if they are flushable )
    Thanks OP

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