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Beko Automatic Coffee Machine CEG5311X $322 Delivered (RRP $499) @ Appliances Online


Was looking around for an automatic coffee machine in preparation for working from home, and came across this Beko machine. RRP is $499 on Amazon and the Beko website.

Reviews for the machine look pretty good, and it looks like Beko has an ongoing promotion to extend warranty to 5 years (see the beko.com.au site) EDIT: not valid for coffee machines.

The blurb for the machine:

If you’re looking for an automatic coffee machine that doesn’t overwhelm you with a wealth of features you’ll never use, look no further than this convenient bean-to-cup solution from Beko.

With an adjustable nozzle height, you can comfortably accommodate cups of all sizes. Whether you want a latte in a tall glass or a single shot of espresso, you can make it happen with no fuss. Satisfy preferences across all palates with options for strong or mild espresso, and use the milk frother to hone your latte art. You can also influence the flavour of your cup by adjusting the coarseness of your grind; there are five coarseness settings to play with. Catch spills with the removable drip tray, and ensure maximum stability thanks to the anti-slip feet.

Stop your caffeine cravings in their tracks with this automatic coffee machine from Beko.

EDIT: Now $322 on AppliancesOnline, but with an extended delivery time.

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  • There are a range of coffee machines in the De Longhi Outlet.

    • That was the first place I looked, but unfortunately it seems like most of the automatic coffee machines (not pod machines) are sold out.

    • +1

      With Beko being a Turkish company does it do Turkish style coffee too?

      Edit.. Just did some research and it does espresso only. The model that does Turkish is this one https://www.beko.com/au-en/home-appliances/coffee-maker/turk...

    • I've had the eletta cappuccino model for several years now and it's awesome. Goes along with a good rice cooker for two "unnecessary" appliances for the kitchen I totally recommend spending the extra money for.

  • +2

    This looks good…not a pod machine.. I have a very old Gaggia machine which is still functioning but not great…would love one but avoiding spending so much since work from home and uncertainty….

    • But you will also be at home to drink more coffees :)

      • OK…you talked me into it…. I have around 2-300 pods left and a couple of Nespresso machines which I probably should use up 1st.. food and tp is scarce at the moment - I wonder how long you can live on coffee!… ;)

  • This looks interesting, I wonder if the coffee is good?

  • Can anyone give a review of the coffee from this machine?

  • +3

    1 Beans (freshly ground)
    2 Grinder
    3 Machine

    That's the order in which most affects the coffee. Some good info about this from Seattle coffee gear on YT.

    • +3

      Seattle is the home of Starbucks. Just sayin'.

      • im upvoting this, just sayin'

      • Thanks, I was actually trying to legitimately answer the question not trigger more.

      • Completely not sure what your point is

        • -1

          Here is the logic as it relates to my standpoint.
          Depends if you think that Starbucks coffee is good or not. Some love it, some are less sure.
          It represents Seattle - I have been there and drank the local coffee. None was to my taste, there is lots of it though and millions of people
          would disagree with me.
          Thus would a recommendation from Seattle coffee company be a good or bad thing for me?
          I believe a crap machine (or a poor operator) can create bad coffee from good grounds. Witness my mother in law's machine. Dreck coffee from my good grounds.
          The grind is critical and yes the beans are critical.

          • @Karen07: If you think Gail is anything less than an absolute master just because she's from Seattle you can cram your portafilter where the sun don't shine… it's the equivalent of spitting in Gordon Ramsay's face just because he's from the UK.

  • +2


    This might also be eligible under their 5 year warranty program.

    Highly recommended brand. They're relatively new in Aus (10 years?), but have been in Europe for decades.

  • I never had an automatic coffee machine and this looks tempting…
    Q1: I have a few bags of ground coffee, do you think this machine would take it until I have to buy beans?
    Q2: Would this qualify for tax deductions when working from home?


    • +1
      1. Ground coffee wouldn't work in this machine, as it's designed to grind the beans

      2. No

    • +2

      What makes you think it could be a tax deduction?

      • Yeah exactly, by that same logic you might as well count your food too then, since you're eating lunch at work

        • What if it was for a catered meeting, not your lunch break? ;)

      • The one at office is "business expenses" isn't it?

        • +1

          So are you making coffees at home for business use or personal use?

          • @chumlee: Personal use for business purpose - need a brain defogger to do my job from home…

            • @cristtos: Haha
              Why don't you try claiming, see what the ATO have to say about it, then let us know?

            • @cristtos: At $339 the tax benefits will be marginal as you will need to depreciate it over time.

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    I looked into this machine a few months ago but I think they've made it TOO simple. The only option you have is short or long shot.
    Most full auto machines at least also give you a flavour/aroma setting which allows you to vary the amount of coffee ground for the shot. I've found this to be pretty important to getting the best out of different types of beans

    • +4

      The machine will produce a single or double shot of espresso as default but you can also adjust this further by pressing a button in a certain way, so the machine remembers how much coffee to produce (detailed in the instructions). This, along with the grind setting within the hopper, allows you to adjust your espresso to suit.


  • any good (reliable) reviews online? I'm a bit skeptical as I don't really know the brand but a 5-year warranty on a coffee machine sounds great. I don't know whether to get something like this or wait for the Breville Barista Express to go on sale.

  • +1

    Looks a bit like my Jura micro ena… at half the price

  • It could be a good one, but I am hesitant as most of the good reviews all seem to come out of appliances online - some of the reviews on Amazon UK are not so flash.

  • Anyone know where I can find a manual alternative for under $500

    Kinda thinking Breville The Infuser Espresso Machine - waiting for a sale.

    • +1

      For that budget, I'd be keeping a close eye on Breville Barista Express deals: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/465781

      • Thanks was $350 a few weeks ago :( guess i missed it.

    • The Breville bambino has the new jet thermo block with a 3 second warm up and similar time to go from pulling the coffee to steaming so not a great deal slower than a dual boiler system. $499 seems to be the not on sale price.

      • I like the look of these too… however the small drip tray will most likely become messy quickly on the amount I'd be using it.

        • I have a Bambino and although the area of the drip tray might seem small, it's deceptively deep. Love the auto-milk feature and the quick start up time.

  • +4

    Bought one. Will give a review next week when I receive it.

    I'm not a pro, but was a barista for four years many moons ago. These days, I just use a Moka stovetop.

    • Hrm interesting, it's only offering delivery for 27/4 and onwards here in Melbourne.

      • Ouch. I'm in Sydney and the earliest is this coming Saturday (for an extra $40). Earliest free for me was 6 April (next Monday).

        • At least I can still cancel my order if yours is crap haha

          • +1

            @retainer: Lol true. I think it's important to manage expectations.

            This is not a La Marzocco, Rocket, Wega, or Kees van dar Western.

            To me, it provides the convenience of a Nespresso with the added flexibility of being able to choose whole beans and grind. Bonus points for also being more environmentally friendly.

            I'm not a snob. My beans are blended (St. Ali), not single origin. And I drink it white.

            Can I tell the difference between coffee and dishwater? Sure. But my review will be purely on machine performance with the above in mind.

        • I just ordered mine and the estimate was for early September :O

          • @agc93: Yikes. Where are you located?

            • @dpark88: Brisbane. Hoping that's just being blown out by influx of orders and it will be a bit sooner than 6 months!

  • Product page is here, with user manual pdf

    Entertaining product video

    Note at 20s, the extraction looks so weak it seems more like tea, either severely over extracted, or grind way too coarse.
    Reminds me of chai.

    • +1

      I thought the same, being 19bar I would've thought the outcome would be more!

      Single nozzle probably doesn't help either.

  • +2

    I just had a look at registering for the extended warranty and their coffee machines weren't on the list

    • You're right. I contacted Beko directly and they said this isn't eligible.

      Standard 2 years only.

      • The email received from appliances online regarding the delivery date states:

        Protect your purchase
        All appliances sold by Appliances Online are brand new and come with their full manufacturer's warranty.
        In addition to the standard 2 year warranty that comes with your Beko appliances, you are also entitled to an additional 3 years of warranty simply by registering on the Beko website within 90 days of your purchase.

        Then again the delivery date was supposed to be today and nothing came, no contact, etc. I called them and they don't have stock - advised it might be on the 13th instead!… Maybe Appliances Online are not a good company to deal with…

  • +2

    I find it interesting that 3 of the 5 Amazon AU reviewers have only reviewed this product.

    • +1

      Agreed. I noticed this too and they are all written similarly too.

  • Was just about to pay until I saw April 25th is the next delivery date

  • How easy is to switch between beans with this kind of machines? I normally drink normal coffee but my wife drinks decaf, so I will need to change beans daily. Is this possible?

    • I don't know if you can clear the hopper easily in these grinders, or whether you need to take the water tank out and tip the machine to get them out - which may be risky.
      Also, the problem with switching beans with a single grinder would be that you usually have to adjust the grind each time, as the decaf beans are probably different roast level, bean size etc.

      • Thanks mate, I thought so. I might stick with my capsules machine than.

  • In the end I went the safe route and ordered another Breville.

  • +1

    Bought one, Toowoomba had a delivery date of 15th April. Interesting when some major cities were having first available delivery dates later than this. Lucky I guess.

  • +1

    Well I just bought one so I'll do a review for everyone when it arrives next week. Also the price has dropped the $322.

    • First available delivery date to Melbourne 7th of September 2020 ?
      As if anyone would wait that long !

      • Mine says it's arriving next week

        • +1

          Scratch that, I'm just stupid. It's September. I've asked for a refund.

    • +1

      I had a delivery date set for today - no call, nothing showed up so just called them.

      They don't have the stock! Advised it might be delivered on the 13th…..

      Service appears to be as good as Bing Lee - selling items they don't have!!! They didn't contact me for my orders either - eventually after hassling them regarding the washing machine and a sound bar they told me something supposed to be delivered within 1 week may take 2-3 months and offered refunds if I want them!

  • +1

    I'm in Melbourne CBD and earliest available delivery date is 28th of May. Wtf..

  • +3

    Received mine today. Produces good coffee given the price. Recommended

  • +1

    Sounds OK in this new video recently posted.

    There's other more detailed YouTube reviews but unfortunately not in English.

    Still waiting for mine to be delivered.

    • +2

      Having used the coffee machine for a few days now, I totally agree with the above review, very good machine for the low price.

  • +2

    Just received mine yesterday (Brisbane), and the coffee has been good.

    The machine has a pretty small footprint (and looks good - which is a plus), and easy to use. My only gripe is that there wasn't any detailed instructions on how to use the steam wand, and I managed to spray steam all over the countertop while fiddling around with it to work it out.

  • +4

    The Dualit Bean to Go appears to be the same machine with only a few cosmetic differences.


    The manual is more comprehensive than the Beko one.



  • Just checked my email and it said delivery date : Thu 10th Sep 2020. which is wtf….. I contact the customer service and they say no stock coming into AU until Sep…

    • Weird.. I ordered mine last night and it's scheduled for delivery on the 21st.

      • Hi mate. Did u check your email as well? I remember when I order it, I scheduled the delivery on mid April. But the confirm email I receive said Sep 2020.

        • yep, scheduled on the 17th and confirmation for 21st

  • +7

    As promised, my review:

    I've been using the machine for a week now and my overall rating, taking into account cost, convenience, ease of use, and the end product is 4/5.

    After a bit of trial and error with the grind setting (I dialed mine to almost the finest point and found this the best for my beans), it produced a beautiful single shot with a silky smooth crema. Extraction was spot on.

    Of course, this is for when I make a flat white. Dialing it to around the mid way point is optimal for your long/short black and macchiato.

    The machine is really idiot-proof. No matter what setting you use, it will never come out sour or bitter as the grind settings aren't as varied as a standalone grinder, where you can set them for French press, V60, cold brew, aeropress, etc.

    Now to the cons. The steam wand isn't my favourite as the range of movement is extremely limited. It takes a bit of getting used to, and even then, I wasn't too happy with the result. At this price point however, one can't complain too much.

    The other con is you can only produce a single shot. I knew this when I bought it, but just so people are aware that there's no setting to make a double shot.

    Oh, and it doesn't come with a milk jug. Not a big deal as you can pick these up for $8 at Kmart or IKEA

    Overall, a sturdy, well-made machine that performs very well and is aesthetically pleasing.

    Beans used: St. ALi 'Wide Awake' and 'Orthodox'.

    Hot tip: Don't forget to remove the plastic bag around the grind bin! You wouldn't know it's there when you take the machine out of the box.

    • Ah thank you for the detailed review! Glad to hear you're happy with it on the whole. If I didn't already have my Bambino I would have jumped on this for sure.

    • +2

      A quick update to this review:

      Have given the machine a very good workout past few weeks. I make at least four coffees a day, every day.

      I've got the steam wand down pat now. At first, I was trying to heat up too much milk in one go (300ml to make 2 coffees) using milk straight from the fridge.

      If you need to make 2 coffees, warm the milk in the microwave for about 40 seconds and then steam as usual.

      Yes, ideally you want to use room temp milk, but I don't want to stand around waiting for 30 mins, so the microwave method does work.

      If you're making 1 coffee (150ml milk), the wand is perfectly fine for this, even if you use milk straight from the fridge.

      At first, I was producing way too much foam for my liking. I struggled to get that smooth rotation going in the jug, but with practice, you'll get the hang of it.

      • Does the steam wand only turn slight to the right and that's it yeah?

        You can't pull it out forward toward you or turn it left

        Also how often are you meant to wash the brewer?

        • +1

          That's right.

          Re the brewer, I do mine at the same time I empty the coffee grounds. Funny that the manual doesn't give you a guide on when/how often.

          • @dpark88: Thanks mate,

            One more question re the frother;

            When I push the steam button, the red ring flashes and it starts frothing for 3 seconds, then there is a double beep and it ceases to froth and the steam icon also flashes and I have to push it again for it to actually begin the steam at which point the red ring behind the steamer stops flashing and is constant. Is that normal?

            • +1

              @retainer: Mine does the same thing, I believe the first 3 second bit is the machine purging the steam wand

            • +1

              @retainer: Yep, pefectly normal.

  • The price went up to $359

  • Just received the shipment notice and invoice for my March 30th order.
    So excited!

  • How to get it for$322 . Online Price is $395.

    • I initially paid $339, but when it dropped to $322 called them and told them to honour the difference, which they did as they hadn't shipped mine out yet.
      Unfortunately looks like it is currently $375 so they will not do that now.