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Duracell Procell Industrial AA or AAA Box of 24 - $9.24 (+ $8.94 Shipping Per Order) @ HB Plus Battery Specialists


An Apology to OzBargainer's

Hi All,

Here is a short video apology to all of the users effected and a thank you to those OzBargainers that supported me: https://vimeo.com/399035194

As promised i have come up with some cracking deals. This is my apology to you. They are nowhere near as good as the Amazon deals but I challenge you to find anything that gets close that isn't stolen (i know that this is the exact point that you Bargainers send your minions out to find them!)

The Duracell Procell i have are the brand new General Purpose. They have been upgraded and I tested it to confirm that it wasn't a "marketing" upgrade.

Disclaimer: Varta High Energy and Varta Energy sold at Bunnings are not the same product! The test on whatcell only compares them in one discharge range and does not test them at a higher discharge rate. We are doing this test ourselves after we finish testing the current Procell intense and then i will post my findings.

- The products are in this category and they are specific just for this promotion and are not able to be found in search: https://batteryspecialists.com.au/other-products/ozbargain.h...
- Do not add other products outside of this category to the cart, the shipping calculator wont work and you will not have and shipping methods displayed!
- If you want to order something else that isnt in that category you will place a seperate order or contact me directly and i will need to put it through manually for you.

These are going until next Friday only! Limited to 1000 boxes but (i will review extending it if it gets to that point)

Standard Post: $8.94
Express Post: $12.65

Duracell Procell Industrial AA Box of 24 - $9.24 (sold out)
Duracell Procell Industrial AAA Box of 24 - $9.24 (nearly sold out)
Energizer Industrial AA Box of 24 - $9.24
Energizer Lithium AA Pack of 8 - $19.36
Varta High Energy AA or AAA Box of 24 - $7.92

Test Data on the new Procell General Purpose outperforms all of the batteries tested (Energizer, Duracell, Varta, Fujitsu, The old Procell)

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  • +1

    Oh, did the other orders get cancelled?

    • +32

      There was an error with the Amazon titles, it was selling 1 battery as a box of 24, 144 and even 360. And was selling them at under $1.

      So i came in on Monday morning and we had 7000 orders on Amazon. Good work from OzBargain, some real buying power but was the deal of a century for everyone other than me.

      • Can’t find the thread the other day. What happened at the end?

        • +3

          Everybody ordered a shit ton of batteries, and within a day or two the orders got cancelled. OP commented on the deal, explained the pricing error, and promised an OzBargain exclusive deal (this is it).

          • @Timm: So were there many people whinging and bitching about having their orders cancelled again? Those spoiled brats.

        • All price error deal post has been moved to the forums

      • Lol 7000 orders. The power of ozbargain.
        I have like 3 orders cancelled, but all all good its an error anyway.

      • Are these still available? Thanks

  • +25

    Great gesture, earned my respect.

  • +2

    Good on ya mate nice to see.

  • +4

    Good luck with your business in this difficult time

    • +3

      I've been stocking up on batteries to vibrate me through this difficult time

  • +1

    Good all-around response mate! You have my support

    • +7

      Weaker batteries and more expensive if you place any value on your time to drive to the store and back. So how is that a deal?

    • +2

      That is a bloody good price!

    • The Bunnings ones are still more expensive per battery. But yeah, shipping cost for battery is killing it.

  • +2

    How these Duracell Procell compared with Energiser Industrial?

    • +1

      Interested in knowing this too… OP?

    • +2

      I gave it a google and found this

      "The Energizer has a touch more amp-hours than a Duracell Procell and many people report longer lifespan from Energizer Industrial batteries."


    • +10

      I wanted to know the same thing. 17 years in the Industry and i've never had a definitive answer. Well now i do*

      Please see this screenshot of my test results on my battery tester.

      *These batteries were all tested in the same conditions. At 5 ohm's down to 0.8V. This is by no means saying that one is the clear winner but does indicate quality. To get a better overall picture we need to test them under different loads. I am sure that there are ones that will perform better under higher or lower loads.

      Use Procell Intense for example. Procell Intense is the Red Lines and measures around the same as the Standard Procell, however Procell Intese are specifically for high drain. So we are now testing them side by side and we are doubling the drain. We will then double that again after that. This still doesn't mean that one is better than the other. We will then step up testing to give high drain pulse loads and measure then too. Im interested in seeing the results but we are at least a month away until i have the data for this to be published as each battery test takes 2-3 days and we only have 2 testers.

      Any questions please fire away and i'll do my best to answer.

      • Thanks! is the varta high energy the blue line in the chart or not yet done?

        • They are the blue lines. I suspect that when we test them under a higher drain that in comparison to the others they will start testing better again.

      • +2

        It was cool to see a HBPLUS custom lithium battery pack in a box launched 30km into the sky by Bureau of Meteorology the other month (measuring ozone). I found the box stuck up a tree and returned it to BOM. :-)

        • +2

          hahahaha, nice! We've been doing them for years!

      • Nice to see some up to date objective comparisons on day to day products.

        The image you shared has a pretty janky scale… is it possible to set the tick marks at some more useful decimals?

        The results seem to indicate that most batteries tested offer basically the same output, give of take ~200mwhr?

        • +1

          I have an 80mb CSV file with the detailed results on a timeline….

          I am going to enter the data into excel so it can be interpreted.

          The results indicate that at that test to that discharge voltage they are similar but there are batteries that maintain a higher voltage for considerably longer. However this will vary more again as i test them under different loads and i expet to see a bigger disparity between the different brands/models.

  • +1


  • Can we combine postage?

    • +6

      Yes, postage is flat rate if you order one or you order 100.

  • +1

    Brought 2 packs out of respect, maybe do another sale for OzBargain in about 6 months when we all need new batteries? ;)

    • Yeah, me too. All props to the OP. A fine response.

  • +2

    Will the Duracell Procell leak like its Duraleak siblings?

    • So it wasnt only me? A while back i bought a tonne of duracell batteries for controllers as well as remotes etc for the extended family, a bit by bit they all started leaking and going over the remote controls etc. I thought it was just that i had kept the batteries too long, do different brands last longer before leaking?

    • +3

      These are the Brand new upgraded ones and so far i am very impressed with the data compared to the old ones and also from the back end R&D material i have that has not been shared with the public.

      • +1

        I very much hope the new upgraded Procells live up to its brand name of Dura-cell. Web forums said Procells were the same as Coppertops just dressed differently, and they are equally leaky. Duraleak batteries had damaged enough of my devices that I am frightened to use them. Nowadays I use Eneloops most of the time, except for the stupid weather station does not like the lower voltage.

        • I had the exact same issue, over the years i bought bulk duracells and literally have 100s still in their packaging that leaked all over the packaging, i didnt even get to use a few hundred, i thought their shelf life was 7 years….then there are the worse stories, the ones that leaked in my remotes and controllers and i had to go through trying to clean them all.

  • ordered 3 boxes, thanks mate.

  • +1

    What's the shelf life of batteries? If I store then for a year will that shorten life?

    • +4

      Duracell have "Duraclock" and they say 10 years. I think the Procell claim 8 but i have to check but cant do that until Monday. In any case it is ages!

      • DuraClock indeed — regular as clockwork the batteries will leak before the expiry date :-(

  • +2

    Noticed my orders via amazon were cancelled but respect how you handled it. Well done in my books

  • Good on ya, mate.

  • You've got a couple more positive feedback on amazon, mate.

  • We need more people like you.. Thanks for the video

  • Good on ya! Excellent vid. Not easy in this current environment for any small businese.
    Bought 2.

  • Thanks OP, bought 3 boxes

  • Video message was a great gesture!

    • I clicked on it half hoping it was big man Tyrone reading the apology

  • Thanks for giving us a valid response. The video was a nice gesture, the bargain is also very worthy.
    Oh and above all, thanks for not calling us hackers/thieves etc like previous companies have done.
    I bought a pack of both AA & AAA and wish you the very best for your business, through this trying time and into the future.

    • +4

      I am harsh as a consumer myself with my expectations so all i have to do is ask what i would expect in any given situation and then do that (or more if i can).

      Your a buying group, not hackers or thieves. You found a good deal and took the opportunity, mistake or not if you end up getting something for cheaper than it was perhaps intended so be it, i do the same.

  • +3

    You know what. I didn't order from the original order, and I really did not have any intention of ordering from this one either.

    That was until I saw the video. You handled the feedback with class and copped it on the chin. Respect.

    Have ordered 2 packs.

  • +1

    Top notch customer relations - a lot of companies could do with taking a leaf out of your book.

  • Sounds like you run a good, honest business.

  • I can't purchase till next week, but definitely want to support you! Thanks for being so upfront & forthright about it all. These are uncertain times, best of luck!

  • I'll be leaving positive feedback for you on Amazon, hope we can all help to bring your ratings back up.

  • All the best for your business, bought 4 boxes. Hopefully the Lithium ones will last a while as they are bloody expensive.

  • Good on you, Daniel. Textbook of handling which otherwise could be a crisis.

  • +1

    It’s very big of you to post a video apology on here (technically it wasn’t even your fault).

    You don’t deserve the unwarranted negative feedback.

    For the rest of you who haven’t posted a review, leave some positive reviews for him so he can build up his reputation especially during these tough times.

  • +3

    I do not understand the type of people who give negative feedback to sellers when they cannot fulfill 'deals' that were so ridiculously cheap that they must have been some sort of website pricing error.

    If there is a deal that looks too good to be true I may take a punt but I always go into them not expecting anything really.

    As long as I get refunded or am not charged (which happened for this original battery deal) I don't get pissed off about it and I definitely don't deliberately try to damage the seller's reputation based on these crazy price errors that pop up from time to time.

    • Totally agree, and even when the deal was still live, there were plenty of comments on here stating it wouldn't be fulfilled due to it being a pricing error, so it's not like anyone can claim they were actually expecting it to be.

  • Great work mate. Love your honesty and I think this was a stand up thing to do. I was one of the 7000 to jump on the previous deal, and I was one of the 7000 orders that got cancelled. To me it was not a problem as it was obviously too good to be true. Just bought three boxes and I feel good about supporting you. All the best!!

  • Good job mate.

    So based on your tests, which batteries would be best bang for buck for wireless controllers, infrared remotes, and analog clocks in terms of price/longevity use?

    Brand name aside, is it worth paying extra for the Duracell/Energizer or would I be better off with the Varta based on my use case above?

    • This

    • Carta is made in Germany. Bunnings sell 30 batteries for $10 if you don't want to pay for posrage

  • Great business, great deal. Grabbed 4 boxes, thank you.

  • +2

    Hi team over at HB Plus.
    Just like to jump in and give these guys a bit of a positive character reference.
    I have been dealing with this company for years, and usually order multiples a month.
    Have never had an issue and been an excellent transaction every time.
    Thanks for the great and friendly service.
    Cheers [email protected]

  • +1

    Definitely don't need batteries…but bought 3 boxes anyway. Ozbargain is a dangerous place.

    • I also have enough for 3 lifetimes , but fu*k it and bought some anyway

  • +3

    Is the video still up? The link seems to be dead? Thank you.

    • +1

      +1, late to the party. Would love to see the video!

      • "Sorry, we couldn’t find that page"

        Bought 2 boxes even though i couldn't watch the video

  • Really impressed with your transparency and business acumen. Golf clap

    Looking for ideas and suggestions on what I can tell my wife as an excuse for 4 boxes of batteries??!

    • Tell her it's as important as toilet paper

  • a lot of people creating a lot of landfill… eneloops anyone?

    • +1

      Not all devices are compatible (or sometimes can damage them) with lower voltage batteries such as Eneloops or trigger low battery quickly

    • WE do eneloops too but they simply arent suitable for a lot of things. Would you like me to add some eneloops to the deal?

      • I'd like that if you can please

        • +4

          I'll get them done by this evening and then post them up. Need to spend a bit of time with the family now.

  • Bit confused on which one to go with. Planning to buy 48 AA and 24 AAA. Mainly looking to put 12 each batteries on few of my door locks etc.

    Duracell Procell Industrial
    Energizer Industrial
    Varta High Energy


  • Thanks, grabbed 2.

  • Shipping kills. No code for free shipping pls?

    • +2

      With all due respect these are nearly at cost. The shipping is fixed if you buy 1 or 100 boxes you pay $8.94.

      I have charged shipping at cost so that i could give you all the maximum discount and value for money as possible without making a loss. ;)

  • +1


    AA Procell are nearly sold out!

    And the rest aren't far behind

    I will post a deal on some Eneloops later this evening.

    To those that miss out on the batteries when they are sold out I will look to do something else in the next couple of weeks. too.

    Thanks All for the support.

    • are they sold out? unable to add 24xaaa

    • Hey mate! I was just wondering what type of batteries are compatible with this torch? I purchased it a year ago but never got around to using it because I found out that it needed some specialised batteries:

      • +2

        You'll need 4x '18650 Battery', which are lithium rechargeable batteries.

        They will also require a special charger for them.

        • Thank you very much for your reply mate, I greatly appreciate it. I have the Nitecore Digicharger D4, so it looks like it'll be able to take care of the job.

          • +1

            @Zenyth: Can confirm the Nitecore D4 will charge 18650 Batteries (I own the same charger).

            • @RichardL: Perfect, thanks for the clarification. Now I just have to find some good deals on some batteries, since I've got the torch and the appropriate charger hahaha!

    • i feel like you should lead with 'eneloops later'. I was gonna jump on this until you said that.

      • +1

        More because i had my 3 year old tugging on my arm to go a play with him.

        I also have to do the research to make sure that the deal i bring you all is a good one or not post it all.

        • +1

          Thanks for the effort regardless

          • @mit: Do you want the black or the white?

  • Was asking me tax additionally on top of battery cost and shipping (not sure if everyone were asked to pay). So sent a private msg to walksaus (store rep) to clarify, but now its out of stock before I could get any response back :(

    • It's not adding tax, it is giving you a tax summary. I'll respond to the PM now.

      • Thanks for the PM. Hoping to hear back from you soon. Cheers

  • This could be a brilliant marketing ploy to win over the notoriously "hard to please" crowd here. If so, well played.

    Either way still hanging out for the Eneloop special.

  • +1

    I've bought some batteries from this deal and the payment is currently pending in my debit card. The issue is I didn't receive any confirmation with regards of this purchase and no email obtained

    My debit card account shows pending amount that has already been deducted and I had tried contacting battery specialist opening 2 ticket. Unfortunately there is not reply despite it being 3 days..

    I wonder what I should do now?

    Any advice from fellow ozbargainers?

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