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[Switch] Pocket Mini Golf - Free if You Own Space Pioneer or Sheep Patrol, 50% off if You Own Other QubicGames @ Nintendo eShop


Here's the run down on if you're eligible for a 50% or 100% discount via the store page:

100%* off if you have downloaded one of the following Nintendo Switch™ games from Nintendo eShop:

  • Space Pioneer
  • Sheep Patrol

50%* off if you have downloaded one of the following Nintendo Switch™ games from Nintendo eShop:

  • Robonauts
  • Jumping Joe & Friends
  • Coloring Book
  • Koloro
  • Not Not - A Brain Buster
  • Geki Yaba Runner Anniversary Edition
  • Wreckin' Ball Adventure
  • Puzzle Book
  • Shipped
  • Party Treats

Some games might be not available in your country.
*Of the regular undiscounted purchase price on Nintendo eShop.

Space Pioneer was the final free game in the QubicGames freebies leading up to Christmas 2019.

Many of the other games in that countdown make you eligible for 50% off if you didn't remember to redeem Space Pioneer on Christmas Eve

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  • +7

    Gah, 4 minutes too slow! Guess this is what I get for answering the door.

    If you don't own Space Pioneer, Sheep Patrol can be bought for $1.49 to get Pocket Mini Golf for free.

    • Guess this is what I get for answering the door.

      Could be worse..

  • +1

    Got it, thanks!

  • Thanks, got it!

  • Sweet thanks

  • Thanks, got it!

  • Thanks mate!

  • I got Space Pioneer back then. it's showing $1.49 for me.

    • Double check that you actually did get Space Pioneer.

  • Is this actually a good game?

    • It just came out today and retails at $2.99

      So who knows?

  • Thanks a ton op. Got it

  • Got it. I'm happy to give it a crack for a half-hour. I like mini golf :)

  • Thanks! Picked it up for free. (:


  • Does the promo apply at US store as well? (Game page says Available Mar 20, 2020)

    • Just change your region to Australia…

      • Switch from US region will lose the gold :)

        • No you won't. It just stays locked to that region and you can constantly switch back and forth with no penalty as long as you have no monetary fund in your account.

          • @Ninternet: Yeah I meant balance sorry

            • @Meovel: So if I've got credit from a Nintendo eShop card in my Australian account as primary on my switch, switching to my US account would make me lose that balance? I did have a US account set up on it, but I dont think I had bought eShop credit back then

              • +1

                @aragornelessar: Switch to US wouldn't matter, switch away from US will clear US balance

                • @Meovel: How's that work? Because the US account isn't the main account, it'll lose it's balance?

                  • @aragornelessar: Only switching out of US store will lose balance, switching out of other stores are fine

                    • @Meovel: Oh, interesting. Thanks for the info!

                      • @aragornelessar: That's not accurate. You can't switch store regions whilst you have remaining balance. Gold points remain even after switching, but are only redeemable in the region they were earnt in.

    • Apparently I only had the qualifying games for the 100% discount on my US account, had to search the switch store on the console itself since obviously the link here is for the AU store and manually searching the game in a browser on the US site wasn't bringing up a price or ability to claim/purchase for whatever reason.
      So yeah I reckon the deal is probably universal?

  • +2

    The Nintendo eShop URL for Sheep Patrol is https://ec.nintendo.com/AU/en/titles/70010000026667

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