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Microsoft Surface Headphones $179.98 Delivered @ Microsoft AU Store, (Limited Stock in JB HIfi $299, Harvey Norman $288)


Surface Headphones price Drop to AUD 179.98, was AUD 469

The price is only available in Microsoft online store.

Harvey Norman and JB Hifi listing is arount 300 AUD

JB Hifit AUD 299 (Limited Stock)

Harvey Normal AUD 288

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  • Are they good when compared with Bose and Sony? Any review?
    Any user has bought one and what is your experience?

    • You can read all the user reviews on Amazon USA. https://www.amazon.com/Microsoft-GUW-00001-Surface-Headphone...

      It will be very good for the price you pay. Normally this headphone retails for $400, the same price point as a Bose QC, though don't expect the same level of noise cancellation.

    • reviews say they're definitely third place. ANC is not great.

    • linus over at LTT has done a comprehensive review on Bose, Sony, Beats and the surface headphones pitching them head to head. Worth a watch if you're looking into buying a pair

      • +2

        TLDW; don't bother with the MS according to Linus - Sony or Bose only.

        • Linux don't like MS for a long time… XD

    • Terrible, so white they look dirty easily.
      Cortana is the voice assistant.
      But I did like the volume control is turning the ring on the end of each ear cup

  • -2

    So cheap I bought one as a backup in case my Bose dies.

    • So cheap I bought two as a backup in case my Bose dies, and another in case the first Microsoft dies after.

  • +3

    heard battery life is terrible, but for that price its a steal.

  • How would the sound quality compare to the Bose Soundsport Free? I currently have the Bose and might consider switching

    • Define what sound quality is to you. They all have different signatures and abilities.

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    The prophet said it was only a matter of time

    • +1

      will ask him when i'm going to win lotto too. happy to share if needed :)

    • only took 9 months

  • Cheers OP, cheaper and free shipping than even JB and the others so not bad for an upgrade :)

  • +1

    bought one, says free returns. so incase i change my mind i can return easily.

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    OOS dang it.

  • +4

    Oops, I spent too much time reading reviews rather than clicking on 'buy'

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      Join the team

      • lol

  • +1

    That ended quick

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      Sorry hunn…oh wait.

  • -2

    Hack if you still want to get this deal:
    Click on the deal, there's a 1-2 second delay before the button "Add to Cart" changes to "Out of Stock".
    Click on it before it changes.
    Then go to Cart, whoa-la, it's there for you to make payment at the discounted price. There's no guarantee they will honour it, but worst come to worst they will refund you. Nothing to lose. 'Worth a try.

    • +1

      Doesn't let you place the order. I already tried

      • My bad, just noticed the Order button is greyed out when I am supposed to make payment :-(

    • lol, i noticed "out of stock" right after i placed the order. hope this is not what i did too

  • how do these compare to beats studio 3?

    • +1

      pretty much all the options are better than the beats

    • double post

    • First thing first why do you only want to compare with beats?

  • that turning dial.. missed out

  • order status still pending. anyone with processing status?

    • nope. still pending.

  • +1

    Default price now $299.97 :(

  • order shipped. my Expected delivery data is 25th this month 🤞🏾

    • mine too. etd: 24 :D
      I inquired customer support as well. they assured it will be delivered within the date mentioned. good deal we got.

  • +1

    Got mine yesterday :D