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Alienware 310H Gaming Headset - AW310H - $68.51 Delivered @ Dell


First Post!

EDIT 1: It seems they've raised the price to $68.51 Delivered.
EDIT 2: If you order now be prepared for a delay, so be sure to check ETA if you want them asap.
EDIT 3: If you're looking for a decent wireless pair, especially for commute/chilling - check out the AKG N700NC post by picket23 OUT OF STOCK

310H Gaming Headset for 50% off with decent reviews on them. Maybe worth checking out the mice too.

Crisp, clean and clear
Hear every detail: Every encounter sounds better with our best-in-class, custom-tuned 50mm 20Hz-40KHz drivers for high-resolution audio.

What winning sounds like: Hear the enemy before they see you, even from a distance, with Alienware Immersive Audio technology. Featuring our best-in-class custom-tuned drivers, custom-designed acoustic chambers and comfort-fit earpads that give you a wider and more dynamic soundstage both in battle and out.

Plan your next move: Cut down on distractions with enhanced noise isolation provided by comfortable leatherette earpads so you can focus on your gameplay.

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  • +14

    Any idea how these compare to the razer Kraken currently at a similar price?


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      This deserves to be posted as a bargain, nice find 👍

      • Feel free to post it as a deal :) I'm feeling a bit lazy today haha

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      Kraken x has not bad headphone quality and a good mic, but this one has a bit better quality and much better look~~~ recommeded this one than kraken x

      • +45

        I thought you put a kiss at the end of your post then for a moment

    • +1

      This one has "directional 7.1 surround audio" and makes it better compared to Alienware which looks good, but only has stereo sound.

      • That's one of the points I was trying to decide on. Apparently that feature only works on Windows, but that's pretty much all I'd use it for anyway.

        • +2

          Who's gaming on a Mac though?

          • +1

            @Munki: I was thinking more along the lines of PS or xbox :)

            • +2

              @frogduck: haha Fair point, but consoles would need to have native 7.1 emulation support in order for that feature to work, otherwise it'd have to rely on software - which you won't be able to install on consoles…:)

              • @Munki: Ah fair enough, makes sense! I don't have either of those consoles, so had no idea haha

              • @Munki: I don't know much about audio but I know we can use a 7.1 external sound card on console. I know there'll be more quality loss on console compared to on PC due to less/no customisation software.

    • Just noting these were $59.95 at time I posted the initial message (and in stock) for peoples future searches :)

  • +9

    Yeah, nah.
    Seems to be standard price. Ausdroid reviewed them a month ago, and listed the price as $61

    However, I do see that they've stocked up on the Alienware Gaming Keyboards AW-568 again in their eBay store, for $69. Got one of those recently, and was quite happy with it.

    • Thanks bought to replace my Aldi one, was happy with it but always pressing caps lock in CS go…

  • I've ordered a pair, nice find OP!

    FWIW - the ausdroid review also says these are the ones to get vs the more expensive models (also on sale) based on using the 3.5mm connection.

  • +7

    Omg i bought one.. I dont even have a gaming pc yet 😅

    • +2

      one thing at a time

      • +15

        i bought the gaming PC right after from Techfast haha

        • +5


        • +1

          That's what we do here on ozb buy first think later

  • Thanks OP, ordered a set for one of the kids, who is about to start schooling for home.

    • +2

      How do you school for home?

      • +2

        With a long wooden ruler.

  • +1

    Bought one. Delivery included. Ready for the next kids birthday/ Christmas.

  • +1

    Rookie question - is this ok for PS4 use too?

    • +3

      All consoles.

      This headset will work on all consoles (including the PlayStation 4, Xbox One™ and Nintendo Switch) that allow for connectivity via the 3.5mm audio cable through the controller, or directly into the console in the case of the Nintendo Switch (not compatible with Nintendo Switch Lite).



      • +1

        Thanks man - next time i'll look a bit deeper!

        • +1

          Is there a switch to turn the mic on or off? I don't use mic in all of my ps4 games, so a mic switch would be nice

      • +1

        Not compatible with switch lite via 3.5mm? That would be impressive considering it has 3.5mm there that works fine with other headsets..

        (not a dig at you, but at Dell's info)

  • +2

    Wish they were wireless

    • +1

      Same here - which one would you recommend for a wireless one - with mic?

      • +5

        Without considering the price, arctic SteelSeries Arctis Pro and Astro A50

        • +1

          Thanks! If taking into account the price … :) … any idea for one that less than $150 … and decent one?

          • +2

            @bluebluebird: Logitech 933s are $99 on Amazon.
            Plantronics RIG 700HD was ~$150 at jbhifi recently.

            • +1

              @Lukian: Must have missed these - esp. the $99 on amazon - on amazon au it is $200+ now :(

          • +2

            @bluebluebird: Sometimes the Steelseries arctis 7 is around $150. Highly recommend
            Also HyperX Cloud Flight is another great set that occasionally goes around that price

          • +1

            @bluebluebird: I have the Corsair Void Pro, which fits into your budget.

            However, if I could do it all over again, I'd spend the extra money on a Steelseries Arctis 7/pro.

            The reasons for this is the Corsair iCUE bloatware is trash. Corsair blocked the use of windows spatial sound and forces you to use their Dolby surround… Which is subpar. The headset is also heavy and quite loose.

            That doesn't mean the Void Pro is trash. The build quality is premium, looks good (white), mic attenuation is top notch and wireless and battery life are great.

  • Thanks OP - just grabbed one, great price

  • +1

    Confirming it comes with a mic? And does it need a mic jack input as well?

    • +1

      Yes it has a Mic. It's visible in the picture on the left side - It slides out.
      It has: Headset - wired - 3.5 mm jack. I believe the Mic is not detachable.

      • Does that mean it only needs to connect to 1 port? I recall back in the day if you had a mic headset it had 2 separate connections to your PC

        • it's trrs 3.5mm connector, which phones and most PCs these days use. if you want a separate mic connector you can buy an adapter for $5

        • +2

          it looks like it comes with a Y-splitter?

    • Hi, I was looking to see if it had USB too, and it says under specs it has a USB DAC.

      EDIT - review online says NO USB DAC included in the box. hmmm

  • +2

    Thanks OP - looks like a pretty good buy compared to similar price point.

    Don't forget cashback like me!

  • Was looking for a better pair of headsets for the XBONE S. Wasn't willing to pull the trigger on one for 200+.

    Thanks OP :)

  • +1

    What are the benefits of a gaming headset? If you don’t play games does it also sound great for music or movie?

    • Probably the addition of a mic as the most important feature. Sound stage/signature can be spoofed using software. Wireless capability is also another feature in expensive gaming headsets, as well as compatibility with consoles.

    • +1

      The benefit is the easability of only having one product for both headphones and mic but when you at under 100 - 150 I would say that buying a good pair of audiophile headphones and an attachable mic would be better for audio quality, both from the mic and headphones, and most can often be found for cheaper or around the same price but with much better quality.

      I currently have HD681 evo paired with a modmic (3 I think, I bought it a while ago) the one downside is the adhesive on the magnetic holder may give out after a few years if you fiddle with it a lot but the modmic comes with loads of extra magnetic holders so it's not much of a problem at all

      • Also, I'm not sure if these ones have it or not, some gaming headset have a mute built in if you push the mic back in (for retractable ones) or if you flip them up. This is probably the one thing I think I'm missing out on but if I really cared, there's numerous way I could get a similar feature

  • +1

    good for work conferencing? Don't want everyone to think I'm gaming though

    • That is what I am going to be using it for.


  • +2

    Picked up the cooler master mh751 for $70 recently and they are the best I've use. The comfort is crazy and mic quality csnt be best for under $99

  • Will these work with Nintendo Switch? Keeping an eye out for a way to chat on discord but hear my Switch audio wirelessly.
    EDIT: Nevermind, just noticed they're wired.

  • +2

    Why do the Tech Specs say: Additional Functions USB DAC

    Can you actually get a USB dac to work with this? Or can you use the 510H's one?

    • Exactly what I was thinking. 3.5mm audio but USB DAC?


  • Thoughts on the Turtle Beach 70X headset? It is on Amazon Prime for $60. Decent reviews and multiplatform.
    Turtle Beach Headset Recon 70X (XB1) https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07NR2TJP9/ref=cm_sw_r_wa_apa_i...

    • +3

      It's trash. Not comfortable at all. Mine stoped worked after 3 weeks too. Go for the cooler master mh751, Logitech g pro wired or senheiser gsp300. All can be have for under $99 or around $70 on a good special.

      • +1

        Almost made an impulse purchase there, I appreciate your prompt response haha

        • +1

          Turtle beach is not so great for entry level in my opinion. This alien headset is ok but not so great either. Can get some great stuff like I listed above if you wait for a good sale. Check out "hardware Canucks" on YouTube if you want to do more research.

  • +1

    How do these compare to Kingston Cloud Stinger? Which is by far the best 70$ gaming headset I've used. Quality of sound and unit, including for music is unbelievable

  • +2

    Don't forget Shopback/Cashrewards 2.0% cashback.

  • Does anyone have a recommendation for a headset with a USB connection around this price point? Most of the headphones I'm seeing have the 3.5mm audio jack and mine is stuffed on the computer.

    • Corsair HS60 had been sold around this price range…

  • "handpicked, custom-tuned 50mm drivers" Sounds like they sent one of their engineers on AliBaba. What load of cheap shit. Put some oragami shapes on there and 'gaming' then crowds go wild. Still better value that all Beats products but buy the Razer ones instead….

  • If my Kingston Hyper X Cloud Alpha was busted, I'd jump on this at this price point.

  • got mine today. they are huge.

    • when did you order it?
      My estimated delivery date is 15 May.

      • +1

        Mine is 16th of April…

        I think they're strugglinf with these unexpected demands haha

        • +1

          Worth checking it again.

          My email states 16th April but currently it's in transit with Startrack.

          • @Earl of Lemongrab: Mine just came today, it came from a place about 15 minutes away from my house.

          • @Earl of Lemongrab: That's a good sign. Mine will likely be approx. 2 weeks. I did order a couple of other things too. Also got in on the Aurora RTX 2070 for $2,239 delivered. Still somewhat expensive but always wanted an alienware.

        • I ordered mine this morning (thanks op) and the ETA is 8th of April. Really weird how varied the ETA’s are… I’m based in Perth so maybe that makes a difference.

          • @Conflict: Ahh didn't know apparently there is an order status button on the order confirmation email…

          • @Conflict: Did you received yours? I ordered 31 mar and its now extended to 18 may!!

      • the same day this deal was posted

    • How big are they and are they comfy?

  • edit: mic wasnt working, figured it out. yay headset is great

    • Do you find music leaking into your microphone even though it isnt loud? anyone know how to fix it?

  • +2

    got mine today daughter was amazed. i said it's for your bday… she opened it already. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Received today :) so quick

  • Got mine today. Thought it wouldve come with a usb adapter as the site said it had a 'USB dac' in the additional features

    • How big are they and are they comfy?

  • mine says in Production :)

    Arrives by: 16/04/2020
    Status: Confirmed - In Production

    • +1

      Have you got it yet? What was your order date? Mine says 18 may now… ordered 31 mar

      • Not yet, ordered 30 March

  • Received mine yesterday (Thursday), I'd ordered it on Monday, nice!

    Anyone else had any issues with sound leakage into the microphone, ie sounds/music being played into the headset leaking to the microphone? And hence other people in voice chat being able to hear the sound/music I'm playing.

    • yeh have the same problem. no fix to it for me

  • As soon as I added it to cart, it went back up to full price. Then when i go back to the sale page and reload, it goes back to discounted price?!

  • +2

    “The delivery date of your order has been updated to arrive by: may. 18, 2020”
    Ordered on Monday at around midday

    • +1

      Yeh same here, for me the ETA changed from the 8th of April to the 24th of May. I'm probably going to cancel the order since this deal is definitely not worth waiting over a month and a half for. Really sad as I was really looking forward to these after all the good reviews.

    • Got a similar email message with the ETA of 19th May, 2020. Pretty disappointing and I'm gonna cancel the order.

  • Hmmm… I'm not quite happy with the sound quality both for listening and also for talking. I'm thinking of returning it… Does anyone have any experience in returning products purchased from Dell?

    I read somewhere that there may be restocking fee. I gotta wait until Monday to confirm this since their online support is closed.

    • +1

      Yep, I contacted Dell support and said I was not happy with the quality etc. They refunded the purchase and let me keep the headset! Not that I will use them much since they're rubbish.

      On the hunt for a new headset, any recommendations for a good "bang for buck" headset?

      • I just saw your reply… They let me keep mine too after the refund!

        Even as a free headphone its literally gathering dust sitting there untouched.

        Now that the restriction has been eased, I might as well visit my sister and give it to my nephew.

        I also got a Corsair HS50 which I've been very happy so far. I paid $59 delivered when there was a deal. Its just that the band can be a bit tightand that's why I was interested in the AW…

  • Anyone having issues with the mic? Can't seem to get mine to work.

  • Just received mine two days ago, and I gotta say I'm disappointed for $70, I expected a little better.
    They're cheap feeling, uncomfortable, and sound terrible in both mic and listening quality.

    • +1

      Yep, they're rubbish. See my comment above about returning them and getting full refund.

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