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29er Mountain Bike $449, Cell Children's Bike $179 @ ALDI


29er Premium Adult Mountain Bike $449
Internally routed alloy frame.
Shimano Deore 1 x 10 drive train with clutch derailleur.
Tektro hydraulic disk brakes.
Medium or Large Frame.
1 Year Warranty.

Cell Glider 24" Ultralight Children's Bike $179.

Bike Accessories

Aldi 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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        • Hey Wilson,
          How did you get on with sizing? I'm going to go check my local today but doubt anything will be left. If the L is left I'd be interested in grabbing it from you?

    • Let me know what you think size wise im in the same boat and may grab 2 and just dismantle the other one and take it back in the box.

    • For what its worth i'm 175cm and L feels right to me. I haven't tried the medium but the L is definitely not too large.

      I think the L is what you will want @ 180.

  • Also anyone else intrigued by the fact these are made in Indonesia with only 1 year warranty?

    The ones from BicycleOnline are 5 year warranty but I don't know their origins.(I wonder if they just offloaded their B-Grade bikes to Aldi).

  • +1

    Managed to get a large at Aldi Gladesville, was there from 7:45 and the store opened at 8:30 for all of us, all the bikes were sold in an instant.

    For those who missed out though, keep checking throughout the day because the staff were saying they hold more stock out the back and trickle it out throughout the day for those who come later in the day.

    One staff member actually said they sneakily put some bikes out yesterday afternoon and whoever saw and knew took one, very informal from Aldi but I guess thats their ethos haha

  • 2 medium left at Aldi Broadway, Sydney.

    Also, anyone got the assembly instructions? Worried I might not safely assemble it

    • +1

      There's a book inside the big box, alongside manuals for the fork, rear derailleur, brakes, and shifter inside a nested smaller accessories box.

      Also make sure you have the appropriate Allen keys

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    Saw at least 3 or 4 bikes at Rydalmere. Dont'know what size though.

  • +1

    A very civilised affair this morning at my local Aldi. I was about 6th in line and it opened up 15 minutes before usual time (9:30 AM). About 3 Medium and 3 Large bikes. Gone in the first 10 minutes.

  • +1

    Got a large one in ALDI Prahran around 10am. 3 left, didn't see anybody else buying them. What an awesome bike. Easy to put together. Pretty happy.

    A little tip, both disk brakes were rubbing and not aligned properly. The advice in the manual to hold in the lever while adjusting was incorrect.

    Rather than pressing the brake and adjusting the 2 screws, keep lever unpressed and finely align the pads by eye so they aren't touching the disk.

    Now perfect.

    Also, am gonna get this road tyre:


    any idea on what size to get?

    • +2

      Need to fine-tune mine, but I'm no expert.

      The bike seems awesome, however I have noticed that the front wheel seems to wobble a tiny bit from side to side when I spin it. The wheel is sitting correctly in the fork. Perhaps the wheel is a tiny bit bent? I also compared it to my son's Marlin 6. I noticed that his does the same but a tiny bit less.

      Is this kind of thing typical at this price range?

      • Do you get friction against the pads only, or the structure as well? (see my below post). Wondering as well if I'm doing something wrong

        • none that I can see/feel.

      • +1

        No, its not normal. But the tyre can wobble a bit. The disc and rims should have zero wobble.
        Give https://www.bicyclesonline.com.au/ a call. They might send you out new wheels? or return it.

      • +1

        Need to true the wheel I guess. Watch YouTube video search for truing wheel MTB if you r into DIY.

      • After reading your post, I checked mine and found the same thing. What did you to fix it?

        • "How to Align a Hydraulic Disc Brake on a Bike"

          Might help, I've also got to fix my alignment, when I get time.

          It mentions some things to check first such as making sure the wheel is secured properly etc. before going onto alignment

    • I'm in a similar situation, except the disk is touching the structure and not the pads.


      Anyone has a clue whether it's a defect or me being a total newbie and not knowing how to adjust properly

      • +2

        That is not good. I'm not sure if you can adjust for that. Mine is about 2mm clear of the structure and centered between the pads and not touching any pads.

        Is this happening on both wheels?

        Give these guys a call: https://www.bicyclesonline.com.au/ they are doing the support for Aldi.

        • I managed to keep a gap by adjusting the brake caliper as per the manual (page 26), but I cant say for sure there's even 2mm… I dont know why they wouldnt allow more clearance, this is sure to grind again as soon as I take the bike for a bumpy ride.

          Thanks for the contact, will probably have to get in touch. Cheers

      • Mine rubbed slightly however I managed to adjust it so it clears perfectly.

        Unfortunately, while doing this I undid the wrong bolt and all the oil leaked out so now I have no front brakes lol..

        Not sure what I need to fix that.

        • Oops, better take these slopes really slow now!

          I managed to fix it by adjusting the caliper. did you do this too, or played with the brake pads ? I wonder if I can widen those further

        • +1

          Ohh no,yYou need to bleed the brake which i think is not easy for beginner, you need bleeding kit, brake oil and some handling tools and skill. And maybe a little pricey to get it done in shop.

  • I just got the kids bike. Complete novice at assembling it. However I noticed some of the spokes of the front wheel have a distinct bend and on spinning the front wheel it is not true. Has a distinct wobble at one point.

    Do you think Cell bikes would send a replacement front wheel?

    It's been an ordeal enough going in-store to collect it with everything going on. The thought of dealing with all the crowds returning an assembled bike to aldi is not pleasant.

    • Returns are actually super easy (I returned a tv, open but in its box). I gave my contact details, receipt and credit card, waited for manager's sign off, and was done in 15min.

      • Yes but unlikely to get a replacement. I wouldn't go to the trouble of disassembling it. Plus I actually want a good, cheap, and light bike for my daughter.

    • I have one also and the front wheel does the exact same thing with a wobble in one spot. Don't notice when riding it but when you sit it up and spin it you see it.

      • The wobble was significant enough that it would cause the wheel to rub against the brake pad once during each revolution.

        Managed to return and exchange for another.

  • +1

    Was 2 large left at The Glen at 3:30pm. One now as I grabbed the other :D

    I tried Springvale, Wavery Gardens and Brandon park before hand and none had any.

  • 3 Bikes total 2 large 1 medium and I'm a short guy and the medium was gone. At a regional ALDI that's a major shopping hub for 30,000-50,000 with the next nearest being 60km away towards the city and no other in the opposite direction. Unable to leave the region because of the virus. What a (profanity) joke ALDI.

  • 3 large left at Morley WA @ 15:30

  • +2

    picked up at large from baulkham hills this morning :)

    brand new to MTBing but i took it to some rocky stuff in ted horwood reserve, much rougher than I should be doing at my skill level haha, but the bike held up fine

    gonna find some proper beginner trails tomorrow.

  • +3

    For those still looking: two 29ers and two Kid's bikes left in Marrickville Metro (NSW) @ 1pm

    • adults are all gone now but there were a few kids bikes there earlier this morning

  • What size do you guys think is best for 175cm?
    i read the adb review about the seat post being quite short on the medium?
    I may be tempted to buy both sizes and return one if returns are as easy as they sound within 60 days.

    • I'm 175cm with a medium bike, and it seems fine height wise for me - at the minimum line (i.e. maximum post length) it's a tinsy bit too far for me from the pedals… of course mileage will vary based on your body dimensions but yeah.

    • +1

      Here's a picture of the manual's measurements page… Not sure if it will help but it shows the difference between M and L

    • +1

      I'm suprised some ALDIs still have both in stock? the measurements are online https://www.bicyclesonline.com.au/2020-bicycles-online-premi... Looks like the difference is literally 0-3cm here and there. I'm 165cm and I can comfortably ride large though it was recommenced I get medium, would have helped if ALDI stocked more than 1 medium bike with no access to another ALDI.

      • +1

        Yea i actually feel alittle cramped on the Medium so will build a Large up tonight and try that.

        • Just wondering did it feel much difference going from Medium to Large?

          • +1

            @RandomFox: I kept the Large and returned the Medium.
            To be fair there is not much in them id take either one i just kept the Large.
            The reach did not change much the differences in measurements are only 2-3 cm on most parts.

            • @Craigslists: Cheers, makes me feel better knowing as I had no choice but to get the large when im a bit of a shorty i can still ride it with ease

    • I'm 175 and i'm happy with my large. I could probably ride medium too though the dimensions aren't hugely different.

  • Top gear is the large black one on the premium bike right? Anyone elses chain not going around it properly?

    • piked one up today and did find the gears extremely noisy when i first rode it, the chain seemed misaligned…
      to remedy it i simply used the fine adjustment on the gear shifter to get it nice and quiet.

      if you flip the bike upside down and turn the crank in any gear you can use the little cable adjuster on the shifter end on the handlebars to fine tune it , pull the black plastic cable surround away from the body of the shifter and turn it, you'll have to pull it away from the body as it is castellated to stop it rattling loose while riding.

      maybe your adjustment is off making it not quite able to reach the top gear …

      • Cheers, I adjusted the L and H screws as well as the adjustment on the gear lever, working much better now. I have noticed that some of the teeth (maybe 3) have lost their tips, i.e. flat. Have you noticed this on yours?

        • I will have to take a look, I was more interested in the runout on the wheels, they definitely don't seem to be 100% true especially the front. And some of the sprocket teeth did seem to look odd but I didn't have much time to look through it.. Maybe tomorrow!

  • I know most of the talk is about the MTB - but is the kids bike a good deal? Seems very lightweight…..

    Im after an upgrade for my soon to be 8 year old - hes right on 130cm - has had a 16 inch wheel up until now and thinking i might skip the 20 inches and go for this instead. Any downside going for something a bit bigger for basic riding? I note that the BYK brand uses larger wheels on most of their bikes - their models are normally more like $400+. Thanks in advance.

    • BYK uses 650 or 700c wheels which are both larger I believe. My 8-year-old had one and he's around 130cm too. The only issue I see with these more advanced junior bikes is that the frame is still a bit high for him to get his leg across. Once he's on, he rides like a pro (almost). So this Aldi kids bike might be good until he's a bit taller and more used to understanding gears etc. He definitely doesn't need the 20 inch, going straight to 24 inch is absolutely fine.

      • "might be good until he's a bit taller and more used to gears". But this bike it quite big and has 7 gears….I'm a bit lost.

        • What I mean is he can use this Aldi bike for now. Once he's more used to it, you can then consider getting him something from BYK or a youth bike. My son had a Giant 24" mountain bike which he was on last year. Then he transitioned to a BYK 700c but like I mentioned the frame was still a bit big, currently thinking of getting him an Avanti Giro 650. A 24" kids bike is definitely not big for a 7 to 8 year old, but it is a good start into more serious biking. Enjoy your rides.

  • Can someone please explain how (which screws) to adjust the chain guard to prevent chain rub on this bike?

    • +1

      I had to loosen the clamp on the frame to rotate it slightly, I also dropped it lower. To work out where I needed the chain guard I changed to top and bottom gear - then eyeballed where it needed to be.

  • Has anyone in Melbourne and surrounds (I am Eastern Suburbs) purchased this bike they would be willing to sell? Perhaps you bought both sizes to work out which you preferred?
    I'm open to both sizes and willing to travel a reasonable distance to get one.
    Let me know so you don't have to worry about taking it back to Aldi!

    • Sorry I didn't see your question until just then.
      Unfortunately I refunded the M size to my local Aldi last night.

      After doing some research there was minimal difference between M & L sizes (Just a couple of centimeters here and there).

      If you're really interested in this bike specifically it's purchasable for $700 VIA BicyclesOnline (Yes $250 more expensive, but the warranty is 5 years there vs Aldi's 1 year warranty.

      Or you can wait until next year also :(

      • Ah bummer! Out of curiosity, would be interested to know which aldi is your local! Perhaps you could message me?
        Trying to avoid a massive outlay, even if it does mean a better warranty at the moment. Pay has just been cut at work 😢

        • The Highett store still had both sizes in stock yesterday.

          • @itsme: Just an update - I went and grabbed a L size bike from the Cheltenham/Highett store so thank you @itsme

            There was one size L left at around 9.30am on 10/4 if someone was still chasing.

      • What was involved in returning the bike. Did you have to box it back up etc.
        I have both also and am looking to return the Medium and keep the Large.

        • Hey, Where are you located? I would like to buy the medium if you still have it!

          • @nsotelo: Central coast, NSW.

            • @Craigslists: Thanks, I'll let you know. My friend is buying and i'll see if he's down to make the drive up

              • @nsotelo: No worries let me know im looking to take it back next week otherwise.
                I have the box and everything still. thanks

                • @Craigslists: He's apprehensive about driving up since he's worried police will ask why he's going having no relatives in central coast.
                  Don't suppose you'd be coming to Sydney any time soon? :p

      • Hey, which store did you return the medium too? Looking for a friend.

  • Anyone selling a Medium?

    • I've got a medium and planning to return it tomorrow. You can take it if you can come today or by tomorrow morning. Located in Penrith.

      • Hey.. Have you returned it yet? Might have a friend who's keen to pick it up.

  • Can anyone who has a medium measure the standover height of the assembled bike, i.e. the height from the top of the horizontal bar in front of the seat down to the ground? I'm a bit short so want to know if I can manage with this medium.

  • Has anyone purchased the compact pump?

    • I bought the pump!

      • How is it?

        • It is OK - I used it to pump up the footy and worked a treat! Seems a bit flimsy, but I think it will work reasonably well for a cycle.

  • Any options on the other stuff - especially lights, pump and phone holder?
    Also…are you meant to adjust the handle bar height, or just the seat with these sorts of bikes..?

    • +1

      I bought the pump but returned it, seemed kind of cheap. I'll probably go for a floor pump in the future.

      The helmet was good value however.

      I don't think you can adjust handle bar height, but you can change the angle towards/away from you, and the seat height is easily adjustable

    • Lights are excellent - I've used the set from last year hundreds of times, and bought another set as spare/additional

  • +1

    Incase anyone is still on the hunt. Wyong Aldi on he Central Coast has 3 Large in stock still.

    • Anyone know if they have any left in VIC?

  • Can the seat be tilted on these bikes?

  • Has anyone installed a mudguard on this bike? I want to stop dirt from getting in the fork struts.

    • No… but I am thinking the same. Let me know if you find anything.

  • +1

    I picked up this bike today, must say I am very happy with it after some adjustment:

    1) I had to adjust both the front and rear brake rotors
    2) Rear break rotor has a very small bend that caused rubbing, after trying my way with an adjustable spanner I ended up clamping the rotor between two blocks of flat (and clean) wood which seems have have straightened it nicely.
    3) I had to adjust the rear derailleur as it was a bit noisy out of the box.

    Only problem I have had is that out of 4x stem plate screws, only one one of them had a washer??

    I am overall very happy with the value and will be taking it to the trails very soon…

    • +1

      Complete bike novice here, had to take it to 99 bikes as I was freaked out by all the 'you'll die unless it's built by a professional' warnings- They invoice said:

      -both rotors were bent and needed to be straighten
      -derailleur hanger was bent and needed to be straighten
      -tune gears
      -tune brakes
      -adjust chain guide so it does not rub
      -tighten headset

      The issue with the rotors and derailleur similar to yours? Wonder how commonplace this is and if it was due to how it was shipped in the box.

      Other than that it makes a loud noise and gives way every now and then with a gearshift but I think that's just me shifting incorrectly-watching youtube videos on correct technique now

      • +1

        What was the cost of all of this?

        • 60 Dollars with a membership

      • +1


        -both rotors were bent and needed to be straighten
        -derailleur hanger was bent and needed to be straighten
        -tune gears
        -tune brakes
        -adjust chain guide so it does not rub
        -tighten headset

        That's just bikes. It's constant. Sometimes when you purchase a new rear derailleur hangar it needs to be straightened.
        Everything will need to constantly be tweaked. It's quite easy once you know how, but you'll almost never have a "perfect" ride. Something will always need some attention, especially when you ride it.

      • +1

        Yeah I had to do all of that except my derailleur hanger isn't bent.

        Not hard to adjust and somewhat expected from a bike in a box.

    • Seems like just about everyone had to adjust both the front and rear brake rotors that were "adjusted when manufactured"….

      • Welcome to disc brakes…

  • Anyone seen a "Large" size one of these still in stock at their local Sydney Aldi?
    I visited a few yesterday and found Mediums but no large ones.

    Any help appreciated.

    • +1

      Could you share what stores you found those mediums? Thanks. I’ve been going to 4+ stores couldn’t see any bikes.

    • Looking for a medium, do you remember which stores had them in stock?

  • Has anyone seen any size Mediums in any of the Perth Aldi's?
    My wife has just decided she'd like a new bike but we are a few weeks late by the look of it

  • Actually after reading the whole thread A large would probably do as well, Perth peeps help please :=)

    • +1

      Try Vic Park store. I saw 4 there last week but unsure the size though. Good luck.

      • Thanks for the suggestion, I happened to go there yesterday after trying Belmont and there was nothing left but it's a nice big store. Morley didn't have anything either

        • I went for a drive around the Perth northern suburbs stores last night from Yokine up. I found two size M at the Wanneroo store and bought one, a guy saw me and asked a few questions then bought the other one. I didn't check Banksia Grove Joondalup or further up.

          • @No1d34: Do you mind listing the stores that you have been to that you know definitely don't have stock, to save us going to those stores?

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