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Quilton 3 Ply Aloe Vera 95 Facial Tissues 12 Pack $20 + Delivery ($0 w/ Prime or $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Made with 3 ply tissue for unique combinations of strength and softness
Containing soothing Aloe Vera and kind to noses. Perfect for those who have a need to blow their nose regularly. Help reduce redness and dry skin
Made in Australia
Manufactured using FSC certified forest resources – your guarantee you are supporting forest sustainability for future generations

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    Bought for $12 last time :(

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      Same. Lucky I did too since I still have most of them left over and don't need to pay more now- https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/460837

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      Last time there wasn't corona or flu season.

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      I bought at $12 last time, and now I'm down to my last six months supply…

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        Did you mention them in the will?

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      I guess this is the best option since supermarkets are all sold out everyday.

      • Priceline had ample stocks of Sorbent Thick and Large tissues today. $2.78 box.

    • Yes this seems expensive compared to what I paid

    • I bought $10.18 last July

    • Yep, passed. I leave it for someone who need it most.
      My local aldi has quite stock limited to 2 for less than $1. But surely if you guys dont have stock or less just buy

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    Around the same price from ALDI brand 3ply.

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      My last 6 trips (3 weeks) to Aldi = no tissues, toilet paper, sanitiser, hand wash, flour or serviettes. Aldi's tissues may be good, but only if you can get it.

      Thanks op, kids have colds and this is needed.

      • Aldi has had the $1 small size tissues lately though. Brtter than nothing. I was in our local Priceline today and they had boxes of Sorbent Large & Thick for $2.78. I found quite good quality and soft paper serviettes at a budget discount store 100 for $3 recently; these are far better than $1 Aldi tissues. Surprised they still have some stock. Annoyed by the greedy toilet paper hoarders, but would have expected supplies to be redistributed in stores by now.

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    I knew there was a shortage of faecal tissues, but didn't realise facial tissues were affected too.

    • +2

      Coz people might be using them facial tissues as faecal tissues :P

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        I ran out of TP and used the brown paper bag my bourbon came in. Heads up, requires a few flushes lol

        • Try flushing some concrete mix down their too, should clear the paper right out.

    • I went to coles nearby there were lots of tissues $1 coles branded, $2.6 Kleenex 95 sheets ones.
      Ans some toilet papers.

      • +1

        which coles?

  • Thanks Op. Ordered.

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    Alternative to TP me thinks…

    Aloe is nice on the bum…!

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      Tissues are not designed to break down the same way that TP does. Don't use them in the toilet.

      • +2

        Neither do bum wipes but inept consumers still continue to buy and flush them.

        • I suspect the $10,000 plumbing bills are slowly starting to convince this group that's a bad idea.

      • How about 2ply tissues?

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    There is also 5kg bags of flour available, they just became available. No sure but I think they jacked the prices by 50% but if its something you want…..

    • Link please

      • +2

        Demeter Farm Mill Organic Unbleached White Bakers Flour, 5kg https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07GZC1NP4/ref=cm_sw_r_fm_apa_i...

        • +1

          Wow what a rip off

          • @nubzy: L the organic Unbleached stuff may add to the cost. I thought this was 15 bucks, but maybe that was their bleached white non organic stuff.

        • There is also buckwheat flour for 40 bucks. I think that one could be jacked up to 100%.

    • How are you supposed to wipe your bum with that?

      • Please tell me you're joking.

    • +11

      It's a bargain if you can't get the same product anywhere else any cheaper.

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    Jacking up prices like this is illegal in the US….about the only thing they are doing right.

  • Seriously, who needs TP now?

  • Won't let me add it to my cart.

    EDIT: All gone.

  • Yea can't add to cart.

  • No stocks.

  • GONE. That was quick

  • +3

    Not an amazing bargain, but I haven't been able to buy tissues for weeks, so I'm happy. Thanks OP.

  • Gone already.

  • +1

    $12 last time, not buying

  • -3

    Thanks panick bought 3


  • i can get from supermarket

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    Ok these are not that great, and not that cheap, but if you are desperate then go for it.
    As far as jacking goes that's not true, if you botherered to check camel camel camel you will see that $20 is the maximum price for this product, and $12 is their usual minimum price, which is when us ozbargainers usually purchase. So no, not jacked, just expensive.

    • I agree. Brought some at $12 and decided that we much prefer Kleenex.

      • Yeah for fancy TP Quilton > Kleenex but for Aloe Vera tissues Kleenex > Quilton for sure.

  • I think this just got sold out. There is no buy option

  • How long you guys reckon this TP tissue scalping is going to go on for, its so sad!

    • +1

      Not so long. Most Ozes should be broke by now :D No job, no business, where do people get money to keep hoarding forever you reckon?

      • I reckon someone should start another TP business that would also give loan options, to those that cant pay upfront

  • +5

    I just bought two boxes of coles branded tissues for $1 each .

    Screw these price gouging crooks

    • Yer, me too.

      Unsented for mum in a nursing home.

      Supplied ones are fragranced. She doesn’t like those.

    • Where did you buy it?

      • Coles west gosford yesterday at about 3.30pm.

        • good on you, thought the limit is 2 packs.

          • @tigerrr: That’s right. I bought new two packs.

            • @Eeples: I meant two packs , wait technically it’s in a box so Sousa you say a box of pack still?

              • @SpeedRunnerLink: Ppl I know say ‘box of tissues’ meaning one box of tissues.


  • Missed it :(

  • +1

    Went to Coles Innaloo (WA) at 10am today.

    Shop was pretty empty, of both customers and product. However plenty of facial tissues, all brands.

    • +2

      How did this escape comment in these challenging times - "Coles Innaloo" LOL

  • I’ve been checking these all day. Can’t believe I missed them being in stock. Damn housework.

    I’ve missed every single toilet paper and tissue deal this week. How are people finding out they are in stock?

  • I signed up to receive email update when this is back in stock but did not receive any mail. Wonder how the OP got wind of it so quickly?

    • I have as well. Haven’t received any notifications.

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    Should really thank Triple J since he/she discovered it first https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/8487000/redir

  • My bum does not deserve this

  • +1

    Hoarding is a mental illness. Go get your mental health plans.

    • People will start hoarding them too, next…

      • +2

        10 bulk billed appointments to tell a psychologist how many toilet paper rolls you got this week and some antidepressants to chug down. Not a bad way to spend isolation!

  • +3

    Do not flush this shit! Unless you want a literal shitberg backing up your street in about 3 months time! Sorry for the expletives but really, don't put this stuff down the drain!! Please!

  • +2

    Back in stock

  • There’s also 30pack tp back in stock

  • Finally able to buy some tissues!

  • +1

    thought this was OzBargain, not OzBackInStock

  • +7

    Yay, beat the hoarders again to get one for me household. Got paper towel rolls yesterday, and tissues today. Never knew purchasing tissues could make one so happy. :-)

    • +2

      what a time to be alive.

  • +1

    Bought 30pack TP and this one

  • Too expensive

  • Back in stock

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