Free Physical Education Classes for Kids with Joe Wicks @ The Body Coach YouTube

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Something to help the kids now that there are more restrictions. Even the parents can get involved to make it a family activity!

As reported -

‘Starting Monday, every single day from Monday to Friday I’m going to do a live workout called PE with Joe on my Youtube Channel, TheBodyCoachTV. ‘It’s a workout specifically designed for kids because when the schools are closed there is no PE. Don’t worry, I’ve got you – I’m going to take this over. ‘I’m going to get your kids moving, feeling energised, positive, optimistic. So tune in Monday morning 9am and every day Monday to Friday.

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    Saw him on the 7 news this morning. Meant to be good.

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    I did it with the kids the first time today. It was horrible and I don't know what the fuss is about.

    30s on / 30s off. We don't have physical kids but it was nowhere near hard enough to make them break a sweat. He spends more than half the time doing shout-outs to people subscribing to his channel and its all about his own self-promotion.

    When I look back as to who I heard about it from, it was mums at school who spend a lot of time on social media. That makes sense now

    I would say if you are a heavy user of instagram, enjoy watching 60 Minutes/ACA and get your daily news from then this is probably right up your alley. If not then try something more focussed like Les Mills - they are free at the moment too