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iPhone XS 64GB ($199) / iPhone XS Max 64GB ($549) with Telstra $65/Month 60GB 12-Months Plan (in-Store Only) @ The Good Guys


The Good Guys are offering iPhone deals (as per below) when you sign up to the $65 Per Month Over 12 Months Telstra Plan.

Eligible iPhone's:

iPhone Xs 64GB - Space Grey - MT9E2X/A for $199 RRP: $1,099 Save = $900
iPhone Xs Max 64GB Gold - MT522X/A for $549 RRP: $1,249 Save = $700
iPhone Xs Max 256GB Space Grey - MT532X/A for $699 RRP: $1,399 Save = $700
iPhone Xs 512GB Space Grey - MT9L2X/A for $799 RRP: $1699 Save= $900

12 Month Telstra Plan:

To be eligible, must be a 'Port in' and bring number to Telstra.

$65 Plan consists of: 60GB 12 Month Plan (40GB Standard + 20GB TGG BONUS) with minimum cost of $780,

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The Good Guys

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  • +9

    iPhone Xs 64GB + 60gb p/m over 12 months for $979 is a decent price.

    • Yea nothing incredible, but decent.

      • Considering getting a $400 JB voucher instead would be your best case alternative, I think this is a very good deal for the 64GB XS. A shame I still have 2 months to go on my plan, otherwise I would have probably jumped on it.

  • +3

    my optus network sucks so much these days. bloody hate it. I think i will shift to Telstra when my current contract ends.

    • +6

      My Telstra network is even worse. Depends where you live really. I can't justify spending so much on Telstra anymore when they don't reward you staying.

      • Agreed, so many great deals showing up on here for new customers, haven't seen any for existing customers for quite some time now. My coverage at home is patchy no matter who the provider despite Telstra's coverage map saying it's good.

      • i live in sydney inner west and the optus 4G at home is just so sh*t. I was with Telstra prior to this a 2-yr deal with Optus and I had no problems with telstra. my Gf is with Optus too and we both have the same issue with Optus.

        • +1

          Yep, all region specific. I can't even get telstra reception in my house, or while on my train route in Brisbane. Optus has no issues.

    • +2

      Completely depends where you are. I travel between South Coast SA and Southern Suburbs SA and find Telstra is a lot worse.

      I moved to Telstra from Optus 4 months ago so it's a fresh look at the situation, and I get (much) slower download speed outside of Adelaide CBD, more "no signal" drop outs on the road, and less signal inside my home on the same phone (P30 Pro) that's actually a Telstra SKU.

      So yeah, it's gonna be different everywhere but for my locale; Optus is more usable.

    • Im the opposite - cant get reception with telstra at work. Switched to optus last month and couldnt be happier tho I havent tried the reception outside sydney.

    • Go prepaid before committing

  • +2

    Anyone here know the cancellation terms for Telstra? If it's still half of the remaining cost then an Iphone XS for ~$625 sounds pretty good

    • +2

      They have an option in the Telstra 24x7 app that tells you how much early exit will be for your contract. Go to your service, and click on MY PLAN.

      • Ahh i meant for this plan haha. I was thinking about getting this deal and then cancelling the contract straight out, as I don't seem to see any terms regarding staying on the contract.

        • You can do that, cancel immediately will cost $390 plus first month prorata

    • I believe early cancellation on this plan is $390 (as per https://thegoodguys.sirv.com/Content/2020FY/Brands/Telstra/w... - note that the document is for JB but is from the TGG site)
      I'm on the same plan via JB Hi-Fi and can confirm that this ETC looks right from my Telstra acc

      • So $199 + $390 + $65 = $654? That doesn't seem right.

        • Sounds too good to be true, but it's what the numbers say :P

        • +4

          $199 + $390 = $589 (If you cancel contract same day you are not paying the monthly fee. It's pro rata.)

          • @Axytrix: And since the phone purchase is separate. TRS on the phone price? Woot!

          • @Axytrix: Wouldn't the TGG staff be pissed off if one cancels on the spot?


            • @sol3x: When I took up the JB/S10e deal last year, looks like Telstra paid the remainder of the phone credit, not JB (on the tax invoice) - I don't think the store loses any money from this manoeuvre :)

              • @BigBoy47: They lose the commission from signing you up. That's where stores like JB and Good Guys make their money.

      • What happens if I cancel my plan early?
        You’ll need to pay an Early Termination Charge if you cancel
        your plan early plus any remaining handset and accessory
        payments. The maximum Early Termination Charge for your
        plan is set out in the above table. You will also need to pay a
        Phone Credit Cancellation Fee if you received a Phone Credit
        Amount at sign up. The Maximum Phone Credit Cancellation
        Fee is set out in the Plan Cost table.

        I would expect that for this specific plan there will be an ETC + Phone Credit Cancellation which would be specific to this 12 month plan.
        So $390 (ETC) + $900 (Phone Credit - the amount you're saving?) $1290

        Would anyone be able to confirm?

        Eh, their CIS doesn't state it.. interesting times ahead.

        • +1


          It’s $390 plus the $199

        • I've heard of people in the past having success with terminating contracts and just paying the ETC via the JB deals - couldn't find you a link though. I guess we'll have to see what happens…

          • @BigBoy47: No seeing what happens,it’s as ilostnemo (as long as you cancel straight away) says above. Spelled out clearly in critical information summary.

        • -2

          You also have to pay back the discount received on the phone plus the termination fee.

  • +1

    Just to clarify for anyone who misread the deal (like me), this is only for the xs model, not the 11!

    • +2

      not sure why u were downvoted as I found your comment helpful

      I guess lots of phone geeks who know iphones better than me lol

    • -1

      Why not the iphone 11? The linked PDF says specific models but the URL says $700 voucher on purchase of $999 phone purchase.

  • Can I buy a $2 sim and port in?

    • Yep, I’ve done this previously with the JB Deals

      • Even a prepaid Sim?

        • It has to be active is all

        • +1

          Yeah it was prepaid, I registered it, made sure it was active then went into jb hifi 30min later and signed up

    • -1

      Normally includes new numbers as well, so no port in required. If you do, grab a $2 sim in the store.

      • +1

        To be eligible for this MUST be a port in

  • Called two stores and they have no clue about this deal. Anyone know which stores have it?

    • I got one XS 64gb at Brighton store. They didn't have in stock, but they are doing a stock transfer from Bendigo. It seems that there are only 2 stores with stock. Bendigo and Thomastown. I can't see the ETC yet, as due the telstra's callcentre issue in Philippines they had to manual activation and that it will take up to a week to get through.

  • I hope this is not like the previous Samsung S10+ deal that got everyone excited but no TGG store knew nothing about.

  • +2

    Hey all, for those in doubt, tho deal is legit. To the sense of that you can locate it on the website. Just scroll to left or right on the Telstra $65 24month plan banner. You’ll find the links underneath.


  • Anyone here done this before and know if cancellation charge is $390?

    • Signed up the XR 128G last week:( Can confirm the ETC is $390.

      • Which is better? Xr or xs?

        • Depends on what you prefer.

          XS has better OLED display and smaller form factor. Also with more RAM.

          XR has larger LCD display and better battery life.

          • @BennyHe2018: I went from xr to xs, honestly happy with both.i prefer XS but not much in it. Particularly missed dual lens, that’s why I changed.

  • +1

    Good deal, thanks OP

  • Need someone's expertise on this, my current $59 Pixel 2XL plan finishes next month. Am I able to move to my old number once my plan ends?

    Looking to sign up and port in with a prepaid sim, then change to my old number

    • +1

      I'm trying this method tomorrow with an out-of-contract phone on Telstra. Will keep you in the loop!

  • So can you port in, receive phone for $199, pay $65 for one month and then cancel for $390? meaning the iPhone XS will cost $654?

    • If you can find stock.$65 is pro rata - only pay $65 divided by days before cancel.

  • Does anyone know what would be the final amount on receipt? Need to use it for tax purpose.

    • +1

      From what I have heard on previous deals like these (JB / Good Guys), the full price of the phone is represented, with payment via a Gift Card, and remaining via your choice.

      • thanks mate.

      • This is what mine says. Full price

  • can you port in from boost?

    • No, Boost is actually a re-branded Telstra.

    • "Excludes online and eBay, Existing Boost, Belong and Telstra PrePaid customers."

  • Can’t port in from belong. Right?

    • Port out to Optus prepaid first

  • By porting in and buying the iPhone, are you also getting the $400 e-gift card?

    • +1

      Point 3. “Offer not in conjunction with any other offer.“

  • Has anyone had much luck with TGG within the 30 day port-out window? I ported out 3 weeks ago to Optus, and the guy at JB Hifi yesterday refused to even attempt it. Hoping to jump on this deal asap as I need a new phone pretty urgently.

    • When I signed up they looked up the last time I had an account with telstra

      • Does the same window apply to Boost customer? So, need to wait 30 days before we can “go back”?

        • Curious to know this too

  • Do telstra give out Kayo memberships or anything with this plan? Like how some Optus plans include optus sports

    • They don't give it out but you get 10 bucks off per month for 12 months.

      • how do u get $10 off a month?

        • +1

          Log into your telstra account and find "my offers", likely down the bottom but might be different on phone screens.

          • @Hughesyboy: Are you sure it's available with this deal? Doesn't seem applicable

            • +1

              @18: Looks like it's for anyone with a telstra account. I don't see why this would be any different.
              In fact, googling "telstra kayo 10 dollars off" brings up the telstra offer as the first link.

  • Does anyone know if you can change to the Telstra BYO plan after you sign up? Also $10 port in credit still exist?

    • Would like to know this too !

  • website says no stock anymore

  • How do you sign up to their plans? Can it be done online?

    • Need to go in store

      2 - Offer only available In Store. Excludes online and eBay, Existing Boost, Belong and Telstra PrePaid customers. No Rainchecks.

  • +1

    Anyone having any luck with signing up to this deal?

    • Yeah, which stores?

  • So I am a noob at this.

    I go to TGG store, sign up in the store, and the port application is done instore immediately and I walk out with the phone after paying?

    Or do I go off for 2-6 hours waiting on the porting to be completed and then come back the next day to buy the phone?

  • Just had a look at their online store.

    Appears they don't stock the Xs models anymore. It says the Xs is no longer available.

  • Update: their manila office is closed where ports get through so they can only promise you agreement if stock is available but can’t handover you phone unless their office opens again! so this bargain is kinda slow slow slow! lets hope! lol

  • +1

    Went to one of the Vic store in the morning, they had stock for XS 64G, and they did manual application due to Telstra call center shut down, took about 45mins and walked away with new phone, and port has been done in 15 minutes. Thanks Op.

    • how they manually did it when the call center is closed? Called a telstra store?

      • Through their PC

    • Which VIC store did you get yours from? My local doesn't seem to have stock.

  • Is the plan peace of mind data? (i.e. no excessive charge when it goes over the quota)

    • +1

      no peace of mind in this plan

      • Can you upgrade the plan to more data?

        • not sure, sorry.

  • +1

    Got the XS 64gb deal at TGG Marsden park. System was down so they did it manually. Took less than 45min for the whole process.

  • Would porting out automatically initiate my cancellation with Optus, or do I still need to call and give notice to ending my contract?

    • +1

      It’ll automatically generate the final bill

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