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Xiaomi Smartmi Anti-Pollution Air Sport Face Mask US $7.09 / AU $10.57 Delivered @ Tomtop


Xiaomi Eco-chain launched a new anti-pollution air mask. Effective block the dust and pm2.5 outside. Xiaomi Smartmi Anti-Pollution Air Sport Mask Block PM2.5 Haze Anti-haze Adjustable Ear Hanging 3D Design Comfortable with Ventilating Valve. Anti-Dust Women Men Face Mouth Masks with BREATHABLE TPU, Designed for meeting different demands on various conditions and relieving the suffocating feelings. Nano-fiber electret filtering technology, the air filter is apparently able to achieve PM2.5 filtration efficiency of up to 97%.

Main Features:

  • Xiaomi Smartmi Anti-Pollution Air Sport Mask.
  • Comes from Xiaomi Eco-chain.
  • Skin-friendly Soft memory TPU, Free to breath.
  • Isolated from air dust, PM2.5, Haze, pollen grain, automobile exhaust.
  • With the ventilating value, the mask is safe and comfortable to wear.
  • Compact appearance, and lightweight design, a perfect gift for outdoor sports.

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    • For making things that people buy? You're applying the right rating to the wrong end of the supply chain.

      • Xiaomi toothpicks will be next, if they don’t already exist.

  • +1

    I mean, I'd like to buy 50 disposable masks, but can't really afford them at this price.

    • May I ask for what purpose?

  • +1

    Band 28?

  • The one good thing about these masks? I robbed two service stations and a bottle shop last night and no one was any the wiser! Wearing a mask these days seems to be the in thing! They used to just lock the doors on me.

  • I've been wondering why does everyone in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong wear masks but in the West we've been told they're useless. It also doesn't give much confidence when you look at Europe and America and the numbers are now becoming much worse than what was the peak in China and Korea. I've started wearing a mask everytime I go out and people look at me like I'm the crazy one

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      Masks absolutely helped countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and the like to flatten the curve and reduce the spread.

      Govt said it's useless because they don't have enough to go around, so they have to lie about it saying it's no use. (even my GP said that)

      If everyone in this country wears it we wouldn't be in the situation that we are in now. 500+ cases and counting vs 150ish in Hong Kong.

      • Your facts are bad. Majority of cases in Australia are from tourist bringing it into the country

        • +5

          Wait another week and talk.

          There are many invisible carriers within the community already. Human to human transmission has just begun.

          Wearing mask is a means of protecting yourself and others around you. Numbers don't lie - just look at Hong Kong.

          Too bad people blindly believe the BS this govt spews out. We will 100% end up like most European countries.

          Also how can you tell whether the stranger next to you is a tourist or someone who have recently returned from overseas?

          That's right, you can't. Not to mention the asymptomatic carrier and 14 days incubation period of this virus.

          That's why the only way to protect yourself is wearing mask. One sneeze and you're gone. Are you willing to take your chances?

          • +1

            @mg_k: Thought marks were mainly for those already sick to stop them spreading?

            • @DisabledUser214631: Surgical masks yes. N95 and up are for the wearer's protection.

            • @DisabledUser214631: that is right…

              From my beliefs, the reason we wear mask is to protect us from :
              1) the carrier that doesn't know that he/she had got covid in their early days [and they dont wear masks]
              2) the carrier that know he/she got covid, but still didnt wear masks and not doing self isolation

              The scary thing is i went to do my groceries last night, saw 2 people sneezing and coughing last night without wearing mask, without even covering using their elbow or hands… How do you believe it is not covid? Do you want to take a risk without wearing mask?

              it will MINIMISE the risk to get covid. covid can from other sources such as surfaces of handles, etc

            • @DisabledUser214631: Asymptomatic and 14 days incubation.

              You wouldn't wear one if you have no or very mild flu-like symptoms right?

              Heck I still see people coughing and sneezing out loud on trains and buses.

              They are all spreading the virus.

        • They may be bad but they are correct.

    • +1

      Asian cultures have been wearing masks for years to prevent them making others sick. The populations are crammed in tight and always in close proximity. Australians wouldn't need them as we are not right in people's faces. A mask isn't going to do anything walking day to day outside, virus isn't airborne floating around, it's only close contact, someone sneezes on you etc.

      • +2

        you should try catch a train during peak hours in sydney…

      • +4

        "A mask isn't going to do anything walking day to day outside"

        Govt has advised to practice social distancing, yet I still see people having lunch in groups, walking and chatting as normal.

        That isn't social distancing. As people aren't wearing mask everyone involved is exposed to this virus. Just watch the number goes up, we will be over a thousand cases within 5 days - mark my word.

        • would u buy me lunch if the number doesn't hit a thousand in 5 days?

          • +2

            @IceTooth: I'll buy you lunch and dinner mate.

            • @mg_k: I'll be in touch…

              • @IceTooth: No worries.

                636 as of 11am. Tomorrow will be 800 as numbers will grow exponentially.

                • @mg_k: 687 as of now, and the 50+ increase all came from just one state (QLD) pending for other states' update.

                  Can't wait for my free lunch.

        • I also see groups of people hugging and sharing phones. The virus isn’t going away anytime soon. If medical staff have no masks then there won’t be medical staff. Enjoy that.

  • Is it reusable?

  • -1

    These can also be worn on your arse when you have gastro.

    • If only your arse is that smol :v

  • How is TomTop compared to Banggood?
    I haven't tried any of those

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